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God of Arctic Drillers in Mr. DRILLER Online

God of Arctic Drillers253 (25)

Dig 5,000m in the North Pole Stage.

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Killa Mike 2357
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Killa Mike 2357
Achievement won on 22 Nov 10
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Posted on 23 November 10 at 03:02, Edited on 23 November 10 at 03:56
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After playing this game for months and months almost every day I have learned several tips to getting this tough achievement. I hope this will help anyone who is trying to go for it. Remember that this achievement, like every other one in this game, is unlocked after you run out of lives and continue past the leaderboards.

Character Selection

For this achievement, I would recommend playing as the robot driller (Horinger-Z). His air depletes slowly compared to other characters, but the most important reason why is because it takes two hits to kill him. I cannot tell you how many times I've played with other characters and failed the "Complete without Losing a Life" quest because of one goofy block crushing my character. Some people prefer using Taizo since he can drill downward insanely fast, but I think that the robot can drill fast enough so that it can avoid any blocks reasonably well. Most people will tell you to play with whoever matches your style but for this game throw that rule out the window. Play as the robot.


Whenever you move over a treasure chest, you pick up a randomly selected item. The item you have can be viewed in the lower left corner of your screen inside a circle. Simply press the X button to use it. The items are represented by a blue and white icon, so you will know by looking inside that circle if you have one. It is also important to note that if you pick up another item while you are already holding an item, you will lose the item you were saving. This means you need to choose wisely if it is worth trying to hold onto an item longer versus immediately using it. Some items are more useful than others, so I will give you a quick rundown of what they look like and what they do.

Max Air Upgrade (looks like a diagonally positioned rectangle): Increases your max air capacity by 5 points. This means that the first time you use this item it your air has a maximum capacity of 105. The second time bumps that number up to 110, and the third ups it to 115. Always use this item as soon as you get it (when you don't have the "Cannot Use Items" quest), since it never hurts to have extra air at your disposal. It is important to note that your present air amount does not get refilled when you use this item - just your ceiling is increased.
Refill Air (loost like an air capsule with a wavy line above it): Refills your present air amount to your ceiling (100% or greater, depending on how many max air upgrades you've used already. Definitely use this if your air levels are low. I always use this whenever I am at 80% or lower, but honestly I would recommend using it as soon as you see it (again, as long as you don't have the "Cannot Use Items" quest).
Bubble (looks like a capsule surrounding a driller): Shields your driller from one hit from a falling block. Extremely valuable item to have, since it will save you from death. This item is most useful on any levels with the quest "Complete without Losing a Life". This bubble won't last forever, but while it is in effect you can take more risks trying to get additional air capsules or create/improve your chain count on the the "Create a Chain" quest.
Movement Speed Boost (looks like a small mouse/rodent/animal): increases your movement speed going left or right. Not particularly useful in my opinion, but if you are trying to move horizontally to grab an air capsule it can be the difference between life and death.
Drilling Speed Boost (looks like a drill): increases your drilling speed. Again, this is not really useful since your characters are usually fast enough to move wherever necessary. However, this can give you that little extra speed whenever there is a falling block about to crush you.


Every 100 meters has a quest randomly assigned to it. You must dig through the entire 100 meters completing whatever objective is assigned. Failure to complete a quest is an automatic game over - your lives goes to zero and you have to start from square one. You can see what the quest is by looking at the top left corner of the screen.

Complete without Losing a Life: For a quest with such a simple premise it is also the hardest at times. You cannot die here for any reason. You cannot get crushed or run out of air. Grab air capsules whenever you can, and while you are digging down make sure any blocks falling above you have a matching color on the side that will connect with it, stopping its fall. Playing as Horinger-Z is very helpful here, since you have that extra hit cushion to play with. Useful items here are the Refill Air and Bubble.
Create a Chain: You must create a chain of cascading blocks (any group of 4+ blocks of the same color will be chained (and removed from play) when they fall. At the beginning of the North Pole stage the chain level is 9, but as you descend the chain level gets smaller (only requiring 6 or 7). An easy way to do this is to simply dig down a little bit (about 20 meters) and start zig-zagging left and right to both sides of the board. This usually works within the first 50 meters. Useful items here are the Bubble and maybe the Movement Speed Boost since, while you are zig-zagging you might get crushed by a falling block.
Complete with Limited Air Capsules: You must dig the entire 100 meters using the number of air capsules at the top left of the screen or fewer. Air capsules are the blue capsules you see (usually around brown blocks). This number is either 2 or 3 (selected at random). When the number is three, I like to grab capsules at 25, 50, and 70 meters down. When it is two, I grab them at 50 and 70. Useful items here is the Refill Air since, while you can't grab a whole lot of capsules, they said nothing about using this item (insert devilish grin here).
Cannot Use Items: The easiest of the quests by far, you cannot hit the X button for the entire 100 meters. Any items you use in the previous 100 meters that carries over into this quest will not cause you to fail. Nothing really to say here other than "Don't even think about using that X button!"
Destroy the Blocks: You have to destroy the number of blocks the quest tells you. The counter in the top left corner tells you how many you have left to destroy. At the beginning of the game it is 400 blocks but later on it drops to 200 and 300. I recommend either using the same strategy found in the "Create a Chain", or hunting big groups of blocks of the same color while you are digging. I like to use the following benchmarks when doing this quest: 100 blocks destroyed by 25 meters, 200 blocks destroyed at 50 meters, and 300 blocks destroyed at 70. You will usually have the quest done by 80 meters at this rate.
Complete within the Time Limit: You have 50 seconds (40 seconds later on) to clear 100 meters. This quest gives you enough time to grab any air capsules you need and clear the 100 meters, so you don't have to just drill down and not grab anything. Useful items here are the Refill Air and Drilling Speed Boost, in case you are worried about grabbing air capsules or drilling fast enough to get to the end of the section.

Tips and Strategy

Your number one priority when playing this to complete the quest, so whatever your quest is you need to play that 100 meters to get the quest done - the sooner the better. I would also play conservatively regardless of the level. Sometimes it is better to take a few seconds off the clock or lose a little air to allow blocks to fall so that you can avoid being crushed. On later levels the air capsules are enclosed by brown blocks. Under no circumstances should you drill through these blocks - you will incur a 20 point loss in your current air supply, and the air capsule only refills 20 points. If the capsule is above a group of 4+ brown blocks, dig underneath it to cause them to fall and the air capsule will drop down to you. This last one is counter-intuitive but helpful, especially the farther you descend in the game. If you are low on air and have already taken damage as Horinger-Z, AND you have a good feeling that the next 100 meters is "Complete without Losing a Life", it is best to go ahead and die so that you can start with full air and full health. You do not want to go 3000 meters and farther and lose because of that quest - happened to me at 4600 and I had 2 lives left.


This is the last section of the solution. I strongly recommend attempting this achievement (or any other one in the game) three times daily. With practice you can see how the blocks behave on each level (your experiencing them is infinitely more helpful than me writing about it), learn the different item pictures, and perfect your strategies for completing quests. It takes time and patience, but with practice and these tips, you can do it.
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