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Humans of Los Santos achievement in GTA 5

Humans of Los Santos

Unlock all Special Characters and enter Director Mode as an actor from this category.

Humans of Los Santos0
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How to unlock the Humans of Los Santos achievement

  • ceerogeceeroge
    16 Sep 2015 15 Sep 2015 16 Sep 2015
    To gain this achievement you must use one of the 12 special characters, after unlocking all of them. The special characters are the 'soapbox' minor characters found within and around Los Santos and are unlocked by speaking to them. Here I will list each characters location.

    (The following information is from

    You may also refer to this video, all credit goes to 'GTA Series Videos'

    Andy Moon- He appears in Vespucci along Magellan Avenue, near the Nut Buster restaurant and just south of the Beach Combover Barber shop, although he may appear in other places.

    Baygor - He can be found on Portola Drive in Rockford Hills, near the Vangelico Jewelry Store, sharing information about Epsilon with passers-by.

    Bill Binder - He can be found outside of Willie's on Procopio Dr in Paleto Bay

    Clinton - Clinton is found on the corner of Marina Drive and Armadillo Avenue

    Graham/Zombie - Graham is a young white male who wears zombie make-up and tattered clothes, who can be found at the corner of Vinewood Boulevard.

    Griff - He is found at Larry's RV Sales on Route 68 in Harmony.

    Impotent Rage cosplayer - Impotent Rage is a cosplay of the cartoon superhero Impotent Rage, from the in-game television show of the same name. He can be found in front of the Hardcore Comic Store on Eclipse Boulevard.

    Jane - She can be encountered in front of the fountain at the Rockford Hills City Hall, near Carcer Way in Rockford Hills. She appears to be a stereotypical "new age" soapboxer.

    Jesco White - In story mode an easter egg featuring him tapdancing to the song "If You Wanna Get To Heaven" can be found across the Alamo Sea from Sandy Shores, he spawns in front of a house directly behind the first boat dock one passes. This occurrence only happens in single player. - Not needed

    Jesse/Jesus - Jesse is a laid back bearded man that can be interacted with at Del Perro Pier.

    Mani - Mani is a Mexican man who appears in the Alta neighborhood, near the corner of Elgin and Hawick Avenues, by a gazebo in a courtyard filled with food shacks and bordered by two Mexican restaurants.

    Mime - Can be found performing in the Prosperity Street Promenade in Del Perro. - Not needed

    Pamela Drake -She can be found trying to recapture her past glory - trying to attract the attention of movie moguls and the like - by prowling Vinewood's famous Vinewood Boulevard, reciting lines from movies of a bygone era.

    Jerome - Jerome is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V, appearing as a soapboxer. Jerome can be found in Dutch London Street in Rancho. He is an Afro-American priest that will be reciting his beliefs, saying that people are filthy sinners and that they all are going to die in a painful and horrible death, unless they join him in paradise.

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    RicNAZSome additions:

    1. If someone doesn't spawn drive round the block and try again. And remember the radar distance can be short so keep eyes open.

    2. Pamela Drake is said everywhere online to "prowl' Vinewood Boulevard. As far as I can tell she's always outside Clappers, which is a large building with red awnings. It's just East of the junction with Power Street, where Vinewood Boulevard starts to look run down.

    3. Impotent Rage, Zombie and Pamela can be picked up quickly by going along Eclipse Boulevard into Vinewood Boulevard. Drive slowly and keep doing laps until they appear.
    Posted by RicNAZ On 01 Aug 21 at 21:55
    TwistMckThe music choice for the video guide is real phunky dance
    Posted by TwistMck On 11 Oct 21 at 14:42
    Posted by aerowings62 On 24 Sep 22 at 23:53
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  • WKFJonesyWKFJonesy
    15 Oct 2015 26 Sep 2015 02 Oct 2015
  • YoDzYoDz
    02 Oct 2015 02 Oct 2015
    This achievement is unlocked after you meet 12 of the 14 special characters in story mode then go to director mode and select one of these special characters. Some characters can only be met after a certain mission is completed, and are available to meet even if you got 100% game completion like i did. Below is a great guide that will direct you to the 12 characters needed for this achievement. Special thanks to MrBeasto257 for making the video.

    I suggest looking for these characters during the day in-game(between 8am-8pm), If one of these characters is not there try driving a few blocks away then returning to see if they spawned.
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    NecroFantastic guide. No messing about and commentating. Directly to the point. Thank you .
    Posted by Necro#5576 On 03 Nov 17 at 16:00
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