Mr President achievement in Plague Inc: Evolved

Mr President

Get 3 biohazards with each disease on normal or higher in the Shut Down Everything Scenario

Mr President0
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How to unlock the Mr President achievement

  • CheshireMulishaCheshireMulisha936,513
    01 Nov 2016 05 Nov 2016 05 Nov 2016
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    This scenario is probably the easiest of the big 3 but countries will randomly shut down their borders so we need to evolve Birds and then hope that none of the Islands go into lock down (if they do depending on the plague you'll probably need to reload/restart).
    I recommend making a couple of saves as the Islands become infected. (I wish their was a guaranteed way to win each time but sadly they rely on a lot of luck and skill)

    To get 3 biohazards on these scenarios, time is your biggest concern, I recommend that you don't put the speed onto the fasting setting until you've evolved your final symptom. The other big factor is cure progress, if you have any spare DNA near the end of a game that you can spend on a genetic reshuffle or symptom that increase research time - spend it!


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    bchay2508For Neurax Worm I evolved Trojan Planes 2 straight after TP1, I also evolved Trojan Roamers 1 & 2 some time after I evolved Transcendence (I think it was after I'd evolved Eggs 1 & 2, Bird 1 and Insect 1). After evolving the 3 Genetic Shuffles I targeted the most cure focussed country with any Trojan Planes and evolved Genetic Hardenings as I could afford them. Eventually got 3 Bio's in 459 days with 25% cure progress - 65210 points.
    Posted by bchay2508 on 18 Jun 18 at 01:00
    CitrineWorm138Thanks for the guide! Your Necroa solution is by far the best I've found for all of the "Big Three" - I was easily winning in under a year with it on each scenario. The only thing I'd add to it is to also get the Horde Vocalisation and Horde Pheromones upgrades when you start taking on Z-com and infecting the world - you win incredibly quickly once you send waves of ~10 million zombies in, even if you don't have some of the higher level combat upgrades.
    Posted by CitrineWorm138 on 27 Jan 19 at 12:44
    Elite1111111111Upvoted, though I had trouble with your Simian guide. Greenland has too few apes to really infect on its own, so you need to move apes into/through it a few times to ramp up the human infection.

    Also, you say to move apes out of Sudan, without moving any there. Not sure if you expect people to wait until it's infected naturally, but I think that wastes too much time.

    Would also be nice if you could get the Shadow Plague into the guide to make it complete, though your guide is obviously a big help overall.
    Posted by Elite1111111111 on 03 Apr 19 at 03:55
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  • DongleKingDongleKing469,619
    27 Apr 2017 29 Apr 2017
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    I used the main guide for all of the other diseases, but now that Shadow Plague is out you will need to do this scenario with that disease too. Here is my guide for 3 Biohazards on Shut Down Everything with Shadow Plague

    Genes: Brawler, Budget Bat, Aerocyte, Urbophile, Mad Scientist
    Start in the airport in Canada
    Evolve Shadow Blessing (Symptoms),
    Followed by Lair, Therianthropy, Blood Gift, Dark Cloud (Vampires)
    Moving Vampire: Use slow speed if needed, move vampire and move vampire again within MAXIMUM 2 days of reaching new country, if you have country selected before arrival then you will see the 'Infected' number tick up and up, after 2 ticks, then move again.
    Move Vampire to Florida tip of USA (Nearest Caribbean)
    Create Lair in USA
    Move to Caribbean, Mexico, Central America, Eastern Point of Colombia
    Evolve Droplets 1 when DNA (Transmissions)
    Move to Eastern Point of Brazil
    Evolve Shadow Trail (Symptoms), Travel Speed 1 (Vampire) when DNA
    Move to the Port of West Africa
    Create Lair in West Africa
    Move to Bottom of Central Africa, Botswana, Angola, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Top of Madagascar
    Evolve Fomites 1 (Transmissions) when enough DNA
    Move to the Top of East Africa, Sudan, Egypt, Middle East, Saudi Arabia,
    Evolve Corrupted Air (Vampires) when enough DNA
    Move to Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, India, (all straight line east)
    Move to Afghanistan, Central Asia, Kazakhstan, Russia, (all straight line north)
    Create Lair in Russia,
    Move to China, Bottom of S.E. Asia
    Evolve Shadow Portal (Vampires) when enough DNA
    Move to Indonesia, Australia, North of NZ
    Evolve Droplets 2 (Transmissions) when enough DNA
    Move to Top of New Guinea, Top of Philippines, Teleport to Russia (Lair) to point nearest Korea/Japan, Korea, Japan
    Teleport to Russia (Lair), Finland Border, Finland, Sweden, Norway, UK, Spain, France, Italy, Central Europe, Germany, Poland, Baltic States
    SAVE HERE, At this point you should not have had the Templars show up if you haven't stayed anywhere for more than 2 days, if you save here you can reload until you get a favourable Templar distribution when they turn up.
    Evolve as much of this chain as possible, do the rest when enough DNA: Nocturnal, Anaemia, Pallor, Weeping Sores, Hyperdontia, Jugular Bite, Shadow Slaves, Muscular Hypotrophy, Masticatory Tension, Photophobia, Pheromone Secretion, Anabolic Boost,
    Move to Ukraine, Balkan States, Turkey,
    Teleport to USA (Top Right), Move to Canada (Top Right), Greenland, Iceland,
    OPTIONAL: At this point I used Vampiric Awakening (Symptoms, creates another Vampire) to help take out the Labs/Templars quicker, however it means trying to handle 2 vampires so you can leave this out if you wish
    FiNAL STAGE: Evolve these when possible: Blood Rage, Adrenal Surge, Dark Infiltration, Shadow Blades, Demonic Fury, Lair Healing 1
    Fight off the labs with the most priority, fight off the Templars using Blood Rage, co-ordinate your vampires to take out the Templars most efficiently, Be aware of your vampires health and move back to other countries to regain health, Evolve Dark Ritual as well to heal very quickly in Lair countries.
    Once the labs are clear and Templars are dead move your vampires to countries with the least infected (Just being in a country will heavily increase the number affected.
    Bear in mind also that there are a couple of countries in South America and Northern Africa that you haven't infected, so if they don't get infected naturally make sure you move a vampire there.
    This final stage all happens very quickly so pause every day or every other day to move vampires and check countries that are infected least.
    Utilise the lairs for movement, one will probably get taken out by drones so bear that in mind when they start attacking it.
    Use blood rage wherever possible as it is free and helps heal the vampire and increase infection.
    Final tip is to evolve the Drug ability in Vampires if you have some leftover DNA as well as Blood Sacrifice 1 and 2
    This method got me to about 63000 the first time, then keep reloading your save and tweaking it to where the Templars surface etc to get you over the required score, took me about 10 retries.
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    ElyohJust like to say that this works great. Worked second time for this scenario, and first time for the other two.
    Posted by Elyoh on 16 Oct 18 at 08:52
  • JDuke705JDuke705767,791
    21 Oct 2016 18 Oct 2016
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    This is not a full guide but a note for Prion. I spent hours and could not get anywhere close to the needed score for Prion using the walkthrough. I would normally get 55k at most or would get the cure 100% and fail. What finally worked was from Yo Its Spicy.

    I did this on normal for shutdown everything and saved periodically and reloaded if an island shut down its ports before it was infected. I ended up getting just under 70k at about 400 days with only 37% cure. I did not use the reshuffles until I had EVERY symptom. I did add Bird 1 to get past a few land borders late in the game but everything else was followed.
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    BAD T0ASTYeah I completely agree. I don't understand what the others were remembering from their playthroughs but the same approach does not work for prion. It spreads and kills too slowly to ever get anywhere near 3 biohazards if you don't start off with getting all the symptoms. Spicy's guide is excellent. It works for pirate plague as well (though you still need amazing RNG luck + reloads to get the boats).
    Posted by BAD T0AST on 28 Jan 17 at 19:39
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