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Earn the "Full Streak" stage presence award in 5 consecutive songs.

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How to unlock the Locked In achievement

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    09 Oct 2015 10 Oct 2015 17 Oct 2015
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    So here we go !

    For that cheevo,you'll need to use at least 2 instruments.I used guitar and vocal,but any combo (any instrument with vocals if your alone) will be good.And for this award you'll need to do a long streak (nearly 75% of the song,and without any miss from the beginning).But be careful,all the songs doesn't give you the award !

    Next,this is only obtainable on Tour mode or Play a Show mode cause there're the two only modes who have awards.I did it on Play a Show,it's better really,i will explain that later.

    Here's the process:

    - First step,go to Play a Show,on voxtar (solo) or any combo (2+ people) on Easy/Easy or what difficulty you prefer.

    - Then FC the song until the award pop (~75% of the song), if not choose "Next song" from the cn_start menu (that's why Play a show mode is better !)

    - Repeat the process until you have the 5 songs in a row.Voila ! Easy no ? ^^

    Few tips:

    - Be careful,you'll need to do this in one sitting,if not all your progress will be lost.Don't quit !

    - If you missed a note,you can just retry the song or pass it,it's good too !

    - I used DLC for that,but it's definitely not necessary.RB4 songs will make the job

    To finish,have fun with that guys,it's not a hard cheevo.It only take a little time,so be patient and it will pop.Good game and let's rock !


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    DrewAsDFRAGThere should be a list of any of the disc based songs that have this award. Not saying I have any DLC, but there are people out there who don't have any
    Posted by DrewAsDFRAG on 09 Oct 19 at 00:19
    skittlebizFYI you CANNOT pop this while simply using Quickplay. I just got five full combos (is this different than Full Streak?) in a row just simply selecting my own songs in QP (rather than relying on Play a Show where it selects the songs for you.) and this did not pop. I used Medium Bass. For the record, I played:
    21st Century Breakdown
    Last of the American Girls
    Stay Together for the Kids
    Last Night on Earth
    (and even finished with a sixth song just in case my first song didn't count or something):
    Posted by skittlebiz on 13 Mar 21 at 19:31
    NighthawkJoVWe did the Moscow "All Moderate Setlist" in the career with a singer on easy and bass on medium. We even missed a note on the second song, restarted that song, got the Full Streak award on the second try, and it still popped after the 5th song.
    Posted by NighthawkJoV on 19 Dec 21 at 08:04
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  • xinixbxinixb423,011
    19 Dec 2015 27 Mar 2016 27 Mar 2016
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    At the moment this achievement is not possible to get in the "Play a show" section since you won't get the awards.
    But! You can do it in career quite easily. Select a gig that is at least four songs (since you will get an encore which makes 5) and play them till the "Full Streak" award pops up.
    If you struggle with the encore (or just want to avoid them) choose a 6 song setlist where you can pick the songs yourself

    *edit: you can do it on whatever difficulty you like. If you usually play hard or expert I suggest medium so you don't have to worry to much about missing a few notes and still it's not as boring as easy.
    And it still works with the adapter for the older equipment
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    Pedle ZelnipCould you name one of them (city), or are they random? Would help if I knew what city to try unlocking.
    Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 09 Jun 16 at 14:17
    xinixbBoston and Berlin. The drum and vocal showcases both have 6
    Posted by xinixb on 13 Jun 16 at 16:53
    Thay SA 23I just got 5 full streak awards in 5 consecutive songs (seatle 6 solid songs), using a guitar and my frined on his profile on drums. And the cheevo did not pop. I dont know what else should i do to get this. the instruments should be on the same profile?? that is the only thing that is coming to my mind to explain.
    Posted by Thay SA 23 on 03 Jul 16 at 21:54
  • Removed Gamer
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    There is currently a lot of confusion about how this achievement unlocks, but after trial and error I've worked out the easiest way for you to do this.

    First and most importantly - It DOES NOT matter what songs you play, all that matters is that when going for the award, you do it on the first song in the two and/or three song setlists that you are able to pick on 'Play a Show' mode. I found this out when going for songs that people suggested in comments and forums and finding out that they simply didn't work.

    To help ensure you're on the right song and to avoid wasting time, here's another thing I discovered while going for this achievement.

    If you are able to get the 'Band Unity' award to pop up, which is activated when you receive two or three unison bonuses (Has to be any combination of Bass/Guitar/Drums) then in my experience it meant that 100% of the time you are also able to get the Full Streak award on that song too. If you've hit three/four unison bonuses together and you're not seeing that award, best thing to do would be to skip the song to save you time!

    To break it down, when going into 'Play a Show' mode, choose any two songs you want, it won't matter. Just to put it out there, I don't think really short songs work, but I'm not 100% positive on that, I'm hearing that songs such as 'Charlene (I'm Right Behind You) work perfectly fine but don't hold me to it.

    The first song out of the two you just chose will work fine, the second one won't, so play out the first song without any mistakes (SEE STARRED TEXT) until the award pops, finish the song, then skip the second song entirely and continue playing the gig. You will then be prompted to choose three more songs. Unlock the award on the first song and then skip the following two songs. You'll then be taken back to playing a two song gig and it will repeat indefinitely. Once the award has popped up FIVE times, you can end the gig by skipping until it prompts you to 'End' the gig. Skip the encore and the achievement should unlock shortly after! toast

    Just to clarify, the most efficient way to unlock the award requires two or more players to hit every note perfectly on any difficult without missing until about 60 - 75% of the song is though. Play from the start of the song without missing a note until the award pops, then relax until your next chance to unlock the achievement.

    ***However, when playing with a group of friends we unlocked this award despite all of us missing a few notes. Flopsy86 thinks that the achievement is not measured by how long you can keep a band streak going on for, but how long you can keep your band multiplier going for. So rather than keeping your streak for 60 - 70% of the song without missing, it seems to work when playing the song, 60 - 70% was played when you had a maximum band multiplier going, which means there is much more room for error.

    Finally, I'd personally recommend doing this with a Guitar and Bass/Drums combo as the Band Unity award will pop up, though it's just as easy with Guitar/Vocals which you can do entirely by yourself.
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    Snooch2theBoochIf I do this method (by removing the updates on my Rock Band like another solution suggested) then would I be able to go back to the music library? Or does it have to be the voted setlist each time? I kinda wanna just get this on 5 Charlenes and be done with it. It's the last achievement (well aside from level 50 but that's just grindy, not hard) I need so I wanna just get it quickly without worrying about messing up.
    Posted by Snooch2theBooch on 04 Nov 16 at 15:32
    A 0 UB3RLOZ3Rwhy hasnt anyone posted using the talkie metal songs as suggestions there the easiest to get this on
    Posted by A 0 UB3RLOZ3R on 09 May 17 at 21:02
    Pedle ZelnipPlay a Show mode is no longer an option for this.
    Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 09 Sep 18 at 00:46
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