A Quarter-Furlong at a Time achievement in Assassin's Creed® Syndicate

A Quarter-Furlong at a Time

Finish first in 3 different Street Races.

A Quarter-Furlong at a Time0
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How to unlock the A Quarter-Furlong at a Time achievement

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    Street races are available after talking to an associate, Robert Topping, in Sequence 3. Look at the map and look for the double-flag icon, the same as the one on the achievement tile. There are three kinds of street races and only two of them count towards this achievement.

    1. Lap Races
    Jacob / Evie needs to come first against three opponents in a multi-lap race.

    2. A to B Races
    Jacob / Evie needs to come first against three opponents, passing through all checkpoints along the way.

    The one which does not count is the Exotic Races, which are Jacob / Evie alone racing against the train.

    Jacob and Evie always start at the back and their carriages have the same speed as the opponents. Opponents occassionally make mistakes and these are the only time to overtake them. However, when successfully taking the lead, the game mechanics allow the opponents to gain a temporary speed boost to close up quickly from behind, so there is not much room for errors.

    Jacob and Evie can acquire the following skills to increase their driving capabilities:
    1. Driver I (Level 3, 2 skill points required)
    Collisions inflict less damage and don't slow you down as much while driving.

    2. Driver II (Level 5, 4 skill points required)
    Carriages you drive accelerate significantly faster.

    Maintaining maximum speed is crucial; always pressing A to boost speed is recommended, and ramming opponents should only be done as a last resort. If you successfully take the lead, always use the mini-map and block any opponents who attempt to take over.
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    EproximaA few tips... Since Ubisoft did not include this warning, ill feel obligated to give you this extra warning for free ;)
    This race-mechanics has some scripted lines that may ruin a perfect day, making you break / snap hardware and or gain dangerously high heart-rate, hipitch shouts, redcolored skintone and loss of hair. I will strongly recommend to stop playing if you feel a itchy finger, a moan/grin, a single ohmygood phrase, or a hissing sound from your nose simultaneous as your gamingcontroller making a crackling sound . Have a lot of hair. You will need them all since you will be pulling most of them. If playing for the second time ignore this.

    Now. Seriously:

    - Don't try to shoot/knife your opponents since this will disqualify you. Same happens if you try to hijack other carts in the race.

    - Throwing smoke-bombs is allowed, but you may be pulling some redjackets/police and they will interfere doing all much harder.

    -If you go hostile by trying to Ram the other contestants, they will try to pay back with all possible means trying to ram you down other than compete.

    - my last tip, Dont "recruit help" while doing a race. I was hoping my recruited cartdriver could do some havoc slowing the other carts down, but when i finally got into leading position in the last lap I was sure I had the win, Just to ragequit since the IDIOT cartdriver decided to meet me by driving TOWARDS me in the tightest alley where a crash was the only option. I dont think think the words that was coming out of my mouth was even suitable for a deathmetal band playing a gig for the devil himself in hells inner circles..

    Good Luck
    Posted by Eproxima on 09 May 16 at 23:08
    Apostle92627There are actually four types of races I've found, with Triathlon being the fourth. I'm not sure if that counts toward the achievement since Evie seems to have a mind of her own literally every time I try the race. However, I highly doubt it would since you're by yourself.
    Posted by Apostle92627 on 07 Jun 16 at 01:55
    Apostle92627Ramming them also works if you're in a good enough position that you won't get stuck. Last race I did I literally ran the first place guy off the road and got him stuck behind a wall. This was like 6 checkpoints away from the finish line in an A to B race.
    Posted by Apostle92627 on 07 Jun 16 at 01:59
    RubensXThis achievement is glitched for me, to win the races it's easy, but I have 2/3 races and the third race win doesn't count for me.
    Posted by RubensX on 14 Nov 17 at 14:50
    zoidberg1339The AI just blatantly fucking cheats in these damn races. I lead for 3/4 of the race but then on the last few checkpoints the 2nd place cart speeds way up, faster than I can possibly go, and then there’s a traffic jam on the final corner and I’m stuck. Bullshit.
    Posted by zoidberg1339 on 29 May 18 at 18:26
    jessd25Wow, the AI cheats so good, they made my game crash 1 second before i hit the finish line.
    Posted by jessd25 on 02 Jan 19 at 06:55
    PhoenixGrau951As RubensX already said, this achievement would probably not unlock and stuck at 66%. For me it helped, to delete the save, set my xbox offline and replay to sequence 3 and redo all of the three races. After finishing that I connected my xbox to Xbox Live again and did one race again. Finally the achievement unlocked then.
    Posted by PhoenixGrau951 on 07 May at 01:50
    SlipKnoT 008I had no issues with the achievement unlocking but I did find the A to B races much more manageable than the lap ones. I did the two races in Whitechapel and the last one in Lambeth.
    Posted by SlipKnoT 008 on 16 May at 07:44
    E Rock 31Heads up for anyone who is still working on this. Seems to be a bug that will affect this achievement. after completing 2/3 your box won't register it until it goes on the black. Don't try to finish the 3rd race yet. Quite the proper way and when on the Hkme scree be sure to quite the game. Wait a bit and check the achievements for the game. If it's in black and not grayed out, go for the third one.
    Posted by E Rock 31 on 18 May at 18:04
    bachinhadecaJust got this achievement with no problems or glitches. Did the first A to B race in Whitechapel, then the 2nd A to B in Lambeth and finally returned to Whitechapel and did the Lap Race. The achievement popped after winning the last race.
    Posted by bachinhadeca on 22 May at 15:54
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