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How to unlock the マジペナント1シーズンクリア achievement

  • Matt DB87Matt DB871,817,406
    20 Aug 2012
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    You have to Play a season in Maji Penant Mode. When you first select this mode it gives you some options as to season length, the shortest one is 30. Pick the 30 game season and play it out, there is so simulating in this mode. You dont have to win the games, just complete the season.
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  • anthonyd46anthonyd46997,057
    08 Mar 2014 08 Mar 2014 08 Mar 2014
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    Make sure to use this translation guide:

    This is the one that will be a grind. You need to play all 9 innings of each game. You can lose the game; it does not matter if you win. There are a few ways to make this easier. First, by using the translation guide you want to make sure you turn anything that can be a deterrent off. Therefore, make sure the cut scenes are set to minimal, the errors are off, injuries off, and anything else you feel can make it faster. Make sure it is on the easiest difficulty possible and that everything that can be set to auto is turned to the auto position. What I mean by this are the fielding, running, defense, strategy, and some pitching mechanics can all be set to auto. This means you barely have to do anything at all. The fielders will field for you. You can stand there and get struck out when batting. The only thing you will have to do is pitch just press A to pitch down the middle let your fielders field it for you and repeat this till the game ends. If no one scores it is called a tie after 12 innings. Each 9 inning game played legitly takes about 30 minutes so by doing the math it can take up to 15 hours just for this one achievement. However, if you have a turbo pad EVERYTHING involves just pressing A. So simply set the turbo pad to repeat A over an over and you can do this while sleeping. New games will be set up, it will go to the next game automatically and it should cut down the games to about 15 minutes a piece instead of 30 and you don’t have to do anything, but leave it running. After the season is complete the achievement will unlock.

    One other thing to note the game doesn't save unless you finish a game and select the bottom option on the pennant menu which is save and quit. Quitting during a game will put you back to the main menu and you will lose all your progress.
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    Banco BillyTurbo A doesn't exactly work, I've been doing it for a couple of hours and I'm 99-0 in the 4th innings!
    Posted by Banco Billy on 07 Jun 17 at 14:44
    anthonyd46Try changing the turbo speed
    Posted by anthonyd46 on 07 Jun 17 at 15:47
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