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Ordinary Criminal

Complete twenty Crowd Events.

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How to unlock the Ordinary Criminal achievement

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    Crowd events are ever occurring, yet entirely random. They can be encountered in any district at any time. Your goal os to complete 20 of them. They will appear as little red or orange dots on your minimap depending on what kind of event they are.

    Examples of Crowd Events:

    Protect the Citizen- They're being harassed by Blighters or Templars, kill all the Blighters/Templars before the citizen is killed.

    Scare the Bullies- No sure fire way to do this, what I do is walk up to the bullies and wedge myself between them and the citizen and sneak/stand a few times till they disperse.

    Tackle the Thief- You'll be required to chase after a thief, normally they're slow and awkward so you shouldn't have issue, and when you get close enough, tackle them with B.

    Stealth Kill the Messanger- If someone knows how the heck to do this let me know because I've gotten all of my Crowd Events from the above three.

    But those are four that show up commonly, albeit randomly, throughout the world as you're passing by. Complete them, and you'll get a notification of #/20 events completed and keep doing them till the achievement pops.
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    x SATELE SHAN xI really hope You understand me. Unfortunately English isn't my first language. ;)
    Posted by x SATELE SHAN x on 24 Feb 16 at 14:39
    kewlnissI just wanted to chime in as this cheevo glitched for me as well. I played the game for an hour or so one time on another console. I'm sure I did a crowd event or two because anytime they popped up I did them. Anyway, this glitched along with the flower collection one. I wasn't able to get that on back yet, but for this one I did what SATELE SHAN mentioned. However, I only did it until the first perk notification (5/5). Once that occurred I went back online but didn't even answer the syncing question when that achievement popped. Unfortunately, it appears I'm going to have to collect all the flowers from every location for the other one. But I'm going to try to come back online after every borough just in case it pops. I won't sync as it takes an eternity to get through the mandatory introduction sequences.
    Posted by kewlniss on 16 Mar 16 at 02:10
    MONKEBOI86@ x SATELE SHAN x, your directions for the offline method were perfect. I did just as x SATELE SHAN x said in his posts and got the achievement unlocked and my original save back. Thanks so much for the help!!
    Posted by MONKEBOI86 on 29 May 16 at 22:00
    MikeyoligyIt seems this achievement is still buggy, but it's just popped for me. I was on 19 for around an hour, not looking for crowd events but I'd done about 7/8 of them. Did a "tackle the thief" event and it popped. So you'll probably have to do more than 20, but it should pop now.

    Incidentally, my in game tracker says 5/20 events.
    Posted by Mikeyoligy on 13 Sep 16 at 16:19
    AllysonDuckSo I did this like a 100 times and stil 86%.
    Posted by AllysonDuck on 27 Oct 17 at 11:14
    Dibbs93Seems to still be issues with this achievement I'm stuck at 95%
    Posted by Dibbs93 on 08 Oct 18 at 19:31
    Dibbs93Mine has now randomly unlocked even though I have not been on the game
    Posted by Dibbs93 on 09 Oct 18 at 13:25
    AngelusFor the Scare the Bullies you can just pull your gun on them with LT. Worked every time for me.
    Posted by Angelus on 26 Mar at 12:47
    Aresbr117Stuck at 95% still. Anyone else still having trouble ?
    Posted by Aresbr117 on 16 Apr at 09:11
    x athiktos xStuck at 95%. The offline method will not work for me as I have a digital copy and cannot play offline, even if my Xbox is listed as "My Home Xbox."

    I guess I will have to start a new file, but I may try to do 20 in one sitting and see if that works.
    Posted by x athiktos x on 14 May at 15:40
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