Virus Victory achievement in Plague Inc: Evolved

Virus Victory

Win a game with Virus on Normal Difficulty or higher

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How to unlock the Virus Victory achievement

  • DCM7734DCM7734148,527
    17 Oct 2015 17 Oct 2015 17 Oct 2015
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    So, I was trying to do this achievement, and I couldn't get it. So I went to Google, and found this guide. It's for doing the regular Virus on Mega Brutal, but good god, it worked wonders on Casual for an easy pop. I beat it in 480 days! (Results may vary)

    "The Virus will typically lead itself - it is fast and brutal, and really needs only minimal guidance. Once you have maxed out the Viral Instability line, your plague will be mutating left and right.

    Starting Country: Saudi Arabia. Offers close proximity to other countries and has both air and ship access.

    Purchase the following symptoms and abilities when you can (skip if mutated):

    1. Bird 1
    2. Water 1
    3. Air 1
    4. Water 2
    5. Air 2
    6. Cold Resistance 1
    7. Drug Resistance 1
    8. Cold Resistance 2
    9. Drug Resistance 2
    10. Viral Instability 1
    11. Viral Instability 2
    12. Viral Instability 3
    13. Coughing
    14. Sneezing
    (Wait until all countries infected)
    15. Immune Suppression
    16. Total Organ Failure
    17. Insomnia
    18. Paranoia
    19. Seizures
    20. Insanity
    21. Coma
    22. Paralysis

    Just be wary of making your disease too lethal too soon - if a country is dying faster than it is spreading the disease, devolve some of your most lethal symptoms. You're not going to be hurting for DNA at this point."

    ALL CREDIT IMAGINABLE GOES TO: Tycho [Forsythe] from the Steam Community.
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  • CrazyXVirusCrazyXVirus368,240
    27 Nov 2015 27 Nov 2015
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    I didn't use any gene's. Also a great way to unlock genes on Casual.
    You can play on the fastest setting, just be careful because it will pick up I missed a few bubbles but I found leaving the hint's so you get pop ups through out the game helped. Once a pop up happens the game pauses itself.

    Start off infecting China

    Evolve Air 1 and Water1
    If you get the pop up about sterillization, upgrade which one ever is says.

    The following order in transmissions and abilities

    Drug Resistance 1
    Hot 1 and Cold 1
    Water 2, Air 2 and Extreme Bioaerosol
    Genetic Hardening 1 and 2
    Drug Resistance 2
    Genetic Reshuffle 1,2 and 3
    Viral Instability 1,2 and 3

    Wait in till the pop up shows everybody is infected

    After everybody is infected you want to pick the most lethal symptom I picked

    Insomnia, Paranoia, Seizure, Delirium, Insanity,Coma,Paralysis, Total Organ Failure and Necrosis.

    It's really random on what the game will fill in for you.

    If your looking to just unlock genes play on Casual, you can bypass Genetic Hardening 2 and Reshuffle 3.

    You can also mix it up to unlock more genes at a faster rate

    Air 1 and 2 Water 1 and 2
    Drug Resistance 1 and 2
    Hot 1 Cold 1
    Genetic Hardening 1 and Reshuffle 1 and 2
    Viral Instability 1,2 and 3

    Then use the same symptoms above
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