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Cryptozoologist achievement in GTA 5


Unlock all the animals.

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How to unlock the Cryptozoologist achievement

  • SpilnerSpilner
    30 Jan 2020 15 Sep 2015 24 Sep 2015
    In order to unlock all the animals for the director mode you will need to collect the Peyotes in the game, there are 27 Peyotes in the game and only 21 animals to unlock, Solobrus22 has confirmed that you do not need to collect the 6 underwater Peyotes as you cannot use them in the director mode, they are numbers 6,12,13,21,22,23 of the below guide.
    There is an excellent guide here has details on what the 22nd animal is, which is not needed for the achievement
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    You do not need to collect them all again if you've already collected them

    In order to unlock an animal you will need to pick up the Peyote using cn_right which will spawn you in the body of an animal. You can either play out your experience until death or hold cn_right to end your experience, upon returning to Micheal/Franklin/Trevor the animal should unlock.
    You might only have 21 out of 22 unlocked as Solobrus22 notes that's when their achievement unlocked.
    TangerineGamer estimates this takes around 3 hours.

    Once the animals are unlocked enter story mode and press cn_start and scroll right using cn_RB to the 'Rockstar Editor' menu and press cn_A to enter. Choose 'Director Mode' from here and accept the launch.

    Click actors and pick an animal from the animals menu.

    Once the mode loads the achievement will pop, here's a video ( notes that it might not pop straight away, they had to also return to the story mode)
    Loading up director mode with any animal will also unlock
    Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox One)Animal LoverThe Animal Lover achievement in Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox One) worth 36 pointsEnter Director Mode as an unlocked animal actor for the first time.

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    SAYANSPARTANAny cheats at all? Or during the search?
    Posted by SAYANSPARTAN On 26 Mar 22 at 06:57
    HellAlex92I have a few tips to share:

    firstly - anyone having problems with #23 -> disable any 4K graphics in the settings of your console. this resolved the strange coral appearing over the plant.

    secondly - the game is having trouble with the quick resume feature on XSX. if you've collected all 27 plants and get the achievement, but it won't sync 'cause it's "not" unlocked (which happened to me): visit a nearby peyote after restarting the game, enter director mode and choose an animal. this will net you the achievement.

    lastly - if playing on next gen (XSS/XSX) be aware, that the game can bug out. save before every last collectible and mission, so you can revert back to an earlier state and get the achievements (happened to me with the bail bond targets - all delivered alive, same procedure as above (glitched cheevo) and now I have to start a new playthrough just for this one achievement).

    hope this helps someone having the same issues.
    Posted by HellAlex92 On 13 Nov 22 at 11:06
    Mad MeeseeksMine popped after I restarted the game and entered director mode as an animal.
    Posted by Mad Meeseeks On 14 May at 14:23
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  • Luku38Luku38
    26 Apr 2016 18 Sep 2015 18 Sep 2015
    Ok, so .... here's a playlist with all the peyote plants locations and according to Solobrus22, you only need the non-underwater plants :D
    Best is to save the picture from the website to your computer cause it's pretty big
    BTW, i don't intend to get credit for the picture and youtube vids cause they belong to SXGaming :D
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    CraiglionheartThanks for the guide, that Reddit list was VERY helpful!!
    Posted by Craiglionheart On 03 Mar 16 at 14:17
    Luku38happy to bring the reddit post closer to the players dance
    Posted by Luku38 On 03 Mar 16 at 19:17
    SKORPIONICExcellent! My missing peyote was on a small sland that all the other guides were calling the ocean, so I wasn't looking there. Thumb up!!
    Posted by SKORPIONIC On 02 Feb 17 at 14:51
  • GoonzaIoGoonzaIo
    30 May 2021 30 May 2021 30 May 2021
    Here's an IGN guide, i used this one from start to finish (ignoring the ones under water), pretty straight forward.
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