Ship Hoarder achievement in Elite: Dangerous

Ship Hoarder

Own 20 different ships simultaneously

Ship Hoarder+0.4
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How to unlock the Ship Hoarder achievement

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    18 Dec 2015 20 Nov 2015 23 Dec 2018
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    ** UPDATED FOR v3.3 (Beyond Chapter 4) **

    This will take a serious investment. This means 20 unique ships - not 20 sidewinders. The good news is that ships have been being added in at lower price ranges which makes this achievement more approachable.

    To simply purchase 20 different ships will take millions of credits. Keep in mind that some ships are locked to particular factions such as the Imperial Courier. You need to have the appropriate rank in their Navy to unlock it. Occasionally there are in-game events that remove these restrictions as well as sales that can reduce these prices.

    Also, keep in mind that there is a 15% discount on ships and parts in any Li Yong-Rui Controlled and Exploited systems.

    If you prestige in CQC (need to reach level 50) you gain access to the CQC homeworld where fighter ships are 20% off and the station is VERY well stocked.

    If you are Elite rank in any of category (Combat, Exploration or Trade) you have access to Jameson Memorial in the Shinrarta Dezhra system that offers all ships and modules.

    Here is a resource with normal ship prices and the features to 'build' your own ships to see power consumption before you head to find and buy the parts:

    At full price, all 20 ships would cost: 59,759,700 credits. (down from 59,778,700 last update)
    With the 15% discount the cost is: 50,795,745 credits.

    Ship ----- Cost
    Sidewinder - 31,000 CR
    Eagle - 43,800 CR
    Hauler - 51,720 CR
    Adder - 86,472 CR
    Imperial Eagle - 109,492 CR ** Requires Imperial Empire rank 1 (Outsider)
    Viper - 141,592 CR
    Cobra Mk III - 346,634 CR
    Viper Mk IV - 434,844 CR
    Diamondback Scout - 561,244 CR
    Cobra Mk IV - 744,574 CR ** Requires Horizons DLC purchase prior to August '16
    Type-6 Transporter - 1,044,612 CR
    Dolphin - 1,334,244 CR
    Diamondback Explorer - 1,891,674 CR
    Imperial Courier - 2,539,844 CR ** Requires Imperial Empire rank 3 (Master)
    Keelback - 3,123,064 CR
    Asp Scout - 3,959,064 CR
    Vulture - 4,922,534 CR
    Asp Explorer - 6,650,520 CR
    Federal Dropship - 14,273,598 CR ** Requires Federation rank 3 (Midshipman)
    Type-7 Transporter - 17,469,174 CR

    Depending on which faction(s) you side with and your rank, you may need to look a bit further:

    Alliance Chieftain - 18,952,161 CR
    Federal Assault Ship - 19,774,598 CR ** Requires Federation rank 5 (Chief Petty Officer)
    Imperial Clipper - 22,256,248 CR ** Requires Imperial Empire rank 7 (Baron)
    Alliance Crusader - 23,635,619 CR
    Alliance Challenger - 30,540,973 CR
    Federal Gunship - 35,773,598 CR ** Requires Federation rank 7 (Ensign)
    Krait Phantom - 44,139,676 CR
    Krait Mk II - 45,660,416 CR
    Orca - 48,529,270 CR
    Fer-de-Lance - 51,556,410 CR
    Mamba - 56,289,969 CR
    Python - 56,824,391 CR
    Type-9 Heavy - 77,693,648 CR
    Beluga Liner - 84,492,158 CR
    Type 10 Defender - 124,874,411 CR
    Anaconda - 146,402,444 CR
    Federal Corvette - 187,402,444 CR
    Imperial Cutter - 208,402,444 CR

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    Tyler KokoroHmmm. Damn. I noticed that a few months ago, too with a sidewinder, but was never able to reproduce it.

    Last week I noticed it again. I don't know what causes this... I'm only a middle class pilot with far to less credits and rank to buy the really big ships. I had 7 different ships. Then I noticed a second sidewinder counted as nr 8 again, which is wired, because I tested that so often in the last months and nothing. So I took the chance, continued and bought a second adder, a second hauler and so on, each one counted as new ship. I popped the achievement for 10 "unique" ships, went on to 13. Then I got the brilliant idea to went offline, eat something and continue buying dublicated ships later. Guess what. After logging back in, non of them counted anymore. It worked as intended again... even worse, then I bought a brand new ship which I never had before and it didn't count, I guess because the acutal count of unique ships should now be 8 and not 13...

    Now I'm speculating for the multi crew update in the next months. after that I'll try it again... One thing I know for sure now: If that ever happens again, I will buy all remaining ships at a time, regardless of the costs xD
    Posted by Tyler Kokoro on 17 Mar 17 at 10:27
    Tyler KokoroOkay, the Commanders Update is now live and I tried it again. Indeed, I just got it! I'am not sure if this is caused by the "big updates" or simply by server-shutdowns, but anyway:

    Meanwhile I got 10 ships legit. So yesterday I used you list from above and bought the 10 cheapest possible ships again in one sitting (note: the dolphin is new and costs 1.3 millions, which is useful because I cant buy the imperial eagle and the cobra mk4) and every single ship type counted as a "unique new one".

    I used to quickly find stations, which sold the most ships I needed and especially the dolphin.

    After I got the achievement, I sold the most of them back. Note that you will only get about 90% of your credits back. I hope there will never be a new achievement for "Owned 30 different ships simultaneously" or something like this again...

    Sorry for any weird formulations or grammar, English it not my native language.

    Fly save, commanders! :)
    Posted by Tyler Kokoro on 25 Apr 17 at 08:12
    KillCrazyCarlJust so you know. You can't get the cobra Mk 4 unless you bought horizons DLC seperatly after having the base game before July 30th on the xbox one. I went to multiple stations trying to find the Cobra Mk 4 but was unable to get it as i bought my horizons DLC in december 2016 and therefore i wasn't eligible. As the Cobra Mk 4 was a reward to players who played the game in the first year and supported it by buying the DLC before july 30th 2016 for xbox one and february 2016 for PC players.
    Posted by KillCrazyCarl on 06 Aug 17 at 17:18
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  • DirtySanjeevDirtySanjeev356,171
    10 Aug 2017 24 Aug 2017 24 Aug 2017
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    I have found a shortcut, which makes this Achievement easier to get.
    Basically it seems that buying a ship from both the Empire and the Federation will count as two separate ships.

    I bought two sidewinders, one from a Federation station and one from an Empire station.
    next i bought two Eagles, two haulers, two adders etc..

    You can attempt this on very few ships and check the achievement tracker on the console and see if it moves up for you.

    I did not buy any of the expensive ships at all. the most expensive was Vulture, and that is because there are some cheaper ships that require special ranks to get, or the cobra that requires horizon early access or something..
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    Reborn InsanityI can confirm this works. Thank you!

    Posted by Reborn Insanity on 28 Jan 18 at 18:39
    I can confirm this stills works, but not for every ship; my tracker has increased while buying two Sidewinders, Haulers, Keelbacks, Adders, Cobra MkIVs and Eagles but it is not increasing with the Cobra MkIII, Vulture, Type-6 or Diamondback Explorer even after buying three of them each in different faction hubs.
    Posted on 21 Apr 18 at 12:00
    iSpeedFreakI can confirm this still works. bought sidewinders, haulers and eagles from independent and imperial factions for the 6 I needed to get this achievement.
    Posted by iSpeedFreak on 13 Dec 18 at 00:50
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