The Taken King

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The Taken King

Night Court achievement in Destiny

Night Court

Complete "The Court of Oryx" quest.

Night Court0
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How to unlock the Night Court achievement

  • PrestonPrestonPrestonPreston371,931
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    Right, so looks like we have got to the bottom of how to get given this quest!
    Thanks to the following gamers for adding their info and in turn helping YOU get a new achievement! This was a (fire)team effort smile
    FF7 Ultima, IllustriousYeti, Games Master, mchsTom, CanadianWhizKid, XXXICenturyMatt

    New Activities To Do
    So after all our detective work it seems this is all you need to do to get given this quest:

    Once you have completed The Taken King story you will get a mission called Dread Patrol, this is essentially just a mission to set up patrols on the Dreadnaught. You will need to do this next anyway to get given more missions and have permanent access to patrol on the Dreadnaught.

    When you have done that all you need to do is complete any Tier event in the Court of Oryx. You do not need to be the summoner here, just take part in a successful event, on any Tier. When I did this with my third character to test it, I just went to the CoO and there were 2 other guys there who summoned a Tier 2. I took part and we were successful, then I went straight back to The Tower and Eris had the quest for me.

    The Quest
    The quest itself requires you to do three things in the Court of Oryx:
    Reciprocal Rune Summons, Victories - 6 times
    Stolen Rune Summons, Victories - 3 times
    Antiquated Rune Summons, Victories - 1 time

    This is simply Tier 1, 2 and 3 of CoO, the recommended light levels are:
    190 Light - Reciprocal Rune (Tier 1)
    240 Light - Stolen Rune (Tier 2)
    300 Light - Antiquated Rune (Tier 3)

    With a full fireteam, these levels are overestimated really, Tier 2 could be done by three people with 230+ and Tier 3 could probably do it with 290+ but the Tier 3 bosses are on weekly rotation, 3 different ones. So you may find one easier than the others.
    If there are other players on top of you're own fireteam, Tier 3 can be made a lot easier too. There were 4 others when we did it, so there were 7 of us total and we managed to beat the mini-Crota in under 2mins! And only 2 of 7 people were actually 300+ the rest of us were 280+
    Either way, decent communication and co-ordination is the key to success in CoO, so if there are other people there, try to get you all into a party together as well.

    Although the wording sounds like it, you don't actually need to be the summoner, which is good, as getting an Antiquated Rune can be annoying. If you're playing in a fireteam then you're obviously upping the chances of getting one. But at the end of the day, the summoner can be anyone so even if you're just at CoO with random people, anyone can start it, you just need to take part in a successful event. This is true of all tiers but getting Reciprocal and Stolen Runes shouldn't be a problem anyway.
    Ways to get Antiquated Runes: As far as we know, they are only random drops in successful Tier 2 CoO events, Nightfall Strikes, The King's Fall raid and also as random rewards for levelling up your Crota's Bane rep. Running Tier 2 CoO is going to give the highest drop rate though as they are only 3 minute events but you will probably end up doing quite a lot of them before getting an Antiquated Rune, unless the RNGesus blesses you!
    Note they will only drop as a reward in Tier 2 CoO if you ARE the summoner of the event.

    Side Notes
    1) If you have triggered this you won't see any marker telling you that you have a quest available, not in your galaxy map thing or anywhere. Even if you're in The Tower, standing right in front of Eris, she won't have a quest icon over her head but when you speak to her the Accept/Decline Quest box pops up.
    So this may sound stupid but check with Eris that you don't already have it!

    2) As with other Destiny achievements, if it doesn't pop when you turn in the quest, do the sign in/out trick:
    While on the character that should have unlocked it, go into your menus, then
    Settings > Log Out > Switch Profile
    Pick your gamertag to sign back in, then pick the same character and it should pop when you get into orbit.

    Good Luck
    Anyway, this should get Eris to give you the quest, please comment if it does not work so I can update the solution. Thanks.

    Good luck Guardian, see you on the Dreadnaught!
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    XXXICenturyMattTo add my two cents, I got the quest (on my second character though I wouldn't think that matters) after participating in a round at the Court and returning to Eris. Though there was absolutely no indication she had anything for me until I talked to her. On this character I had picked up no calcified fragments whatsoever.
    Posted by XXXICenturyMatt on 27 Sep 15 at 01:49
    BegFourMercyI completed this quest on my warlock and have no achievement. Do you have to put the runes in yourself? I know on the tier 2 and 3, I did not put the ruins in.
    Posted by BegFourMercy on 28 Sep 15 at 14:01
    PrestonPreston@ CenturyMatt - Thanks man, that's awesome. I have a friend who has just had the same thing as well so I'm going to take that bit out now.

    @BegForMercy - Destiny achievements can be a bit weird with popping correctly (still), read the side notes in my solution for the little trick that solves it. Although if you have signed into a different character now then you will need to sign in to the one that should have got you the cheev and then do what I wrote smile
    Posted by PrestonPreston on 28 Sep 15 at 18:18
    vSullyUgh. Completed the quest. Got rewards from Eris. No achievement. Logged out and back in. No achievement. Dumb.
    Posted by vSully on 29 Sep 15 at 22:39
    vSullyGot it to pop by logging in on 360. Popped there as soon as I hit orbit. Loaded xbone back up and it popped when I hit orbit.
    Posted by vSully on 29 Sep 15 at 22:52
    AckisYou don't need to be part of the firemen that summons, just participate in the event. I'm done my tier 3 without having been in any teams doing summons on the dreadnought.
    Posted by Ackis on 07 Oct 15 at 05:10
    PrestonPreston@vSully - That's really weird! Well at least you go it smile

    @CanadaAckis - Yeah it says that in the solution, that you can be with random people, it doesn't matter who summons as long as you are successful.
    Posted by PrestonPreston on 09 Oct 15 at 18:07
    DillionDayIt just popped for me but I never used an antiquated rune. I have completed countless victories while another player used the rune.
    Posted by DillionDay on 10 Oct 15 at 08:58
    Dragonborn GearI feel like that first side note should be a major headline note.
    Posted by Dragonborn Gear on 14 Jun at 18:03
    CatharsistI still need this if anyone does as well. Just need to
    Run the Tier 2s and 1 Tier 3. Finding it hard to get the runes.
    Posted by Catharsist on 28 Aug at 04:14
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