Cat Burglar achievement in Wasteland 2: Director's Cut

Cat Burglar

Steal the Golden Spike from Kekkahbah's fortress without being detected

Cat Burglar0
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How to unlock the Cat Burglar achievement

  • wetwork Mwetwork M537,714
    15 Oct 2015 16 Oct 2015
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    This achievement is unlocked at the Rail Nomads Camp and is centred around the meeting hall / Kekkahbah's fortress, located in the Western section of the railyard.

    When you enter the Rail Nomads Camp, don't talk to Kekkahbah at all, if you talk to him first, he will suspect you and the achievement will not unlock. Using a separate save file when you get to the Rail Nomads camp, and for the actions needed to unlock this achievement, is definitely suggested. You will need skills of Alarm Disabling (I did it with a skill of 3) and Lock Picking (I did it with a skill of 4).

    How I went about it was:

    - Separated party into single movement mode (click Left Thumbstick).
    - Have one party member (doesnt matter who) camped near the front entrance of the meeting hall.
    - Party member with highest alarm disabling skills to go to the generator at the back of the meeting hall and disable the alarm (my Alarm Disabling skill of 3 was a 26% chance of success). Suggest saving before attempting.
    - After successfully disabling the alarm simply "use" the generator to disable the lights inside the meeting hall.
    - Quickly swap to the party member camped at the front entrance and traverse to the inside of the meeting hall before your character is spotted at the generator by guards.
    - Inside the meeting hall, again switch to single party movement mode, and select your party member with the highest lock picking skill (my locking picking skill was at 4 which was a 61% chance of success when you get to the golden spike case)
    - Controlling the one character I took her around the left side of the building, after some stacked boxes you there is a doorway, which is also on the left, which is opposite another door leading outside. This allows you to walk behind all the guards guarding the golden spike.
    - Following this path behind the guards you will see the spike in the middle of the room, which can be accessed through a doorway. Which is again behind the guards.
    - Take your character in and pick the lock on the urn and loot the spike. Saving again before picking the lock (in a seperate save slot).
    - Again quickly character swap to a party waiting at the entrance and take everyone outside.
    - Over the radio Kekkahbah goes ape and blames the Atchisons for stealing the spike. If this is the case, then achievement unlocked. If Kekkahbah blames the rangers for stealing the spike then somthing has gone wrong. Either you were detected OR you talked to Kekkahbah before hand.

    After the acheivement has unlocked I would recommend loading a save before you stole the spike, for story reasons. Or not, if you wanted to go down this storyline instead.

    Points to mention:
    - Inside the meeting room / fortress I could have SWORN I was detected by guards. I think even some walked past when I was at the rear of the room. But the achievement still unlocked for me. So even if you think you are sprung, keep going through the motions regardless. It would be great if someone could confirm that this was the case for them as well.
    - There is an alternate door that can be used, the southern door leading to the meeting hall. Yet it requires high skills in alarms, lockpicking and demolitions to access. If you have the high skill set then you can enter through this door instead.

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    John McLarrenThank you, this was much easier than using the side door, alarm and bomb were easy enough with the followers I had but he lockpick was 12% even at level 5.

    I can confirm that when you run in with the one guy to the back through the side door it is ok if the guards yell at you saying "no on is allowed back here" or "This is your final warning" as they all yelled at me. I would recommend not being spotted by the guy in the far back pacing back and forth though.
    Posted by John McLarren on 16 Oct 15 at 04:30
    wetwork MNice! Thanks for confirming.
    Posted by wetwork M on 17 Oct 15 at 04:36
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