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It's a Trap!

Wipe out the Giza expedition

It's a Trap!-0.1
14 February 2020 - 1 guide

How to unlock the It's a Trap! achievement

  • SeaMcClureSeaMcClure35,827
    15 May 2017 15 May 2017
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    Credit for this guide goes to Yo It's Spicy ( ). I tried this and it worked for me first try but it may not for everyone.

    1. Start the Necroa Virus on casual difficulty with the following gene setup:

    Cytochrome Surge

    2. Start in Egypt.

    3. When you get the DNA, evolve the ability Heat Resistance I (7 DNA) and the transmission Saliva I (6 DNA).

    4. After evolving these two, a pop up should appear, stating:

    "Exploration of Secret tomb in Pyramid of Giza Continues
    Archaeologists mark 60 days since the discovery of a secret tomb inside the Pyramid of Giza and plan to go deeper into the tomb."

    If this does not appear, then you'll have to restart.

    5. Watch the news feed for these two banners:

    "Pyramid of Giza hieroglyphs 'warn of ancient plague'" and "Mummy from Pyramid of Giza tomb has 'odd bite marks'"

    6. Evolve the following symptoms:

    Cytopathic Reanimation

    7. Wait for these two popups:

    "[virus name] may have come from Pyramid of Giza
    Archaeologists say that [virus name] may have escaped from a secret tomb inside The great Pyramid of Giza."


    "[virus name] DNA supports Giza link
    DNA tests support theory that [virus name] came from The Great Pyramid of Giza. Scientific expedition prepares to investigate tomb."

    8. After seeing these two popups, we're onto the last step, which requires a fair amount of DNA points. Evolve the following as soon as you can:

    Cold Resistance I

    Regenerative Activation, Ambush Predation, Liquefactive Necrosis, Regenerative Biosynthesis, Epidermal Digestion, and Cranial Metastasis

    Autolytic Delay, Putrefactive Resistance, and Liquefactive Resistance.

    After a few days, the last pop-up should appear:

    "Giza Pyramid expedition a failure
    Giza expedition ambushed and wiped out by a large number of zombies. Pyramid destroyed in defensive airstrike"

    And the achievement should unlock.
    Showing both comments.
    MarekVit Didn't have enough DNA to buy all the abilities, still the achievement popped before I could get Epidermal Digestion.

    Thanks for the guide!
    Posted by MarekVit on 15 Aug 17 at 11:12
    Schinderdiv Just as stated in the comment above, I got:

    Regenerative Activation, Ambush Predation, Liquefactive Necrosis, Regenerative Biosynthesis

    While waiting for more DNA points for Epidermal Digestion, the "Giza pyramid expedition a failure" pop-up showed up & a second later "It's a Trap!"
    Posted by Schinderdiv on 26 Mar 18 at 22:14
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