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Chose All the Better Guns achievement in Tower of Guns: Special Edition

Chose All the Better Guns

Unlock all the Guns

Chose All the Better Guns0
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How to unlock the Chose All the Better Guns achievement

  • cooper101183cooper101183
    Locked 18 Apr 2016
    There are a total of Ten Guns which need to be unlocked - Two Guns are available from the start requiring you to unlock eight. To unlock these you need to meet certain in-game challenges. If you highlight each gun it actually tells you what challenge you need to complete to unlock that gun. Thankfully it also shows your progress towards that challenge, which really helps. So keep clicking on a gun to check your progress.

    The first Gun you will unlock will be the Consolation Charger - Rewarded for dying three times

    Babel Gun- Kill 24 Tanks : On later levels you will notice there are large hovering tanks covered in spikes, you need to kill these. A level will normally only have 2 or 3 of these at a time so multiple runs will be required.

    Mini-LHC -Collect 22 items. These include the upgrades or mods you can pick up, . Item drops are random and you'll likely only find 1 item every few levels, so simply keep playing runs until you've picked up 22. Keep on checking the progress of this after each death. Again Playing the Dice Roll Mode can speed things up here

    The Hedghog - Kill 250 Spike Launcher. These look like the large cannons that shoot spikey balls featured on most levels, simply kill 250 of them over multiple runs. Again - Check the progress of this anytime by highlighting the gun on the main menu

    Blatherskite Crossbow: Finish level 7 in Endless Mode. There are two ways of getting this, you can either finish the first 5 levels and the boss, then continue to the second portal elevator to beat an additional 2 levels, or you can pick the first elevator and start from level 1 again which will prove easier.

    Egon's Pride: Complete a level under Par Time. Each level tells you the Parr time before you start. This is easiest on the opening level. Simply run through as fast as you can skipping as manyy enemies as possible, going from door to door. Have a powerful gun with a rapid fire and high damage. Have either tooyoungtodie or Tunnel Rat as your Perk . I would recommend Tunnel rat. Simply run through all the enemies, shoot all the doors, beat the boss, you will easily hit the par time by skipping most of the enemies.

    609mm Hand Cannon: Complete a level without taking damage. Easier than it sounds. On your 5th, 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th or 100th runs the game loads up Caketown level which has no enemies, only loot pick ups. Just make sure not to fall off the edge! Set the Lift Ticket Perk if you have it which makes you immune to fall damage. Or just be careful.

    Kegerator: Find 5 secrets in one level. Probably the most difficult as most of the secrets are very well hidden even within the first level. It is essential to have the Bluegrass perk equipped when going for this as the triple jump will help reaching some of the secret areas.

    This Guide shows every secret for each level:
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    Woodster 86If like me you didn't get a single perk or item for jumping when trying to get the kegorator....try using rubber band game mode and use the force of the gun to get you to high places
    Posted by Woodster 86 on 29 Jan 17 at 14:58
    xCENAxMODI had to finish a level after having them all unlocked for it to pop
    Posted by xCENAxMOD on 09 Nov 22 at 17:44
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