The Invincibles achievement in FIFA 16

The Invincibles

Win all 4 matches in an Online FUT Draft session in FIFA Ultimate Team

The Invincibles0
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How to unlock the The Invincibles achievement

  • Mike the OwlMike the Owl447,582
    08 Oct 2015 15 Oct 2015
    33 15 26
    The following guide is for everyone who is speculating on how to boost but isn’t sure how or even if it works (if you don't wanna leave it up to luck and your fifa skills as the other guides suggest). Let me say this it will be better to do this with ONE friend than with a group (but you will need to cough up a small amount of money or your time grinding coins to save on time)

    This achievement is 100% boostable, however it is a complete pain in the ass, costly and time consuming. I have tried it and confirmed, but due to all my experimenting I am yet to unlock the achievement as I wasted all my draft token entries on dummy accounts and as of now I am refusing to spend the money. Once you reach level 3 by boosting, you run out of ways to boost for free. It then costs you 6 buy ins after you have exhausted the boosting method to get your 4th win (playing to save up 15,000 coins for 6 dummy accounts or buying back in 6 x 300 fifa points!)

    Problems with boosting it.

    1. EA have a limit of 10 FUT teams per console. That includes your own, and any on dummy gamertag accounts. So you can make 9 dummy accounts and get a free online draft token for 9 dummy accounts, that's it. It then locks you server side from creating more. Only workaround is to create them on a different console (if you have multiple consoles).

    2. If you do it with 2 people it is going to cost you around $30-40 buying FIFA points or playing on dummy accounts to get 15,000 coins.

    3. You can only match up with people at the same win level. So if you are at 3 wins you need your boosting partner to be at 3 wins. Sucks I know.

    4. matching up can take 30 seconds per match or could take 20 minutes.

    The good...

    not much... Only that to save playing out the entire 12-15 minute game you can quit out during games, however you must score at least 3 own goals before quitting for it to count as a win for the other person. (takes around 2 mins to do this).

    Ok so first you are gonna wanna go and create 9 gamertags linked to your xbox gold membership. Then start up fifa one at a time, create an EA account, go through the shitty tutorial stuff, make your FUT team and spend your free draft token for Online. Do this for all 9 gamertags so they are ready. Have your partner make 9 too.

    1 win each = 1 dummy account each (2 total)
    2 wins each = 2 dummy accounts each (4 total)
    3 wins each = 4 dummy accounts each (8 total)
    4 wins and achievement = 8 dummy accounts each (16 total)

    So there you have it, you can get to level 3 with dummy accounts and boosting, but to get to the 4 wins you either gotta cough up money or grind some coins.....

    Once you have your 9 tags ready and your FUT online draft ready to go use your real gamertag to match up with your partners first dummy account.
    (If you don't match up keep re-searching at the same time until you do, but you will eventually match up)

    Win with your real account, then get your partner to load their real account and win against your first dummy.

    Don’t forget when the match starts whoever needs to lose score 3 own goals before quitting out!

    Now you both have 1 win each.

    Next its time to play your dummy’s against each other to get them to 1 win.. and reading the map i am sure you can do the math and work out the drill.

    If you want to do this good luck. I wasted all my draft tokens working out the best methods and what does and doesn’t work to bring you this guide. Everything i have wrote is true and working, so if you don’t agree please leave a comment as to why!

    And that's about all there is to put the what if’s and myths to bed.

    EDIT: if you have a lot of coins on your main account you can list cards with your dummys for 15k coins and buy them from your main account to save real money.

    second, if you don't match up for like 5 mins or more, try both dashboarding and going back in.. I did that and it seemed to match us faster again.

    EDIT again 10th Oct:
    It is really dependent on location. It is hard to match up with people from different locations, but you can. Go to online settings and change the matchmaking setting to No (Approximate Location Matchmaking). But my advice, don't even bother boosting with someone not in your country/location. Takes forever!!

    EDIT 15th October:
    A post from the comments from someone who successfully followed my method and unlocked the achievement.

    "So I finally unlocked the achievement the other day and can confirm this can be boosted. I personally did it with two consoles making several dummy accounts on each console and matching them up until one dummy account had 3 wins then matched that dummy account up with my main profile once I had reached 3 wins also. Matching up dummy accounts across both consoles was almost immediate in my experience but for whatever reason matching up a dummy account with my main profile was extremely frustrating and took anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour. My advice if going this route is to be patient as matching up your main account with a dummy account can be annoying but just keep at it as you will eventually match up. Also the only cost to you is the online draft entry for your main account which is 15,000 coins or 300 Fifa points as when making dummy account each one gets a free draft token to use so enter an online draft with that free token and you're good to go, good luck!"

    so no idea why the negatives when it works and its tried and tested :)
    thanks for the help testing mjenney1990

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    Marcelo Perondii was going to try to boost this with my second console, but unfortunately looks like you can only get one free token per console, that's sad. Anyone know if you reset the console or something will change this?
    Posted by Marcelo Perondi on 25 Apr at 06:11
    Syn x OxiDeIt's possible to unlock ? another players plays now in fut 16 ?
    Posted by Syn x OxiDe on 27 Apr at 20:43
    Reksio Gdyniaif someone want still do it I'm on. I will use fifa points. tomorrow is last day. text me
    Posted by Reksio Gdynia on 04 May at 17:16
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  • I TripMode II TripMode I18,028
    22 Sep 2015 27 Sep 2015
    44 26 20
    This is a skill based achievement but certain things are important by choosing the right players and formations.

    Never pick a formation with 5 defenders, the opponent can put a lot of pressure on your defensive line and you will struggle to create chances.

    Let's say you picked 4-2-2-2 and you have the option to select Ronaldo but he is a LW and you don't play with a LW. Still pick him and put him on the bench. In-game you can sub him in and he will have 10 chemistry. In-game chemistry don't change. Take advantage of it.

    Your goal should be to create a team with each player on 9 chemistry. And you can sub 3 players in. So let's say you have 4-3-3 and your forwards are Pedro - Mitrovic - Navas. But on the bench you got Robben, Ronaldo and Messi.

    And the position doesn't matter. You can play Ronaldo as CB on 9 chem if you want.

    Eventually this is based on skill but you can use a website named Just before you start the game you will see your opponent and his gamertag. Use futscope and you can see his stats from fifa 15. Fifa 15 was a different game of course but it gives you a good view about your opponent. If your opponent won 70% of his game it's better to leave the game and find a easier opponent.
    Showing most recent comments. View all comments. is just horrible for me. I played in FUT 15 200+ matches it only shows that I've played 7 matched, 4wins, 2 lost, 1 draw..
    Posted by Rotcat on 06 Feb 16 at 15:50
    RotcatI had 4 team of the year players in FUT (Silva, Ronaldo, Messi & Neymar) Im absolutely not bad at FIFA- Division 1 Online (seasons). But they're internet is just frustrating me. Lost 5-0 + Smashed controller on the ground facepalm Only because they game is each time lagging + 2-3 seconds difference between when I smash "A" or "X" and the reaction of the game with laggy internet..
    Posted by Rotcat on 08 Feb 16 at 21:26
    BenA3394FUTscope gives you an insight but it is not the be all and end all.

    For people that are newish to the game the best piece of advise I can give is to not panic. I know that sounds basic af, but honestly if you panic you are more than likely to make a mistake.

    Use what you have at your disposal. I am assuming everyone has pacey wingers, I don't play UT as it is a pile of ass, seasons is more fun but the concept is the same. The MOST OP thing on this game is LT+RT dribbling and the ball role (luckily 99% of players can bal role) I work it wide, LT+RT inside of the box, always with one eye on my strikers, if the simple lay off is on use it and take a snap shot with them, if not finesse it far post with your winger.

    Never be afraid to shoot from the edge of the box, animations are a devil and the keeper will parry, usually into a striker.

    Defending, now defending is where the noobs will get caught out. Everyone can run in straight lines with 90 paced players and sweat it. but can you stop it?
    Centre backs, the MOST vital players, NEVER drag one out of position unless you are 100% you are getting the ball, the easiest tactic to use when you have ronaldo running at you is to hold LT, LT faces you toward the ball at all times, judge the direction he will try to go past you and let him run into you. When they get to the edge, do not panic hitting the tackle buttons it is virtually handing them a shot. Stay calm and watch what is open, never let him have a clean shot but always be wary of second runners.

    Defending corners. GK's are OP at taking them, mark the front post, have hold of Y as he takes it, let go of Y as soon as the ball is in the air, if the keeper carries on running he is taking it 99% of the time. if not just spam B and defenders usually take the header.

    Attacking corners, I for one haven't found a good method, going short and working it in is the best I have come up with.

    On the game the RB+A pass is soooooo useful and should be used if you are making a pass more than 10 yards, or even up the line.

    One thing overlooked by many. Holding people off. If you are running side by side with a defender i.e. a winger and a FB going down the line, tap the LT button, it holds the player off and gives you a better chance of coming out with it.

    I could go on for ages on how I play the game and how to win but it all in all comes down the beginners luck or YEARS of practice, for me it is nice to see a FIFA achievement that actually requires some level of skill. I have played FIFA every year since FIFA 2001, I am a child of the game and the sport, and it is fun when I can do things others struggle with. Then again other games I really do suck on and I curse skilled cheevo's.

    Have fun, dont break controllers, it has been said that interestingly one of the most frustrating games to play is FIFA, mainly for the unpredictability of the game.
    Posted by BenA3394 on 17 Feb 16 at 22:51
  • MutionMution74,690 74,690 GamerScore
    10 Dec 2015 03 Feb 2016 10 Mar 2016
    11 4 6
    I have been asked by fellow gamer friends to advise how i managed to boost this...

    I am not the best at writing solutions so I will try my best to explain...
    I would also highly suggest to read Mike the Owl's guide as well.

    If you have any questions then please let me know before leaving a negative vote.

    Please keep in mind the more players who needs this achievement, the more time its going to take... I would suggest trying to form a group of 4.
    This will not be a walk in the park and will most defiantly take more than a few hours to do if not a few days of dedication.

    (Every account MUST have 1 WIN Registered)

    "Go to online settings & change the matchmaking setting to No"
    This will help massively when matching up, You will need to be patient, this could match you up 1st time or 10th time...

    Use 10 searches as a guide, (Sometimes we would be unable to match up)
    Goto... dashboard -- > Quit GAME and Reload,
    if that fails. do the hard reset (hold xbox power button in until it turns off)

    These 2 tricks tend to help..

    Be prepared...(Based on 4 players going for the achievement)
    Make sure that you have 60k coins on each account (15k to enter drafts)
    or enough FIFA points to enter 4 times on each account

    Create an Excel spreadsheet and create a tournament tree so its easy to follow.

    This table shows you how to do it from ZERO WINS
    External image

    Guide with 8 Gamer tags - Consisting of 4 Normal tags & 4 Dummy accounts

    Player A, C, E and G all must have 1 DUMMY account each.

    Player A - Real Tag
    Player B - Dummy
    Player C - Real Tag
    Player D- Dummy
    Player E - Real Tag
    Player F- Dummy
    Player G - Real Tag
    Player H- Dummy

    QUARTER FINAL Puts the winners on 2 wins
    A vs B (A Wins)
    C vs D (C Wins)
    E vs F (E Wins)
    G vs H (G Wins)

    SEMI FINAL Puts the winners on 3 wins
    A vs C (A Wins)
    E vs G (E Wins)

    A vs E (A WIN = Gets the Achievement)

    Once the 1st player obtains the achievement

    Just redo the above by Steps but with the new gamer going for it..

    I really hope this helps point you in some sort of direction....

    Some added info:
    You can match up against each other more than once in a draft as long as you have the same amount of Draft wins. I done this several times when boosting with friends. makes it easier if you use dummy accounts tho..
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    Rick HD12As of sometime in May 2016, you no longer receive free FUT tokens after the first account created per XBox. :(
    Posted by Rick HD12 on 22 Jun 16 at 16:55
    lfcjohnSo bad i just got my 2nd console so no easy way to boost it
    Posted by lfcjohn on 30 Jun 16 at 09:09
    anthonyd46What is the fastest way to grind coins?
    Posted by anthonyd46 on 10 Oct 18 at 05:44
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