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Unchallenged achievement in Extreme Exorcism


Complete all challenges.

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How to unlock the Unchallenged achievement

  • PoolsharkerPoolsharker
    09 Jun 2017 09 Jun 2017
    If you've completed Arcade mode, most of these challenges shouldn't give you any trouble. Here are a few tips that I used when completing some of the tougher challenges.

    Timed Challenges:

    After you kill the Crown Ghost, plan out your next path to intercept the new Crown Ghost. Sometimes you can get an item and a quick kill. Always remember where the next ghost will be. Sometimes being able to wait almost all the time you have can work, but it's risky if you miss your shot.

    Endurance Challenges:

    Don't be afraid to take it slow. On some of the longer challenges, I would kill the chair, and then with my next life just wait near where I got the chair kill for 3 or 4 cycles of the Crown Ghost, then I would get my kill. This way, I knew I had a lot of time to setup for the next kill. I'd wait almost as long to get the next kill and so on. This made it easy to scoop up all my ghosts when a Exorcism item spawned.

    "Bring in the Chairs" Challenge:

    This was the challenge that gave me the most trouble. Every time you kill a ghost, a new chair spawns with a random weapon. And chairs cannot be killed with the Exorcism item. In the early rounds, take it slow and get all the kills you can, ghosts, chairs, then Crown ghost. Every kill counts towards the 40 kills. When you do get an Exorcism item, I tried to kill as many ghosts as I could, and avoid the Crown ghost if possible. Then I'd clear out all the chairs before getting the Crown ghost. It was like starting the challenge fresh and it kept the level more clear. When you get to the last few kills, if you can get an item like the Fireball or Lightning, you can get those last few kills while keeping yourself out of danger. Make sure it's the last round, otherwise lots of Fireballs or Lightning could spell death for you.
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