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Big Bang

Kill the DarkWater research team

Big Bang-0.1
14 February 2020 - 1 guide

How to unlock the Big Bang achievement

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    This is by far the hardest DarkWater achievement, you will have to reload several times to get the timing right on this.

    Start a new game on Necora Virus normal difficulty.

    Choose any mutations you want.

    You have to choose USA to start

    Now when the game begins you have 60 days (2 months) from your starting date to unlock the Saliva Transmission (6 points) and the Drug resistance I ability (9 points).

    Check your dates and make sure you got these within 60 days if not start a new game.
    If you did get it right within a few more days you'll get a message about DarkWater being concerned.
    External image

    Save your game!

    You now need to wait for two news articles to pop up so press cn_up to make sure you don't miss them (they'll be in red):

    DarkWater denies breach in weapons facility
    Darkwater shut down the facility over fears

    Save up 50 DNA points This you'll need later and it shouldn't effect the progress of Darkwater.

    Once you get the DNA points saved up evolve the following symptoms:
    Cytopathic Reanimation

    Now wait for a popup message about Darkwater admitting they created the virus.

    Save your game!

    There are a few achievements relating to DarkWater so you will want this save for
    Plague Inc: EvolvedDead EndThe Dead End achievement in Plague Inc: Evolved worth 39 pointsStop DarkWater from discovering a Necroa Virus weakness
    Plague Inc: EvolvedNon StarterThe Non Starter achievement in Plague Inc: Evolved worth 40 pointsStop DarkWater from analysing the Necroa Virus

    Now wait for the message about DarkWater analyses of the virus being successful. ]
    Quickly evolve the following symptoms:
    Anaerobic Resuscitation
    Enhanced Motor Control
    Peptide Surge
    Acidic Reflux
    Naja Mortis

    You should get a message about Darkwater Z-Rest device test and another about it failing, once it fails the achievement pops.

    Remember a lot of this game is random and it will take quite a few attempts for everything to go right.
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    Endless404 Might want to add that this can be done on casual. I ran it a dozen times on normal and never had enough DNA to get the last set of symptoms; ran it once on casual and got it with DNA to spare.
    Posted by Endless404 on 01 Aug 17 at 22:48
    T Joob Definitely on casual yeah, couldn't get this method to work at all either, used the one El Sampador found, worked first time. Took about 2 minutes.
    Posted by T Joob on 18 Jan 19 at 23:19
    Elite1111111111 Yeah, guide definitely needs to incorporate some of the comments. I.E. play on casual, possibly wait for more than 50 DNA in beginning, and the gene setup.
    Posted by Elite1111111111 on 06 Jun 19 at 04:18
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