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Unbankable achievement in Chariot


Reach the exit of the hidden level with every single piece of loot in the Chariot

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How to unlock the Unbankable achievement

  • ronald84ronald84398,790
    07 Nov 2015 07 Nov 2015 26 Feb 2016
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    The total amount of loot in the level is 97.370, use the fully upgraded magnet gadget.

    This is the amount of loot you should have at each checkpoint, this includes the loot that is directly AT the checkpoint:
    -Start : 0
    -Checkpoint 1: 630
    -Checkpoint 2: 630
    -Checkpoint 3: 1710
    -Checkpoint 4: 1710
    -Checkpoint 5: 3330
    -Checkpoint 6: 5490
    -Checkpoint 7: 7990 (when at this one the 2nd time, after the 1st skull location)
    -Checkpoint 8: 10780
    -Checkpoint 9: 14020
    -Checkpoint 10: 17800
    -Checkpoint 11: 20300 (when at this one the 2nd time, after the 2nd skull location)
    -Checkpoint 12: 24620
    -Checkpoint 13: 29480
    -Checkpoint 14: 34880
    -Checkpoint 15: 60570 (before getting the 4 purple gems on the 2nd wheel)
    -Checkpoint 16: 72510
    -Checkpoint 17: 80950 (when at this one the 2nd time, after the 3rd skull location)
    -Finish: 97370

    Note that at the 14th or 15th checkpoint emenies start attacking you and try to take your loot. What i did for this section is stand on top of the chariot or right next to it (find the right angle to hit the centre of the chariot) and keep spamming the attack button so everything that touches the chariot dies, if you do this quickly you have a few seconds to move on before the next wave arives, rinse and repeat this. Ofcourse you could always log in a 2nd player with the special attack equipped to make it easier, i think the achievement was designed with that in mind.

    Alternative method : For checkpoint 15, when you're collecting purple gems from the first big wheel, you can return to the checkpoint and retrigger it after each gem. Reload the checkpoint, and all the looters will have calmed down so you can collect the next gem in peace. A lot easier than doing them all in one go. ( credit goes to: RazorPriest )

    If theres anything i should add or change plz let me know.
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    NBA KirklandAlso I think using the checkpoint trick in the middle can mess things up if you aren't careful. My numbers weren't matching. I was ahead of the numbers shown after clearing the final room. I had 82950 (2000 ahead) after getting the gem at 3rd skull location. And then ended up 2000 short after heading straight to the exit :-\ That sucked. No achievement.
    Posted by NBA Kirkland on 25 Dec 15 at 19:45
    ronald84im pretty sure the 61570 is correct, i could be wrong. because ive taken all the purple gems at once (not one by one like some ppl said was easier), so i dont see how it is possible that ive had 60570 on checkpoint 15. i dont want to go try it again to confirm LOL so if someone else can confirm what the correct loot should be at checkpoint 15 please let us know and ill change it if nessesary.
    Posted by ronald84 on 25 Dec 15 at 21:04
    NBA KirklandYes, if the next person to get this could confirm what they have after doing the bottom part of the final room (before checkpoint 15) that would be awesome. I was pretty careful last time and I know I had the full 34880 at checkpoint 14. I was very careful to be sure I didn't lose any while at the bottom and I only had 60570 as I headed up to checkpoint 15 (I could have lost a 1000 and not noticed though).
    Posted by NBA Kirkland on 31 Dec 15 at 23:53
    Jakez123Confirmation that the guide is incorrect, you should have around 1k less at checkpoint 15, (around 60570 after getting all the red/gold gems). And then getting 4 more purple gems on the second wheel to take you to 64570. After you get the rest of the gold in the level you'll hit the 97k target.
    Posted by Jakez123 on 12 Jan 16 at 00:24
    ronald84i changed the 61570 to 60570, the guide should be correct now. Thanks for the confirmation(s)!
    Posted by ronald84 on 13 Jan 16 at 17:20
    NBA KirklandThanks, Jakez123 for the confirmation. I got this done and can also confirm. Your choice, ronald84, if you want to update the guide to say "-Checkpoint 15: 60570 (before getting the 4 purple gems on the 2nd wheel)." Since the 2nd wheel is right next to the checkpoint it could be confusing.
    Posted by NBA Kirkland on 09 Feb 16 at 21:40
    NBCs FriendsI was at 84950 before the finish
    Posted by NBCs Friends on 26 Feb 16 at 21:17
    KinectKid333An alternate to using the level 3 magnet is using level 3 statis field. It seems weird when you first hear it, but then try it. It makes all the jumps 2 times easier! Sure it may not be as fast, but I've only had to respawn twice and I'm almost halfway through the level! (if you are using two players it might still be better to use magnet)
    Another advantage to using status field is you can fight off looters if you get yourself in a hairy situation.

    Also, if you have a second player that you are playing it with, when you get to the 14th checkpoint. Pause, have player 2 exit the game, hit save and quit, go to Xbox dashboard, restart Chariot. Load Chariot up again. You should be at the 14th checkpoint with only one player. Now when player two joins, instead of the game auto-selecting the gadget he/she was using previously, he/she can choose whatever gadget they want! And I recommend sheild bubble.
    Posted by KinectKid333 on 28 Feb 16 at 21:11
    PlayUltimate711The last part with all the looters is definitely the hardest. Since I'm a garbage tier gamer, I have to be clever about these things sometimes, so I just wanted to add in my strategy for getting past the end.

    1. I was playing with a friend and he used the teleporter gadget thingy. This can make the ending WAY easier. It even helps with some other parts like the first skull area. I would just hold the chariot in place and he would jump up a few platforms and then port me and the chariot up. In other places it was useful to drop a teleporter and then if we screwed up and fell off the platforms he could port us back up instead of having to restart from checkpoint. It wasn't really necessary before the final room, though. While not necessary in the final room, I found it extremely useful given that I'm garbage.

    2. The first tricky part was the bottom of the final room. You ride the rail down to the bottom, grab some gems, and then have a bit of climb with bat looters coming after you the whole time. It's tricky to fend them off while doing the climb up to the next checkpoint. Here's what we did. We took the rail down and did the climb and got the checkpoint first. Then my friend dropped his teleporter at the checkpoint. We immediately went off the ledge back down to the bottom and moved the chariot into the little ditch where all the gems are. As soon as the gems were collected he triggered the porter to take us back to the checkpoint. This is WAY easier than doing the climb with the bats coming after you and if anyone is struggling I recommend doing it this way. Note that you only have 30 seconds from when you drop the teleporter to when it expires (This is assuming you have it fully upgraded). So don't sit around. As soon as the gems at the bottom are collected you should trigger it.

    3. The second tricky part is similar. It's the part at the top. with the gems in the little wheel right before the end. My first comment is that I found it a bit easier collecting the gems and then going up the left side of the wheel. The right side is really crowded with 2 people and the chariot. I went up the left side and then magneted up onto the top of the wheel. It was actually easier.

    4. My second comment for the ending is related to climbing up the little platforms up to the top. I'm garbage and was having trouble with this without losing any loot. Once we got the chariot up onto the top of the wheel we killed the current wave of looters and waited for the break between waves. Then the basic strategy was that I would use the magnet to jump up a couple platforms and then even take the chariot up another couple platforms. Then my friend would jump up and latch onto his rope and pull himself up to my platform. We were having trouble holding the looters off while continuing to climb or while holding the chariot there. So he dropped a teleporter on that platform and I knocked the chariot back off the ledge and fell back to the top of the wheel. It's MUCH easier to fend off the looters on this large flat surface. We killed the looters here and once we got a break ported back up. Then I would climb another couple floors, he would kill any looters that started to come up, he would rope up to me, drop teleporter, drop the chariot back down to the bottom, and keep on repeating.

    Also, all the numbers currently listed are what I had at each checkpoint.
    Posted by PlayUltimate711 on 03 Jun 16 at 22:36
    itsa pumaaI had 97370 when I finished and the achievement didn't pop any ideas why?
    Posted by itsa pumaa on 12 Jun 17 at 11:22
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