Civilized achievement in Wasteland 2: Director's Cut


Convince the Mannerites to stop eating people

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How to unlock the Civilized achievement

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    This achievement can be unlocked in "Angel Oracle" in the 2nd half of the game.
    I recommend creating a separate save file when you first enter "Angel Oracle" since there a 3 story-related achievements in total. Depending on your choices all of them can be missable.

    Here are the things I did, to unlock this achievements. There may be other ways too, but if you follow these steps you will definitely get this achievement. Keep in mind that you need certain skills at 7+, like mechanic, lockpicking, demolition or some of the talking skills to get to this achievement.

    Things I did, prior to unlocking this achievement:
    1. When you enter the area, walk right and talk to the hobo, who tells you about the meat in angel oracle.

    2. Before you enter the premises talk to the guards and tell them about the hobo.

    3. When you are inside, go to the kitchen and talk to the chef. Use your talking skills to unravel the truth behind the meat they are eating.

    4. Go to the left of the kitchen, pick the lock and sabotage the fridge. Open it and examine the things in the fridge.

    5. Go down the stairs and to the cage. Talk to the prisoner. Go back up the stairs. Someone will tell you, that the prisoner has escaped and you have to hand over one of your teammates to compansate for the lost prisoner

    6. In front of the cage you will find some footprints follow them and talk to Roger Yee, who will send you to Gen Cronk. Cronk will reveal the hideout of the prisoner. Go there and get to him before the robots have a chance to kill him.

    7. Talk to him and tell him that one of your camarades has been captured in his stead and he will agree to go back.

    8. Back in Angel Oracle go down the stairs again and witness the whole shabang thats going on around the execution. (THIS IS THE POINT OF NO RETURN)

    9. Speak to Mr. Manners and tell him that Tori is plotting against him. (This will unlock "How Rude").

    10. Go and see Mr. Manners again in his "appartement" and tell him about the cannibalism. It is hard to convince him, but he will eventually give a trade contract for beef (alternative meat) to you.

    11. Go and see the dentist at his place (which is located north-east of Angel Oracle), don't kill or attack anyone or anything there. Talk to him and tell him about the trade contract. He will shoot one of his cows and give you a sample of the beef.

    12. With that beef, go back to Mr. Manners, hand him the sample and he should agree to chnage the source of meat.

    Achievement unlocked!

    Hope this helps guys!
    Any improvements? Please let me know in the comments below! wave
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    thomaskoratCould not find Roger Yee. There was only Elizaveta, and someone else at the blocked air vent.
    Edit: Yee is more east from Elizaveta, hidden.
    Posted by thomaskorat on 04 Apr 16 at 14:03
    thomaskoratCould not find Roger Yee. There was only Elizaveta, and someone else at the blocked air vent.
    Edit: Yee is more east from Elizaveta, hidden.
    Edit 2: I think you need to expose the plot BEFORE bringing the executionee back.
    Posted by thomaskorat on 04 Apr 16 at 15:32
    risselessI waited to turn in the hobo until after I'd already sided with Mr Manners (but before going to the Aqueduct) and didn't have to do the beef contract or go see the dentist. Once I turned in the hobo, i went to visit the doctor and the hobo was there. Seeing him opened up a new conversation option with the doctor talking about how this was proof of cannibalism being unhealthy. I went to talk to Mr Manners and a proof conversation option showed up, which convinced him to stop and the achievement popped.
    Posted by risseless on 17 Jul 16 at 02:10
    VirusTk GaMBitThanks risseless for your description. I guess there are multiple ways to approach this achievement. As long as it pops in the end, I think everybody will be fine. Guess in games like this it is always good to publish more than one possible way. If you want to I ll edit your post into the solution above.
    Posted by VirusTk GaMBit on 17 Jul 16 at 07:57
    Roose91I unwittingly got Tori into power, I've ballsed up loads of stuff already so going to have to do another run at some point anyway, but guessing there's no way to get this on my current playthrough now?
    Posted by Roose91 on 04 Dec 16 at 03:24
    OddManRushWas trying to avoid re-doing too much since I had missed this on my first play through Angel Oracle and I boiled it down to this from the above solution and risseless’ comment

    From a save at the first time I entered the town:

    1- talk to hobo outside
    2- tell to guard about hobo
    3- talk to the cook and learn about the meat
    4- talk to hobo in the hospital (just him complaining when you talk to him)
    5- talk to doctor, should have a « proof » dialog option
    6- go down to talk to fletcher and back up the stairs (only to open Mr Manners’ door
    7- go talk to Mr Manners in his office and there should be a « Proof » dialog option

    Pop goes the achievement
    Posted by OddManRush on 27 Jul 18 at 05:02
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