Blade of Justice achievement in Rise of Tomb Raider

Blade of Justice

Perform 25 special stealth kills with the knife

Blade of Justice0
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How to unlock the Blade of Justice achievement

  • Scorpionxx0Scorpionxx0344,363
    14 Nov 2017 14 Nov 2017
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    A good place to get this at would be the acropolis, the first area has 5 guys you can stealthily execute with your knife. Just keep reloading your checkpoint till it unlocks. I’m not sure if it makes a difference whether you play on chapter replay or chapter replay elite but after trying to get this on another area in chapter replay elite it never unlocked. However when I did the acropolis on chapter replay it unlocked after a few checkpoint reloads.
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  • halohogghalohogg101,726
    03 Apr 2017 05 Apr 2017 18 Apr 2020
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    NOTE: The "Deadly Force" Brawler skill is required for this achievement. Special Stealth Knife Kills include stealth knife kills, drop kills, jump kills, ledge kills & water kills.

    Chapter Replay – Expedition Mode: Soviet Installation

    Speed run through the first three sections until you find the revolver, climb into the room with the fuel tanks and the six enemies, and complete the cut scene with Konstantin encouraging his men.

    Skip the cut scene once you’ve seen it and are reloading the checkpoint.

    First Kill – sneak up behind the enemy patrol walking on the left, and normal knife stealth kill him. (don’t worry, none of the other NPC’s notice you as they are talking – and the sniper guard on the mezzanine must be blind).

    Second Kill – crouch run back over to the white climbing wall just right of the initial spawn point, vault the wall, step across the beam (grab some ammo if needed), and crouch above the enemy standing at the work bench in the corner. Eventually, the leader working on the pipe will ask for his help, and his buddy here will move to join them. When the Stealth Kill indicator cn_Y shows up, drop on him for the Special.

    Third Kill – Crouch behind the boxes on the floor until the second enemy patrol walks past so you can sneak up behind him, and perform a knife kill. Again no one seems the wiser for your actions.

    Fourth Kill – Crouch-run over to the other climbing wall on the left of the room, vault up to the mezzanine, and crouch behind the metal railing until the sniper guard has moved to the right, and not looking in your direction. Sneak, knife, kill.

    Fifth Kill – In the corner of the mezzanine, looking over the railing at the two NPC’s on the floor, perform a Jumping Knife Kill on the pipe leader when the indicator shows up.

    To this point, you have been operating stealthy and without resistance, however after the fifth kill, the jig is up and the enemy guarding the pipe is finally aware. You now have a few options:

    1. Forget the remaining enemies and simply Restart the Checkpoint to continue racking up Special Stealth Knife Kills; or,

    2. Melee kill the last enemy at will,
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    then Restart the Checkpoint; or,

    3. To get one more Special Stealth Knife Kill, avoid the enemy fire by running back up to the mezzanine you just jumped off, return to the corner with the railing overlooking the pipe, and jump down on the last enemy as before. He will eventually move right below you, making it easy when the cn_Y indicator shows up.

    Restart the Checkpoint sequence a number of times until the Achievement pops.

    WARNING : do not blow open the garage door by igniting the fuel tanks or spilled fuel from the pipes, otherwise the next sequence will be initiated, and you will have to return to this room from the start of the Chapter Replay.
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