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Africa Time Trial

Complete the Africa Time Trial in less than 06:55:00

Africa Time Trial0
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How to unlock the Africa Time Trial achievement

  • Sensei NeoSensei Neo1,296,737
    11 Apr 2019 11 Apr 2019
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    Here's a glitch I found on PS Trophies to get achievement without beating the time:
    - Complete the races in the given Time Trial
    - Wait on the final results screen - If you did not beat the time then Dashboard
    (press: cn_guide - Home - Then go back in to the game).
    -You should now see the pause menu over the results screen.
    -Select 'Restart - Yes'
    The achievement should pop when it returns to the Time Trial menu

    Thank me later

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    MattiasAndersonDid not work the first time! I tried again but that time i chose the top choice (Not restart). Did not work so I assumed your guide was correct. I raced a third time and chose restart and see my best time is set to 00:00:00 and then it unlocked. Now I know why the best times in the leaderboard are 00:00:00 lol

    I did South america cup legit but decided that this game is so crap so why not. Will try to do the first 3 legit now though.
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 05 Mar at 15:35
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  • adiash73adiash73885,235
    16 Nov 2015 16 Nov 2015
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    This was by far the most annoying Time Trial, so if you are finding it tough, don't be disheartened.

    It took several attempts to work out the best routes to take as the extra jumps in this set of courses makes things much more difficult

    I used the Speedy car and below are my times to give you a bench mark to aim for, you have a total of 415 seconds to play with

    My absolute best was a 1.18.95, but aim for under 1.20
    Try to keep in the middle of the track and clear the intersection in a single jump, it's easy to clip the tyres if you take the turns to tight

    South Africa
    My absolute best was 1.58.09, but aim for under 2.00
    This is by far the hardest trick to nail a good time on and for ages I was well over the 2 minute mark.
    The key for me was being conservative over the jumps and riding on the top of the long hump section near the end of the lap, so you can turn in smoothly at speed and carry that speed along the start/finish straight.
    Then use that good speed and large drift round the first corner, avoiding the large circular mound which can mess you up with an unwanted jump
    Keep it clean round the rest of the track and gentle on the final jump before the long hump so you can line up nicely and you should be fine

    My best was a 1.50.07 and that was a bit messy, aim for under 1.50
    This is the 2nd trickiest in my opinion as the jumps can easily throw you into a wall or you can clip the tyres trying to turn to sharply round the bends.
    I would suggest being slow over the jumps that lead into the bends, so you don't lose too much time, then floor it and try to clear the central section in a single jump, it always seemed to work better for me on the lower section going left to right.
    Try to line yourself up nicely on the final jump into the start/finish straight, so you can carry good speed.
    You can almost semi cut the final jump into the straight to the start/finish line, but a couple of times in my early attempts this voided the lap, so don't be too greedy with that.

    My best was 1.40.09 which was a little messy, aim for under 1.45
    Take it easy over the chicane jumps at the start, again steady of the next jump then use the track contours to your advantage and keep it fairly tight around the hairpin.
    Again keep it steady round the next jump/hairpin and get lined up to slip through the single tyre width gap in the lower strip of tyres, don't be afraid of using a dab of break, and it's no disaster if you clip a set but still carry good speed, then run the speed along the start/finish straight.
    Break before the jump at the line and try to aim to get yourself lined up nicely for the next section

    So to recap, try to be less than the following suggestions. You may be quicker on some, slower on others, but it's something to aim for at least

    Morocco: 80 seconds
    South Africa: 120 seconds
    Ghana: 110 seconds
    Nigeria: 105 seconds

    Total = 415 seconds

    It is tough and can be frustrating if you do well on the first 3 tracks, then blow it with a simple mistake on the final track, but hopefully my advice helps, please add any extra advice in the comments and I'll edit the solution as extra tips appear.
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    XOli360Did it with the very first car. You can stay flat the hwole first race and finish it in 17.6, then just be gentle on the jump for the other races. I did 2:02 in the second race. I don't remember the 2 last times. Good luck !
    Posted by XOli360 on 08 Jan 17 at 20:50
    rmendoncaLost my hair trying to beat it with the Speedy. It is much easier to do it with Buggy.
    Posted by rmendonca on 02 Aug 17 at 02:22
    VixyNyanCar: Buggy
    Morocco: 01:13:69
    South Africa: 02:07:70
    Nigeria: 01:46:48
    Ghana: 01:44:27
    TOTAL: 06:52:14
    Posted by VixyNyan on 22 Oct 18 at 17:32
  • Kovy88Kovy881,778,983
    05 Dec 2016 05 Dec 2016 05 Dec 2016
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    Here is a video of me just barely getting it done. There is room for error. These aren't even nearly the best times I've done. I've done Morocco in 1.19 and South Africa in 1.59, so I lose almost 10 seconds from my best times.

    Car: Buggy
    Accelerate with cn_A, brake with cn_LT.

    My times:

    Morocco: 1:21:72
    South Africa: 2:04:56
    Nigeria: 1:49:81
    Ghana: 1:38:33

    Total: 6:54:42

    - Do the jumps carefully, it's not wise to fully accelerate to perform the jumps. You have to approach the jumps in a straight driving line, if you go for a jump not in a straight line with full acceleration, you will often fly off the road and lose seconds, and then you will swear.

    - You can approach curves as fast as you can as long as there is no jump-section before the curve. Just quickly tap cn_LT just before doing a curve and you will learn to do the curves effectively.

    Actually there are a lot of mistakes in this run, during the first 3 races I do at least 5 really bad mistakes, but I still made it and so can you! The last few decent laps in Ghana saved me and I got lucky.

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    sirhcmanthanks for this! i am trying to finish the last three time trials, so frustrating!
    Posted by sirhcman on 06 Dec 16 at 02:04
    ForcefulOliver2thx, i finally completed this shitty game all thx to you, i didnt want to use the speedy i so freakin hate it, i knew it was doable with the buggy and you gave me the proof with the video :) my final time was 6:54:52!(i had a run i did 6:55:02, i was so freakin mad!!!)
    Posted by ForcefulOliver2 on 18 Jul 17 at 08:58
    Manb3arSquirrel6:57:58 :(

    I only messed up a little on Ghana, with zero crashes in any race. Aw, man.
    Posted by Manb3arSquirrel on 16 Oct 17 at 11:08
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