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Infinite Drilling Conqueror

Win 20 consecutive Solo and Tag Battles.

Infinite Drilling Conqueror+0.9
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How to unlock the Infinite Drilling Conqueror achievement

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    This must be done together. Meaning once you win 20 tag battles, you must win 20 solo battles and vice versa or in any order, but you must not lose a single match, even after you win your 20 of whichever mode, until the achievement unlocks. What this means, is that if there is a boosting session set up for this, in order for 4 people to get this achievement, it should take about 4 hours, as each match is 3 minutes long.

    Quick Formula. Team 1 = Players A & B. Team 2 = Players X & Y. A & B win 20 tags against X & Y. Then Player A goes solo against Player X, and Player B against Player Y for 20 solo matches. Afterwards, achievement unlocks for A & B, and then they reverse roles with Players X & Y.

    There is an idle timeout, so if this is being boosted, the other team must at least be moving so as not to be disconnected from the match.

    The score is based on total digging, amount of treasures you pick up, by digging through the boulders (the round shapes), the bonus star blocks, and finding that blue guy that sometimes hides sleeping as you're dig through blocks.

    Dying makes you lose 10,000 points and also gives points to the others.

    It took me 3 hours to get this achievement as well as the other MP achievements, which can be obtained while working towards this one. 2 players can work for this at a time, with 20 matches at 3 minutes each, tag and solo, for a total of 40 matches.

    80 matches need to be won total between 4 players for the achievement to unlock for everyone involved in a 4-player boost.

    This is a very tough "good faith" based achievement, as 2 players need to unlock it before the other 2.

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    troyoyDoes this have to be ranked? Or can you invite a friend to a private match. Sound crazy hard if its ranked.
    Posted by troyoy on 21 Sep 11 at 23:38
    It doesn't have to be ranked.
    Posted on 23 Sep 11 at 18:10
    Unmet PlayerDoes it have to be in a one sitting? can I do 20 solo one day, and 20 tag the next day?
    Posted by Unmet Player on 20 Aug 17 at 21:53
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    25 May 2013 27 May 2013
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    This achievement is pretty time consuming. If you have a group of 4 it will take roughly 4 hours as the other guide suggests. Ideally one group of 2 will win 20 tag matches and then split off for the solo matches then come back to tag and switch sides. However if you are unable to get 4 people together it is possible to do this achievement with 3 as odd as it sounds. It is possible at least in ranked to do 2 vs 1 team matches. Private or player matches may also work but as the online for this game is deader than a doornail we did ranked to be safe.

    I would like to note in team games there is an idle timer but this is easily foiled by holding the left stick in a direction or tapping a button. To be sure if it's working simply wait...around 15-30 seconds of inactivity you will see a warning come up with a 15 second countdown. I would wait a minute on the first match just to be sure in case things are not always the same.

    In solo there is no timer it's easy to get the wins done. Both players can just sit until there's about 20 seconds left in the match and then the one who's going to win should dig down a block or two...more if you like but that's all you need.

    In the other solution and indeed in the description of the achievement it seems that these 40 wins, 20 solo and 20 tag, need to come without a single loss. However in the session where I obtained my achievement we had 2 vs 1 going on before we knew the idle timer was so easy to beat and the 2 lost match 15 after winning 20 solo matches and 14 tag matches not in any specific order. One of our group headed onto bed and we continued on with myself and the other of that group winning tag matches against my dummy account. After about 6 matches his achievement popped to our surprise. I can't think how to explain it unless it has to do with the partner change after the loss. I finished my achievement that night without a loss and it popped right on time. The next night we got together again and the person who went to bed started winning and after 6 wins his achievement popped as well. I tell this not as a guide on how to lose and still get the achievement but to give you a possible path to it if you lose close to the end.

    I wish anyone trying to get this done luck and patience.
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