Rock Band Immortal achievement in Rock Band 4

Rock Band Immortal

Earn 5 Stars on every disc song in Rock Band 4 on Expert in Quickplay mode.

Rock Band Immortal+0.3
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How to unlock the Rock Band Immortal achievement

  • TheLastNinja73TheLastNinja731,086,959
    11 Oct 2015 11 Oct 2015 01 Jan 2017
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    EDIT 1: For those who have the Rivals DLC - and the 12 songs that came free with the December 2016 update - you also need to get 5 stars on expert on each of these 12 songs (in addition to the 65 'on disc' songs) - thanks to Nighthawk814, xPut Name Herex and Tommy Gun CRG for confirmation of this. If you haven't got the Rivals DLC then the existing solution below is still valid.
    EDIT 2: Since an earlier update, scores you gain in Career Mode (and any associated stars) are now shown when you enter Quickplay mode. Unfortunately, this makes it more difficult to know which songs you have completed with 5 stars whilst specifically in Quickplay mode! I am not yet aware of any workaround (any suggestions??), so you may need to keep a separate record of every song you get 5 stars (on Expert) in Quickplay mode.
    (Credit to Rossticus who pointed this out)

    This achievement may seem daunting at first, but there are a few things that may make the journey to Rock Band Immortal a little smoother!

    Firstly, as the description states, this must be done on Expert in Quickplay mode. There are 65 on-disc songs, and they can be identified in the Quickplay menu by a '4' to the right of the song description (this helps when you have a bunch of DLC songs as well!)
    Credit to "o smeds o" for the following tip:
    "If you wanna see the RB4 Disc songs easier, switch the sorting to Date Acquired (blue button), and hold down the orange button and go to Disc Songs. That'll show you all of your RB4 songs and no DLC will be mixed in!"

    Secondly, the 5 stars required can be obtained on ANY instrument. If you have a guitar controller, you can try to get 5 stars as Lead Guitar OR Bass. For example, I was struggling to get 5 stars on 'Pistol Whipped' on Lead Guitar, but I switched to Bass and got 5 stars easily! If you are lucky enough to have drums or mic, then you can try those instead. I found vocals was the only way I could get 5 stars on Dream Genie!!

    Thirdly, the 5 stars will still count even if you have 'no fail' turned on. This is available in the pause menu whilst playing a song under 'Options'. Another song that I found problematic was Hail to the King by Avenged Sevenfold - I just couldn't get past the intro!! I switched 'no fail' on so I could see the rest of the song, and managed to get 5 stars!

    Finally, if you are falling just a few points short, consider which 'solo' style will get you the most points. Sometimes I mess up really easy solos when in Freestyle mode, but will get 100% when this mode is switched off (you can do this in 'Options' when you pause a song). Conversely, you may find the Freestyle mode better if the 'normal' solo is particularly challenging!

    I hope you find something useful here, but please let me know if there is anything I should add in the comments.

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    Onik PLHow come my xbox tracker is dead for this one?
    Posted by Onik PL on 03 Dec 17 at 18:53
    LethalTurkey7I’d like to offer some advice regarding people who have 5 starred all songs and not unlocked the achievement. You have to 5 Star ALL songs in quick play. Now what i have found is that i had played a bunch of career and got gold stars on a fair few songs but those scores and stars appear in quick play. So playing through them again on quick play with get you the missing ones you need. Unfortunately you can not tell which songs have been done in career. Hope this helps!
    Posted by LethalTurkey7 on 02 Feb 18 at 08:11
    PerrsunHaving recently earned this achievement, I figured I'd share my experience. I had gone through and earned at least 5 stars on all songs on at least 1 instrument, but was still seeing 98% on the progress tracker.

    The thing that ended up working for me was going back and playing a song that I had gold starred on guitar but hadn't touched on bass. After getting 5 stars on bass, the achievement unlocked. I don't know if I earned those gold stars on career mode or quickplay, but I'm fairly certain that it was Quickplay. Either way, getting those 5 stars on an instrument I hadn't previously touched got me the achievement.

    Also, something I was able to definitely confirm that might be worth adding to the OP: playing disc songs from the Rivals Weekly Challenge menu did count towards progress on this achievement.
    Posted by Perrsun on 12 Sep 18 at 16:18
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  • GleasonRyanGleasonRyan116,375
    29 Apr 2018 30 Apr 2018
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    Just putting this solution up there because I just finished this achievement. Couple of other guides updated to say you need the rivals songs as well if you owned the DLC but you do not. That was something that got patched out a bit after rivals launch. You only need songs on RB4 disc.
  • MarekVitMarekVit469,610
    20 Jan 2016 01 Jan 2016 03 Jun 2016
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    NOTE: This guide is for those who aren't very good at playing the instruments above MEDIUM level and are reasonably good at singing.

    I'm going for this achievement on VOCALS only, since I'm no good at guitar and drums anywhere above MEDIUM.

    If you're not completely tone-deaf, this is perfectly doable on vocals.

    Here are some tips.

    1) get familiar with each song first

    2) words don't matter at all, if you have trouble with some phrases, just go nah-nah-nah or ah-ah-ah... actually singing the actual words might make it difficult even if you know them by heart. You see, some sounds (voiceless consonants - like p, t, k, f, s, sh, th, ts...) do not use your vocal cords and therefore the game can't read them as tones. That's why it's better just to sing in vowels, ahs, oohs etc.

    3) hold the long tones all the way until the end. Actually it is a good idea to hold all tones a little longer than seems necessary. If there is a series or a few shorter notes, try to link them together. Also, if you're experiencing some lag from the TV, make sure you start singing a tiny bit earlier.

    4) RB4 songs have freestyle vocals, which means that instead of some difficult phrases you can just produce a long tone (if it fits the key) instead of an elaborate melody which will always cause you to lose your multiplier. This saved my ass on so many songs!

    5) If you struggle with a song, ask a friend to help you out. Just ask them to use a chatting mic connected to the controller. Both of you can sing on SOLO and in this way even if neither of you sing perfectly, the game will just put both performances together and if at least one of you is singing the right tones, it will registrer the phrases as perfect. This saved me on CENTURIES (Fall Out Boy) where there seems to be no time to breathe! With two people, it's a breeze!


    This solution should help you get:

    Rock Band Fan
    Earn 5 Stars on Medium (3 Stars on Hard/Expert) on any 30 Rock Band 4 disc songs in Quickplay.

    Rock Band Master
    Earn 5 Stars on every disc song in Rock Band 4 on Hard in Quickplay mode.

    Rock Band Immortal
    Earn 5 Stars on every disc song in Rock Band 4 on Expert in Quickplay mode.

    Living Room Legend
    Earn Gold Stars on any thirty Rock Band 4 disc songs in Quickplay mode.
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