Super Market Sweep achievement in Elite: Dangerous

Super Market Sweep

Sell at 500 different markets

Super Market Sweep+3.8
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How to unlock the Super Market Sweep achievement

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    18 Oct 2015 18 Oct 2015
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    You can check your progress by going trade network stat under the Status page under the system panel. If it's like other achievements however, you may have to progress well beyond the required number for the achievement to unlock.

    The simplest way to get progress would be to buy an immediately sell back an item at each station you stop at. Hydrogen fuel tends to be a good choice for this as it is near the top of the commodities list and will only result in a loss of 4-5 credits, depending on system value.

    For actually making some actual profit off of doing this, I found the following website EXTREMELY helpful:

    That site can help for a variety of trade routes, but for this achievement you'll want to avoid trade loops. It should be easy enough to enter the current station you are at and the next station or system you know you're going to in order to start making some serious profit. Sometimes even trading within a single system can net large profits.
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    planting42Popped on 500. I'd recommend not doing what I did and grinding out 130+ in a row. Equip your ship with a small cargo hold and buy/sell 1 unit each time you dock somewhere. If you want to grind on this, I'd also consider not doing what I did. Hindsight is 50/50 they say. It's probably faster to enter a system and dock at the closest dock then move to another system unless there's another dock VERY close by. The time it takes to get up to speed is typically excessive compared to high jumping to another system.

    Hey, we can edit comments! Wanted to add that Biowaste is another good choice if you are worried about credit loss. Its near the bottom but usually less than 20 credits/unit.
    Posted by planting42 on 17 Apr 16 at 19:51
    SilvrgunSuprmanThis doesn't seem to work anymore. I'm still stuck on 74 different markets and after going to the other side of the bubble and doing the buy/sell immediately trick it hasn't gone up. After I loaded up my ASP with Tea in one station and traveled to another system to sell it; the achievement tracker moved up one.
    Posted by SilvrgunSuprman on 25 Jun 16 at 22:09
    Current FuturePopped right when it should have. Coriolis, Orbis, Ocellus, Outpost (in space or planet-side) it doesn't matter, as long as it has a commodities market it should count.

    In regards to the above comment:

    1.) The achievement is for selling at 500 different markets, so if the tracker doesn't increase when selling an item at a market, it most likely means you've sold at that one before.

    2.) The "buy an item then sell it" tactic is only good for gaining progress if you're at a market and don't have an item to sell; it's not an instant-win shortcut.

    I agree with all of planting42's tips, but would like to add that I found the Docking Computer to be invaluable.
    Posted by Current Future on 18 Jul 16 at 14:46
    DrJekl" would like to add that I found the Docking Computer to be invaluable." - Current Future

    This! The docking computer is a huge time saver and while it's doing its magic you can scroll your contacts or plan your next destination.
    Posted by DrJekl on 11 Jan 17 at 18:00
    Epsilon ThetaPlease consider updating your solution to the new interface. You can now find the information in the Codex.
    Posted by Epsilon Theta on 18 Dec 19 at 10:29
    KnightRadiant88Definitely the last achievement I will earn, this one is truly a long haul type in the universe of time
    Posted by KnightRadiant88 on 18 Jan 20 at 09:51
    SashamorningBuy/sell works well. The tracker is advancing. I've noticed that you can mark stars that you haven't visited... I'm already buying/selling every time I dock, but when I get close to this, I'm going to use that to find more stations.
    Posted by Sashamorning on 31 May 20 at 05:21
    GXYou have to grind this eventually, the easiest and quickest way is to use the Galaxy map to filter the systems that you have not visited and jump to the uniquely named systems which are likely to have atleast 1 if not multiple stations. Using the "Not Visited" filter avoids stations you may have already visited so you're not wasting time with potential duplicate stations. When you're at the stations just buy and sell back any commodity. Ignore the planetary stations as they're a waste of time.

    If you don't want to blindly jump to systems you could use to check systems for stations before you jump there but as long as you're jumping to uniquely named systems like "Zaonce" for example, there will usually be at least 1 station.
    Posted by GX on 29 Jun 20 at 18:39
    RondundAnother Galaxy Map trick is to set the population filter so the system dots are bigger for higher populations. Should increase your chances of finding stations or even multiple stations.
    Posted by Rondund on 10 Mar at 10:16
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