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Getting Colder

Trick the Egyptian DNA tests

Getting Colder-0.2
14 February 2020 - 1 guide

How to unlock the Getting Colder achievement

  • Nuvola XVIIINuvola XVIII41,583
    04 May 2016 04 May 2016
    25 1 1
    Credit goes to Yo It's Spicy (

    Recommended Gene Setup:

    DNA Gene: ATP boost
    Mutation Gene: Genetic Mimic
    Travel Gene: Aquacyte
    Environment Gene: Extremophile
    Necroa Virus Gene: Dopamine Inhibitor

    1.) Start in Egypt.

    2.) —Evolve Saliva I (Transmission
    —Evolve Heat Resistance I (Abilities)

    3.) Wait for a pop-up saying 'Exploration of secret tomb in Pyramid of Giza continues.'
    Please note, if this does not pop up within the first 3 months, start over.

    4.) After that pop-up, watch the news banner for two messages:
    'Pyramid of Giza hieroglyphs 'warn of ancient plague.' and 'Mummy from Pyramid of Giza tomb has 'odd bite marks.''

    5.) After you see those two messages in the news banner, evolve:

    -Insomnia (symptom)
    -Fever (symptom)
    -Photophobia (symptom)
    -Delirium (symptom)

    Wait a few moments, then evolve:

    -Cythopathic Reanimation (symptom)

    6.) Immediately, once you get DNA points, evolve:

    -Horde Instinct (abilities)
    -Horde mentality (abilities)
    -Horde Vocalisation (abilities)
    -Horde Phermones (abilities)
    -Drifting Fermentation (abilities)

    7.) Wait for a pop-up saying 'Disease Name may have come from Pyramid of Giza'. While waiting for this, ensure that Egypt does not get populated by over 4 million zombies, which you can avoid by the horde instinct ability and moving zombies to a neighbouring country.

    8.) Once you see that pop-up, immediately:

    -Devolve Heat Resistance I
    -Evolve Cold Resistance I
    -Evolve Cold Resistance II

    9.) Continue playing until you see this pop up:

    'Disease Name DNA disproves Giza link.'

    And the achievement should unlock.
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    Dwaggienite Before getting 'Drifting Fermentation' (abilities) you have to evolve 'Structured Travel' (abilities) to unlock it. Other than that, perfect guide.
    Posted by Dwaggienite on 27 Nov 16 at 13:46
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