Elite... Dangerous achievement in Elite: Dangerous

Elite... Dangerous

Destroy 50 Elite Combat rated ships

Elite... Dangerous+0.3
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How to unlock the Elite... Dangerous achievement

  • planting42planting421,701,675
    02 Dec 2015 10 Dec 2015 23 Aug 2017
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    This isn't actually as bad as it sounds if you are prepared for hunting.

    I strongly suggest a combat Vulture or better) with full lasers for this. Reason is two-fold.
    - Ammunition needs to be restocked.
    - Restocking takes you away from fighting.

    Do you need a Vulture? No. Its a relatively inexpensive ship to deck out though. If you have a great attack build, feel free to use what you are comfortable in. Be aware that you may have to jump out of system to restock and that you may not have large pads available nearby.

    Suggested build: Vulture ~19mil

    Using a Vulture well means learning power management. There are 3 chaffs with only 1 on at any time. I assign all 3 to the same trigger since with the other 2 off, only 1 works. When one is depleted, you must manually disable it before enabling another to ensure you don't shut down systems. There is a SCB (Shield Cell Battery) to help keep that bubble up. With a setup like this you should be able to hold your own for some time before needing to restock cells and chaff.

    Once you have your instrument of destruction, you need to find a Compromised Navigation Beacon. These are found in systems where the factions are in lockdown or civil war. They don't last forever since over time the security forces move back into a system. The one I use is in Korazotz which is very close to LHS 3447 (where you start) and Frey (which is a great mining location.)

    Here is a community post with an updated list of such beacons.

    Once you find your hunting grounds, start scanning the targets near you. You will note their ship class and combat rank before their wanted status. Focus on those ranked 'Elite' and in ships you are comfortable taking on. Be aware that you will find NPCs in wings - ensure you can tackle the whole wing at once if you engage one. Believe it or not, there are a ton of Elite pilots that love joyrides in Sidewinders and Eagles. Equally odd, all Elite rank ships I've found in CNavB's were wanted.

    With the 1.6/2.1 update AI got a huge boost. Be wary when attacking Elite rank ships! Keep an escape plan. Make sure you have chaff at a minimum to break those target locks. Don't forget that you can always high jump (jump to a different system) even if you are mass-locked by ships locally. If you need to get distance - turn flight assist off and boost boost boost in a straight line. By default you disable flight assist with cn_Y + cn_RB

    Goodspeed commanders!

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    Ashen SeraphIf you can, do this NOW! NPC are about to get a big boost.
    Posted by Ashen Seraph on 17 May 16 at 15:21
    the games mastaI’ve started working on this myself and have found the solution is still works, but I was flying a fully fitted A-rated FDL and the majority of ships in compromised nav beacons are small enough that they don’t put much of a fight even with the upgraded AI at elite level. Might be more of a challenge in a vulture. It’s an effective way to work towards combat elite. Good solution!
    Posted by the games masta on 16 Sep 16 at 12:18
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  • derechtegraf1derechtegraf1421,570
    19 Jun 2016 12 Apr 2017
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    The best place to farm Elite Combat rated ships are Compromised Nav Beacons (CNBs).
    Those CNBs are just like "normal" Nav Beacons close to stars, but are swarming with Wanted smaller ships such as Eagles, Cobras, Vipers, Adders, and Haulers.
    As soon as you drop from Super Cruise scan the ships spawning and attack Elite ships at will.

    An excellent resource to find CNBs is http://www.hozbase.co.uk/elitedangerous - select "Bounty Hunting Systems" in the list, type in the system name of your current location, and the website will generate a list bounty hunting systems sorted by distance. Look for the column "Has Compromised Navigation Beacon" and make your way to that system.

    Be warned though: If you carry cargo or a bounty even from a different system, chances are high that you will be attacked within the CNB area.

    It is also recommended to use a somewhat engineered combat ship yourself. Although it is possible to farm Elite ships with "stock" ships, it is way easier to wreck havoc if you're sitting in a murder machine yourself.

    Last but not least, killing Elite Combat rated Commanders in CQC does count towards this achievement, if you feel inclined towards boosting it.
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