The Final Countdown achievement in Castle Crashers Remastered

The Final Countdown

Survive until 2:30 in a Back Off Barbarian match.

The Final Countdown+0.4
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How to unlock the The Final Countdown achievement

  • YannickozzzYannickozzz341,150
    23 Jan 2017 23 Jan 2017 17 May 2020
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    There is a spawn glitch in one of the snow levels. If you play with 4 players one of the players will spawn in the water. This player stays invincible if he stays there. Now the other players have to survive until the 2.10 ~ 2.15 mark with the button mashing technique, otherwise the death timer will also kill the player in the water. Hopefully this makes it a little bit more easy for you!

    Epic fail 1710 pointed out the following:
    You can avoid the death timer by having the other 3 people leave the game it's always player 4 that ends up in the glitch spot.
    Raptor 2000 and STYL4Z also pointed out:
    You can get it to work with four local controllers, either with 1 account and 3 guests or 2 accounts and 2 guests. When you are in the correct place (with your main account), sign out all other players. The main account has to be in the 4th slot.
    The red circle indicates the spawn position of the player in the water.

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    ZNMSI can confirm that the three guests and main account profile method still works at time of writing.

    As for my grind to unlock this achievement, I just keep deliberately playing poorly until the correct level popped up and then signed out the three guest accounts.

    As it felt to me, based on my playthroughs for this achievement, creating a match and then instantly exiting the game due to not randomly spawning the desired level; reset some sort of timer / gauges that would cycle through a map playlist.
    Posted by ZNMS on 09 Sep 20 at 12:59
    ImBeauieAs of 15/11/20, this spot still works. Just be patient with the map rotations and eventually you will get the correct map.
    Posted by ImBeauie on 15 Nov 20 at 02:58
    HungryNic42Hardest part is just getting the map and the glitch
    Posted by HungryNic42 on 13 Dec 20 at 00:18
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  • redraider104redraider1041,066,207
    10 Sep 2015 10 Sep 2015 10 Sep 2015
    63 11 6
    For my solution, though it might sound crazy is a good alternative in case they do in fact patch the standing still method. For mine, have you and one friend (do only one because it limits the traffic of people running into each other). Play a map that in the most respects is a large flat surface without much up and down climbing. For instance on our runs we had an Ice map with up risings on two sides and then a forest level that was completely flat. We got the achievement on the flat one, Yet, both times were 1:57 and then 2:32.

    Now for what to do, simply either frantically mash the X, Y, A, B buttons. The way I did was have two fingers alternating Y and B, the others X and A, Or like my partner did just continuously rotate the stick. Now, the reason this method really works however is the fact the AI though increases in quantity, cannot keep up with the movements of the person and thus you'll fly around them even if you are trapped. Though, I cannot guarantee it will work first try I can say that my partner and I got it on our second try, while waiting for the map NastyMastaDaddy did his in. Hopefully this helps y'all!
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    Von Krauser2:30.12

    I didn’t realize the joystick worked until after I read your solution. Alone, I started a match and pretty much palmed the left stick and swirled it counter-clockwise and got it on the first try, so thanks!
    Posted by Von Krauser on 27 Jul 18 at 13:24
    Draco719I dont see how this is possible. We cant get past 1:30. Twenty + tries....
    Posted by Draco719 on 02 Sep 18 at 06:57
    k0pp0yep +1 from me too - worked second time I tried it (joystick method)

    *corrected typos :)*
    Posted by k0pp0 on 03 Sep 18 at 11:12
  • LythirisLythiris1,062,533
    01 Nov 2015 01 Nov 2015 01 Nov 2015
    39 3 11
    This should be done solo for simplicity's sake, and is not possible online.

    You can pause and un-pause the game rapidly to help you bob and weave through just about anything. When things start getting tough, simply pause the game with cn_start, figure out your next move, hit cn_B, then immediately follow that up with the move you want to make, and hit start again. Just keep pausing after every move you input. It'll take a lot longer, but allows for impossible reaction times. In particularly tricky spots, such as trying to trade squares with an enemy, you may need to pause multiple times to ensure you don't get stomped. This worked for me on my second attempt. Try to get a fairly wide open map to make things even easier. Avoid narrow pathways once you hit the 1:30 mark.

    Good luck!
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    Sitop Apen^He means in this solution. You can't do this way online because you can't pause an online game
    Posted by Sitop Apen on 20 Feb 19 at 01:31
    Tanelorn82+1 from me. I tried but still failed a few times. I decided to use the glitch because I have 4 controllers, but this method is probably the best to do it solo.
    Posted by Tanelorn82 on 20 Feb 19 at 14:05
    branstoneboyI could not do any of the other methods. This took 3-4 attempts to get the timing right but I got it. Thanks!
    Posted by branstoneboy on 24 Oct 19 at 17:25
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