Bomb Corp.: UFOB/GYN achievement in The Jackbox Party Pack 2

Bomb Corp.: UFOB/GYN

Deliver an alien baby

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How to unlock the Bomb Corp.: UFOB/GYN achievement

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    The most important fact for this and the other Bomb Corp achievements is that you can pause the game at ANY time by pressing cn_start which will give you as much time as you need to figure out what to do for each bomb.

    This achievement is unlocked for completing Day 15 of 'The Job', now to get to day 15 you must successfully finish the previous 14 days which is no easy task. This wont be a 100% solution on how to do each day since that's not possible as each bomb and their rules are random but I will give you tips.

    The game starts off with just basic bombs which vary from 4 coloured wires to 6 with 3-4 rules to follow, but as you progress you unlock new bomb types to deal with:
    Days 1: Regular Bombs
    Days 2-4: Regular Bombs and Filing Bombs
    Days 5-6: Regular Bombs, Filing Bombs and Key Code Bombs
    Days 7-9 (I think): Regular Bombs, Filing Sorting Bombs, Key Code Bombs and Coffee Making Bombs
    Days 10-14: Regular Bombs, Filing Sorting Bombs, Key Code Bombs, Coffee Making Bombs and Fax Machine Bombs.
    Day 15: Regular Bombs, Filing Sorting Bombs, Key Code Bombs, Coffee Making Bombs, Fax Machine Bombs, Alien Tentacle Bombs and Alien Baby Delivering.

    Each day has 4 sections apart from day 15 which has 5, regular bombs, key code and alien tentacle bombs will have a certain amount to complete for a section whilst filing, coffee making, fax machine and alien baby delivering all count as one section on their own.

    Now in order to make this even remotely possible I suggest having a piece of paper handy to write down bomb wire colours and their order and an alphabet written down like so.
    External image

    • Bombs Types

    Regular Bombs
    These have 4-6 wires that are differently coloured, you will have 3-4 rules to follow on which wires to cut/not cut and what order to cut them. Some bombs have dates/serial numbers to check rules with too.
    Filing Bombs
    These are in my opinion the hardest as by day 8 they're getting tricky, you will be tasked to sort first/last names A-Z/Z-A. Now there will be some last names that are the same so then sort by the first names keeping the A-Z/Z-A rule. If a last name is hyphenated that would go AFTER a none hyphenated name A-Z. Ignore all middle names.
    Example of Last name A-Z:
    Ben Donny
    Bob Donny
    Baz Donny-Dan
    Fred Good
    Key Code Bombs
    Key codes bombs are always 4 digits going from 0-9, there will be 4 rules and usually one will tell you one digit in the code however some do now. Columns are downwards and rows are across, you'll need that!
    Coffee Making Bombs
    These are kind of riddles but usually easy enough, there will be 3-4 ingredients to make the coffee with and you must follow all the rules, cant really give a tip for that one.
    Fax Machine Bombs
    These consist of 10+ On Screen Instructions that correspond with buttons on your device screen, however there is also rules to follow. Usually for me its been if X icon is shown do Y before each step.
    For example: Rule - if * is shown press Self destruct before each step.
    Step 1, Press Refill. (Only press refill)
    Step 2. * Press Refill (Press self destruct then refill as per the rules)
    Alien Tentacle Bombs
    Similar to wires only they are coloured tentacles, read rules on which to massage (cut) and then read rules again to see which order to massage in.
    Alien Baby Delivering
    This bomb is exactly like Fax Machine Bombs only with alien terms, follow the rules on your device before following the on screen rules. There are 16 steps in this one.

    Day 15 consists of:
    Step 1: Filing Bomb (Lots of Z names)
    Step 2: 2 Alien Tentacle Bombs
    Step 3: Mixing Medicine (Coffee Making Bomb)
    Step 4: Key Code Bomb (Hardest in the story)
    Step 5: Alien Baby Delivering
    The achievement will pop once you complete step 5 and Meegan is holding her baby.

    Here's a video of the ending
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    planchetflawDay 4 and I hate it, haha. Just this and Day 7's coffee making to go.
    Posted by planchetflaw on 13 Aug 19 at 07:06
    Guile132Idk who downvoted your solution but they're stupid. I didn't follow your guide but I did take advantage of the pausing option. Day 15 wasn't the hardest for me; it was one of the shortest which made it even better. My kids finished some of the days for me because the game is very repetitive but I did most of the days. Anyways, I gave you a thumbs up for posting the solution.
    Posted by Guile132 on 31 Oct 19 at 15:28
    DaOverUnderMake sure to back out to the main menu before switching to another game or force-quitting

    If you don't it resets progress to day 1. Learned this the hard way.
    Posted by DaOverUnder on 05 Feb 20 at 04:11
    Inspector Adam@Best In Philly that's an invaluable tip! Just finished Day 2 and it has been incredibly frustrating.
    Posted by Inspector Adam on 05 Feb 20 at 08:06
    LordSmorcMy best advice would be to use an Excel spreadsheet. Every cell going horizontally mentions the wire colour, then underneath each cell you can say if it needs to be cut/not cut and if it needs cutting before other wires. For the filing cabinet bombs you can type all the names and filter the names alphabetically, then there's 0% chance of you messing it up on accident. You'll still likely fail with the odd stupid mistake but using Excel has made this game much more tolerable (at least for me)
    Posted by LordSmorc on 10 Feb 20 at 02:59
    TheOnlyMattoI am pretty sure the game is imperfect. I assume all games are, but this one gets it wrong during the sorting bombs. It told me to go from z-a, so I did Z-A first and last names. It stops me on the second to last one and says i should have sorted them A-Z for first names but then it should have stopped me after my second one. I can clearly see 10 before that were wrong, so this has lead me to believe either someone programmed it wrong, or it let me get away with it 10 times before correcting me? either way, lame way to go out at the end of day 11.

    I have a note book to make sure I don't make mistakes, I've made plenty even with the notebook. This is just one example of when I think the game got it wrong. No biggie I am on question 15 and will finish tomorrow, thumbs up good solution.
    Posted by TheOnlyMatto on 11 Feb 20 at 07:08
    OinkOinko@TheOnlyMatto You are right, some of the bombs are just flat out wrong. I had so much trouble on day 8 name sorting from z-a, it kept making me explode even though Im 100% sure i was correct. I've had some problems with regular wire bombs too, where some instructions are vague and unclear, causing me to explode and the game will tell me some wires should have or have not been cut even though according to the instructions, I was correct.
    Posted by OinkOinko on 12 Feb 20 at 01:32
    Lord Betuswow that was a pain. Great guide. And I highly recommend doing this in excel as LordSmorc said
    Posted by Lord Betus on 14 Feb 20 at 05:48
    B4RN4RD5K1I'm with @OinkOinko and @TheOnlyMatto. Been trying for days to get to Day 15 and I'm stuck on Day 13. I'm getting bombs that absolutely are not programmed correctly. On Day 9 I had a coffee bomb that said I needed 1 less milk serving than bacon, but when I pressed brew, it said I needed the same amount as bacon. I even took pictures and sent to Jackbox Games on Twitter asking who the hell figured that one out? Such a poor game mode and not enjoyable at all. For anyone reading this before starting this party pack, avoid like the plague. It's awful. Thank God they improved for 3 and 5.
    Posted by B4RN4RD5K1 on 29 Mar 20 at 19:21
    CrunchyNut 670gDay 15 done on the first try, so much easier than the last like 7 days
    Posted by CrunchyNut 670g on 05 May 20 at 01:59
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