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Way to Go

Complete every level in Score Attack with a bronze score or better

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How to unlock the Way to Go achievement

  • QuickMythrilQuickMythril742,061
    29 Nov 2015 27 Nov 2015 04 Jan 2016
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    This is more of a warning than a full solution. -- The game does not appear to record your progress in Expedition Mode unless you are connected to the Square Enix servers. This makes this achievement Online Required.

    for this achievement you will need to earn at least a bronze on every level, so you will need to unlock them first by beating the game. go to expedition mode and choose Score Attack. you can choose any difficulty, but i always pick the hardest as it only really affects combat and combat scores.

    your score is a combination of the amount of time you have remaining, and the amount you earn through picking up collectibles and killing enemies. if you keep up a streak your will get more points for each item. you can also use cards to multiply your score. the green number shows how much will be added, so if you earn 5000 points with a 100% card active you will have 10,000 total.

    NOTE: if you have medals for all levels, but no achievement, check under Chapter Replay. Hunting Grounds and Mountain Peak must also have medals, but are not available in Score Attack. you may already have them done from the main campaign, but if not you may need to for this achievement.

    there are some guides for specific levels here:
    Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox 360)Well Begun Is Half DoneThe Well Begun Is Half Done achievement in Rise of the Tomb Raider (Xbox 360) worth 96 pointsComplete 10 levels in Score Attack with a gold score

    and certainly more to be found online by searching.

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    ParadoxReal8I think I'm beggining to understand even if I don't know what the heck. There is a level in the leaderboard I don't have a score and I don't see that level in score attack. The Orrery... But I did everything in game so how can he still be locked? I'll check on the Web how to unlock that one. At least now I know.
    Posted by ParadoxReal8 on 17 Sep 16 at 09:52
    ParadoxReal8Yes endurance was very easy compare to the first time I have tried it.
    Posted by ParadoxReal8 on 17 Sep 16 at 10:35
    QuickMythrilyeah they have fixed the DLC achievements from what i understand. also for the Orrery, could be that you lost connection to Xbox Live or Square Enix servers (even if connected to Live) during the time that you completed it. i know sometimes when i was playing, the Square Enix servers would be unavailable for periods of time for whatever reason. i'd just try replaying that.
    Posted by QuickMythril on 17 Sep 16 at 16:59
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  • HolyWarr27HolyWarr27549,881
    05 Feb 2019 02 Dec 2015 24 Dec 2015
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    Below are videos for getting gold without the use of bonus cards. This is overkill especially if you just want bronze but figured this would be helpful for those perfectionists like me.

    - This is a work in progress and I will add videos as I finish and upload them.

    Each level can be obtained without cards, the optional tombs are easier to get than the normal story levels due to the smaller size.
    The easiest method for obtaining golds will be using the bonus cards though. My highest card multiplier so far has been 525% which is overkill if you just want the gold and not reach #1 in the leaderboard. 200% is very reasonable to help earn a gold if you are having a hard time. With a 200% bonus you only need to reach 1/3 of the necessary points to earn a gold upon completion.

    Here are some tips to help earn the most points.
    - Picking stuff up or shooting things will add to a multiplier that grows and nets you more points.
    - Every 5th chain will increase the value of picked up items.
    - Max chain is 99
    - Level Collectibles/Murals gain the most points so save these for last if you can to earn the most points possible.
    - Lanterns grant points when shot, the value is based on the score multiplier and distance from the target. So the further away when you shoot it the better.
    - Speed bonus starts to negate points after reaching the par time. This isn't so bad if you keep the chain up and continue to pick up items to offset the loss. Pickups far outweigh the loss so don't worry if you go over the time.

    Below I have posted videos for gold medals in each level without any card bonus (work in progress

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    deluxnugsBuddy. These videos are Bad Ass.
    Posted by deluxnugs on 03 Jan 16 at 20:21
  • Angels Kill TooAngels Kill Too1,207,252
    02 Sep 2019 02 Sep 2019
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    Having given up hope on this..."game" I decided one day to go back and try it again; so here's how I went about it

    1. I owned the season pass BUT I DID NOT DOWNLOAD ANY ADD ONS
    2. Upon first getting to the main menu I went and signed the Square Enix account thing and confirmed my email blah blah blah and made sure that it said my tag was synched with the game
    3. I replayed THE WHOLE GAME and Got every single challenge tomb completed.
    4. After the campaign was done and the all the tombs were unlocked I started playing them in score attack (for the 10 gold I found the tomb missions ((the ones without enemies) easiest as you can add a card or two and complete them) some levels to get bronze I had to use a card but at that point i just wanted to get the levels over with because I was tired of this game))
    5. Make sure you have at least a bronze medal or better in each of them and connected to live and your tag is still synched as you play them; check the leaderboards and your scores should be there too.
    6. I'm listing the levels in score attack you need to get medals for also the ones I got gold on.

    The prophets tomb
    Siberian Wilderness
    lost expedition (gold)
    soviet installation
    ancient cistern (gold)
    soviet gulag
    voice of god (gold)
    the copper mill
    the red mine (gold)
    the prophets blessing
    house of the afflicted (gold)
    the village
    catacomb of sacred waters (gold)
    the acropolis
    the tower
    the pit of judgment (gold)
    approaching storm (gold)
    flooded archives
    baths of kitezh (gold)
    research base
    the orrery (gold)
    path of the deathless
    gate of kitezh
    chamber of exorcism (gold)
    outskirts of kitezh
    the lost city (gold)
    chamber of souls

    7. Also make sure to go into chapter replay and make sure
    Mountain Peak
    Hunting grouds

    have medals too

    Hope this helps and hope the tomb raider series gets rid of medals and trials garbage lol.
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