The Taken King

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The Taken King

Long Live the King achievement in Destiny

Long Live the King

Complete the King's Fall Raid (Heroic).

Long Live the King0
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How to unlock the Long Live the King achievement

  • LincLinc256,636
    24 Oct 2015 24 Oct 2015 25 Oct 2015
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    This solution is simply to inform of the differences between Normal and Heroic so i am assuming you know the basic mechanics of all the encounters.

    Recommended Light 305, 310 by Oryx

    - All lvl 42 enemies

    - No revives other than Sunsinger self revive

    Jump Puzzle
    - No ledge checkpoint on the Tomb Ship jump puzzle

    - Half way through the Totem encounter, Knights on the center plate will spawn as Majors

    - Warpriest gets added abilities for each obelisk he destroys. The center one grants him the Taken Hobgoblin ability, right one Taken Captain, and left one Taken Centurion.

    - Damage pools dissipate quicker

    - A de buff called Unstable Light is randomly added to those that have been in the damage pools. The de buff will make your screen glow green, and give you a counter at the bottom. When the counter expires you will explode like a thrall. The explosion doesnt hurt the person with the de buff, or enemies. It only hurts teammates.

    - Daughters will begin their song immediately after a damage sequence. No recovery time

    - Immediately after killing the Ogres, a Knight will spawn. This Knight will devour bombs on the field if you do not kill them. Looking at the Ogre, the knight will spawn directly behind you, and also across from you.

    So if you think of the ogres/plates as being Spawn Left = 1, Spawn Right = 2, Oryx Right = 3, and Oryx Left = 4 the Knight placement will be like this.

    Knight 1 spawns behind Plate 2
    Knight 2 behind Plate 1
    Knight 3 behind Plate 4
    Knight 4 behind Plate 3

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    ll BENNO llWhat exactly are you talking about @Rothio? You only need to kill Oryx. You do NOT need to complete the whole thing, just the final boss will net you the achievement.

    With that being said finding a checkpoint at Oryx might be hard these days, it might be easier just to find a team and do it fresh.
    Posted by ll BENNO ll on 23 Aug 19 at 15:20
    Rothio@ll BENNO ll I was referring to whether you can get the achievement on the 390 light raid.
    Posted by Rothio on 23 Aug 19 at 15:42
    liviaroMy second account have done the raid 3 times on the 390 difficulty, none on the other ones and it has this achievement
    liviarion's achievements in Destiny

    links for proof
    Posted by liviaro on 25 Aug 19 at 19:32
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  • mossfan563mossfan563792,119
    22 Dec 2015 10 May 2016
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    This solution needs an update to a key detail provided by lxl Linc lxl.

    Minimum/Recommended Light is 310. Anything below that and you will have a hard time.

    Here's some raid tips as well:
    It is recommended to use a sniper rifle as your special/secondary weapon and a machine gun as your heavy as they will be very useful to damage bosses.
    Also make sure your all weapons are above 300+ light. (Exotics are a plus!)
    Do not use any blue items/weapons. Their limited perk availability will hurt you in the end.
    Sidearms, Shotguns and Fusion Rifles are not recommended for the raid.
    Rocket Launchers and Swords may be useful in some situations in the raid but Machine Guns as a Heavy Weapon are recommended as they can apply to all situations in the raid.

    And last but not least, please be aware of what's going on in the raid. If you don't know what's going on, ask for help. Prep yourself before the raid so you know what to expect.

    Good luck guardians/TAers!
  • zeldafanjtlzeldafanjtl173,180
    21 Apr 2018 14 Jan 2018
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    I wanted to clarify an important detail not mentioned by the other solutions, presumably since it didn't apply at the time they were written.

    This achievement is for completing King's Fall on 310. Though this may not logically make sense, according to multiple threads on the forums, this will not unlock if you complete the raid on 390.

    I cannot confirm this myself since I have no desire to complete the raid on 390, but take heed.
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    BigDaddy KratosCan confirm, IT DOES unlock at 390. I joined at Sisters and finished it. I had to quit my game. Start it up, then change profile, and upon relogging in essentially logging in twice, it popped
    Posted by BigDaddy Kratos on 27 Feb at 20:20
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