Power to the People achievement in Microsoft Bingo (Windows)

Power to the People

Complete 30 Power Bingo, across multiple Bingo matches.

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How to unlock the Power to the People achievement

  • Rashaka1Rashaka1637,482
    01 Dec 2015 30 Oct 2015
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    Before the match starts while the timer is counting down. You are shown your power bingo card. You can select up to 3 tiles. The numbers that are located on the tiles are the ones that you are looking for while you are in the match.

    When one of the balls comes up that matches a power card tile it will have a glow around the ball. If you are able to place a chip on any of your current bingo cards to cover up that number then you will get credit for your power card as well.

    Once you make your first match you will get a 5 hour timer on your card. Complete as much as you can before the timer runs out. Each standard bingo scoring method will net you 1 point out of 30 towards the achievement.

    Take note that the power cards are also different for each location so if you are making progress on one card do not leave that area or you will be working on another card.

    You do have the option to go back to your old location so long as the 5 hour timer hasn't expired.

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    OnzaDoes the Power Ball option start at a certain level?
    Posted by Onza on 05 Apr 17 at 14:42
    OnzaOne thing I would add, is once your get your first power bingo, it's probably best to use the numbers that you already have to make more power bingos. That way you need less numbers. And speaking of less numbers, it probably makes sense to use the "free" center tile, i.e. the try for the (power) bingos that go through the middle.

    Oh, and make use of the Destinations page, where can access you Power Card(s). This way you have all the time you want to plan your move. My seem obvious, but I was rushing to do this while waiting for the match to start.

    Also, during the game, I like the daubed numbers page (middle tab), as it will show your picks, and if you have one on your card(s), as the number is in gold. If the number does not turn gold, you don't have it (in this match).
    Posted by Onza on 29 Apr 17 at 19:57
    TheOnlyMattoThanks man. Might seem obvious but I kept getting power balls but no bingos because I wasn't playing more than 1 card a day... Now I am getting these. Appreciate yah
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 16 May 19 at 17:37
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  • THE Mr FillTHE Mr Fill717,077
    29 Mar 2018 30 Mar 2018
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    I realised something quite simple about this, the other description didn't help much on how to advance and at the beginning I was getting about 1-2 Power Bingos per day, and there are 2 methods I ended up using to finally get the achievement, with my penultimate day getting me 13 Power Bingos within the same 5 hours!

    In case you're wondering, there are a maximum of 15 bingos on a board - 5 vertical, 5 horizontal, the four corners and two diagonals. To use this method you'll need a lot of time and patience, plus it helps if you're over about level 25.

    What you need to do is work on them intelligently, and don't go on any location apart from France as this is the cheapest, the next thing is to work your way around the board - start across the middle using the star to make the first bingo being 4 numbers rather than 5. and work on at least 4 cards, if you can manage more, do, and if you have a load of money then go for the maximum you can and use the auto-complete as you'll get all 3 numbers available rather than risking it. And NEVER use the Star powerup as it covers numbers and risks you not being able to get the power ball.
    The next thing to do is to think about "extending" the bingo game after it finishes, if no numbers have appeared then feel free to extend a couple of times, but unless you're INCREDIBLY rich in the game, don't extend beyond that.

    If you find that the boards only have 1 or 2 of the numbers available (put the left board onto the numbers, and if they're dark then they aren't on your cards), then don't bother to extend at all as it's a waste of money.

    Using France as your location keeps the token cost down, and as long as you're level 25+ (or so) then the number of tokens per 4 minutes is high enough to keep you running for some time.

    Once you complete the horizontal Power Bingo then work on the diagonals, again these need 4 numbers and help in the long run. Once these are complete you can do the end verticals which take 2 balls per side - this should give you 5 Power Bingos so far. The next 2 balls will complete another 2 lines on the horizontals either side of the middle... the final 6 balls can be completed in any order but these last 6 will complete the final 8 bingos.

    Overall the complete 13 Power Bingos will take you 2-3 hours, meaning that you can't start any new ones until the 5 hours has expired... if I had used this technique before I started then I could have completed it in 3 blocks rather than the 5 or 6 it took me. smile

    I would suggest that you only go for these when you have time to play continuously for several hours, trying when you only have 30 minutes or so won't get you very far and you might end up with none at all (if things don't go your way).

    Good luck, it's a long haul,but it can be done with planning.
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