Tag Collector III achievement in Battle Islands

Tag Collector III

Acquire 2500 dog tags from the enemy

Tag Collector III+12.7
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How to unlock the Tag Collector III achievement

  • Sniper4FreeSniper4Free1,427,667
    12 Oct 2015 13 Oct 2015
    55 17 53
    To get This Achievment you need to get the rank of 2500 DogTags. When starting the game your rank is at 1000.

    You get around 8 to 14 DogTags by a 100% win against another player. Don't need to explain a tactic here just do what you think is best to win.

    During the match you will receive stars for the following conditions:
    First star for destroying the enemies HQ
    Second star for destroying more than 50% of the enemies base
    Third star for destroying 100% of the enemies base
    The more stars you have the more DogTags you'll earn. As I said, you can get 8-14 DogTags per match, which will depend on your and your enemies current player level.

    Important note: If you're not able to get even one star during the match and all your troops are dead or the time's up, the match ends and you will lose several DogTags.
    As before, the number of Dog Tags you lose depends on your and your enemies current player level. To not lose your DogTags I advise you to keep one unit in the stock during the match (I used a Plain, cause I never used them in the battle). If you foresee that you have no chance winning the game with at least one star, hit the guide button before your units are dead (can't happen since one unit's still in the stock) or the time's up, then quit the game. After restarting the game everything's just like before you started the battle so you have another chance to maximize your DogTag rank.

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    Wick N MortyI want to grind this out somehow, delete this game and never look at it again. Send me a message if interested
    Posted by Wick N Morty on 31 May 21 at 05:36
    Bkgbadi try this and it didnt work?
    Posted by Bkgbad on 24 Mar 22 at 17:32
    GustavoDrNAnyone interested in trying to boost this achievement?
    Is there any way to find a person on the list and give wins until the tags reach 2500?

    Alguém interessado em tentar boostar essa conquista?
    Tem alguma forma encontrar uma pessoa na lista e dar vitorias até que as tags atingam 2500?
    Posted by GustavoDrN on 25 Apr 22 at 19:23
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  • Deco76BRDeco76BR882,853
    06 Dec 2015 18 Nov 2015 20 Oct 2016
    28 12 6
    ***Since the last update this is not working but...***
    Alliance warfare is up and no good news for boosting sessions. Alliance wars don't give tags, only resources.


    This will help going after Tags by finding easier targets. I found a way to go after lower level targets possible and that will help you get at least to 2000 Tags very fast. After that point you will need a more careful digging to find targets, but still possible as I unlocked the achievement while my command bunker at level 6.

    *** IMPORTANT***
    When you get to 2000+ tags you will have to fight people of higher levels. You will get a lot of money for upgrades. But don't neglect building your defenses as you will also be targeted by high level players. So if you have your storage full don't attack another player until you spend your money. You will need it to upgrade. I bought the 3rd engineer (500 gold) to make upgrades faster. This is my defense setup (I actually unlocked the achievement when I got back and found 28 extra tags from defenses):

    External image

    Now for the Tags. I found that by going to battle I was only finding people with higher levels than me with some only a few levels lower. Then I decided to check if Alliances were any helpful. And in fact I found they are.

    To find your low level target:
    1 - Press cn_Y and the select "Alliance"
    2 - Select "Leaderboard"
    3 - Scroll down to find a good alliance to go after, the lower the score easier to find a good target
    4 - Press cn_X to see people inside the alliance
    5 - Scroll down to find someone with a low level, I recommend level 2, 3 and 4 until you get to 2000 tags. Then find the lowest possible.
    6 - The person should be available to fight, there will be an option to press cn_A and start the attack
    7 - if you don't like what you see you have a few seconds before the battle start to press cn_Y and retreat without being penalized
    8 - Low levels are pretty defenseless, use only a few troops to get 100%
    9 - Rebuild your army, and while it rebuilds you can search for another target. You probably still have enough troops to make an easy 100% again
    10 - If you keep attacking only low levels you will probably have your army rebuilt very fast.
    11 - Just keep the flow.

    Please comment to improve the solution as I find it'll really help getting this
    (only problem is that if many people use it it will be more difficult to find targets, but I believe there are sufficient out there)
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    Diesel XTRSystem is broken since the new update v 2.2 I can no longer attack from the alliance pages . It was good while it lasted though.
    Posted by Diesel XTR on 14 Apr 16 at 13:50
    Deco76BRI haven't played much after I got the achievement. I'll log in and see if there's another way. Thanks for the update.
    Posted by Deco76BR on 14 Apr 16 at 14:21
    ExpiredRaindropI thought it was only me with the alliances being broken, They dont show anything (out of range, Camo, ETC...) next to their name anymore.
    Posted by ExpiredRaindrop on 16 Apr 16 at 01:33
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