Completely smashed! achievement in Penarium

Completely smashed!

Smash 150 barrels in a single arcade game in any arena.

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How to unlock the Completely smashed! achievement

  • Lord Von ChimpLord Von Chimp446,713 446,713 GamerScore
    25 Sep 2015 25 Sep 2015 25 Sep 2015
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    I thought i would share my tactics on this one.

    First off, get to the final arena in campaign mode, this unlocks the tier 3 cards for purchase, the key cards you want to have unlocked to help get to 150 are on the third tier.

    Stick to the first arena, after a few runs you'll get used to it quickly, and it's the easiet arena not to fall down in. You'll want to just keep playing through for practice, finding out how to dodge some of the traps, but most importantly, collecting as many coins as possible,

    You will want to buy the following cards - though you will need to buy others to unlock the upper tiers, those can be any just to make up numbers, but you defo want:
    "Barrels" - this one makes all 5 barrels of any set appear at the same time, most of thet ime you can get them all before any trap as the chance to attack you, effectively skipping it, i can manage to smash 15 barrels in the 15 seconds this one is active for, it helps me greatly.
    "Deathless" - as it says, makes you invulnerable for 15 seconds ((except for falling)), only really useful for 10 seconds, and then be careful again for the latter few seconds before you can be killed again
    "The Shield" - THE card to have, upon collection, you can take 1 fatal hit and survive

    at the start of the round, you'll have a minimum of 6 cards in your deck by the time you have the tier 3 cards unlocked, you'll have a spinner to chose you cards, really easy to time the choices of cards, and i've found that they will appear in the game in the order they are chosen from the roulette. each choice costs 35 coins, so it might be handy to choose "Greed" as a card choice making up numners just to run up your total coin count.

    I find the order to pick the cards in is best like this:
    Random - any card you like, just a filler for the early, easier rounds
    Barrels - speeds the game along some
    The Shield - keeps you safer against the increasing difficulty traps, this card alone got me to 130 barrels
    Deathless - I'm hoping to get this one to activate near the end so I can just blitz the last few barrels

    You need to get around 15 barrels smashed to activate a card, and the 15 barrel count doesn't start until the card you have has expired.

    Just a note too, between barrels 100-105 is always a crusher trap at the smallest possible gap, as soon as you collect barrel 99, you want to make a beeline for the top middle platform, only perfectly safe spot, the very edges of the bottom platforms are safe too, but have the risk of falling

    I really hope this helps some people out there unlock arguably the most diffucult achievement in this fun title

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    zDrUnKeNMoNkEyzWell that got intense quick! 😂 got 172 after rougher 20 mins of learning the moves. Used barrels,deathless,portal and shield. Thanks guys!!
    Posted by zDrUnKeNMoNkEyz on 16 Nov 18 at 02:21
    King GBFI finished the campaign but it says Arena 3 is locked, therefore I‘m unable to get The Shield card. Any advise?
    Posted by King GBF on 07 Jun 19 at 15:57
    thanatos8285My cards were Deathless, Barrels, Cyclops, and Shield. Deathless first so that it's the 5th card you get - good odds you'll get it toward the end of your run. Barrels to knock out a lot of those early rounds quickly, Cyclops because the extra reach helps you clear out barrels quicker/safer since you don't need to actually reach them, and the shield spawned somewhere in the 100 barrel range. I lost my shield at 125 barrels, which meant Deathless spawned at 140 barrels, and that was exactly what I needed to make it to 151 barrels.
    Posted by thanatos8285 on 16 May 20 at 22:20
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  • Kovy88Kovy881,782,316
    31 Jan 2017 31 Jan 2017 31 Jan 2017
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    Hi. I have made a video guide for this. Please note that the scenarios the game randomly gives you after every 5 barrels are random most of the time, and the video is about giving you tips on how to clear some of these sections.

    My suggested strategy for this:
    Select Shield and Deathless from the selection at the beginning. The rest don't matter.

    Now, your aim is to last until 125 barrels with the shield intact.
    When you reach 125 barrels, get hit and lose your shield on purpose. Now, you need to stay alive with 1 hit point until 140 barrels, then you should be able to pick up the Deathless power-up and finish the last 10 barrels easily. The next power-up always spawns after breaking 15 barrels and you need to lose the shield to get the progress done towards the next power-up. That is why you need to lose the shield at 125 barrels.

    Why would you do this? Because the last 10 barrels from 140 to 150 are often insanely painful and annoying and people have commented that this is the part when they usually fail the run. Why collect 140 barrels just to die at the end?

    My goal in this video was to last until 125 barrels with the shield intact but I messed it up. But you should try to last until then. I was getting moderately skilled at this game when I recorded this video, so you will have to do some practise runs either way to get this done.

    I have a decent amount of tips in the video, I suggest you read all of them instead of ignoring them.

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