Around the Globe achievement in Microsoft Bingo (Win 10)

Around the Globe

Play at least one Bingo matches within every destination, in the right order.

Around the Globe0
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How to unlock the Around the Globe achievement

  • CrisDibiBRCrisDibiBR154,012
    07 May 2017 22 Dec 2015
    40 4 14
    To win this achievement you need play Bingo on all destinations in order from left to right,but you need unlock all destinations,so when you reach at level 46 you can do this, i recommend you play just one card.

    The order is:


    Make sure that played in all destinations because if not win the achievement, must have forgotten some destination, and will have to do it all again.

    If give positive ou negative say in comments why the classification;

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    CrisDibiBRHey thanatos8285 , try reinstall the game
    Posted by CrisDibiBR on 24 Mar 18 at 12:12
    x Mr BuRNz oso I unlocked it yesterday, but over 24hrs later it still hasn't unlocked on my Xbox live profile, I have reset the app, uninstalled it and also tried Gamerjets' suggestion but still nothing, and to top it off the connection to the ingame servers is suddenly really temperamental which is funny because in all the hours before it never once had an issue.
    Posted by x Mr BuRNz o on 15 Apr 19 at 02:32
    planchetflawIf you're trying to get to level 46 quickly, don't fuss too much over getting bingos. They barely add any XP. Daubing tiles, especially the diamond power up ones, is the fastest way. So make sure you maximise your power up combos of 2x and Diamond Daubs. The gold star power up actually harms your ability to get more XP as it can cover up diamond daub tiles. Same with the Bingo gold power up.

    Seems backwards, but this is the way.
    Posted by planchetflaw on 21 Mar 20 at 22:24
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  • EyeCorporationsEyeCorporations532,859
    02 Nov 2020 31 Oct 2020 03 Nov 2020
    17 1 12
    Note: This solution is only tested to work at a 1920x1080 screen resolution. You must have all 12 cards on screen in a 4 column x 3 row arrangement.

    Expanding on the other solutions which have the requirements for unlocking, the difficult part of this achievement is getting to level 46. I created an update to the autodaub script from previous posts on the Windows 8 version (Macro for automating Bingo games (download)) by KinectKid333 and DPC eNeRGy. It adds two things: speed, and auto-bingo.

    The old script took a little over 17 seconds to run. This version takes a little over 5 seconds to run, then the game freezes for about 11 seconds. Although the total time difference isn't significant, the game recognizes the daubs as occurring during the 5 seconds so there's no time crunch at the end of the game.

    Just as it sounds, automatically clicks the bingo buttons. There are two new hotkeys associated with it, CTRL+R for clicking bingo only, or CTRL+A which auto-daubs then auto-bingos.

    All of the scripts are updated but I recommend only playing the 12 card script, as with the increased speed there's no need to play with fewer cards. The clicks are also based on the game fully maximized, using the fullscreen arrows in the top right corner of the game.

    Getting set up:
    1) Download and install AutoHotkey (
    2) Download and extract the scripts (
    3) Navigate to the 'Win 10 Scaled cards' folder, right click on '12.ahk' and 'Run script'

    The shortcuts are:
    CTRL+B: auto-daub
    CTRL+R: auto-bingo
    CTRL+A: auto-daub + auto-bingo
    CTRL+P: pause

    Here's the way I've been using it:
    1) Wait for the first 5 numbers to be called, then run an auto-daub (CTRL+B). This should either fill or almost fill the powerup meter.
    2) Use the powerup, and wait for 3-5 more numbers to be called. Run another auto-daub (CTRL+B).
    3) Repeat step 2 until there are somewhere around 10 or less bingos left, if you get the timing down you should be able to use 4 powerups in a game. If the powerup meter stops a little short you can also tap a few numbers manually to get the powerup sooner.
    4) Wait for all the bingos to be used up and the timer to start, then run an auto-daub/auto-bingo (CTRL+A). All of the remaining numbers will be daubed and bingos on all cards will be called. The game should start responding when the "draw 5 more numbers" choice appears.
    5) This part is up to personal preference, but I think that paying for the 5 extra numbers at least once every game is worthwhile. If I have a decent amount of xp/coin/luggage spaces left or a x2 I'll pay twice, or for both I'll pay 3 times. Four times doesn't seem to pay back, but if you're sitting on lots of coins you do you. Regardless, after paying for the extra numbers just wait for all 5 to be called, and when the timer starts run an auto-daub/auto-bingo (CTRL+A).

    Let me know if you have any questions or further improvements!
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    TreviosoTrying this out now on One card, Full Screen, 1920x1080p. Card Size 50.

    Its off by about 3 columns. But the two columns it is getting (B and I Column) are working wonderfully.

    Wondering if this is cause my version has ads and the offset/correction needs to be adjusted.
    Posted by Trevioso on 23 Feb at 03:58
    GiinceeSomehow the scripts are not working for me right now. I can see the mouse move over the numbers but its not clicking on them
    Posted by Giincee on 03 Mar at 19:25
    Mike731Worked like a charm!
    Posted by Mike731 on 26 Mar at 02:01
  • segagamersegagamer508,210 508,210 GamerScore
    15 Aug 2019 15 Aug 2019
    14 0 6
    If you're having issues unlocking this achievement like I did, where the achievement would unlock in game, including giving you a notification from the "Microsoft Bingo" app, but nothing on your Xbox profile, I managed to get it to unlock by opening the Xbox Companion App, and launching Microsoft Bingo from there, in the My Games section.

    The achievement popped for me in the main menu immediately after connecting to the game's servers. I didn't need to visit the in-game achievement page or anything.

    Hopefully this works for you!
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    bogle1Thank you, same here. toast
    Posted by bogle1 on 18 Dec 19 at 18:27
    Ian 1485Thank you for this, popped right away! toast
    Posted by Ian 1485 on 26 Apr 20 at 12:14
    TinCannEdWorked for me, as well. Thanks. rockheadspinrock
    Posted by TinCannEd on 02 Apr at 00:55
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