Packing Early achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops III (Xbox 360)

Packing Early

In Shadows of Evil, complete the Pack-A-Punch ritual during wave 1.

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How to unlock the Packing Early achievement

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    *IMPORTANT NOTE: You need 4 players for this achievement
    For this achievement you have to complete the Pack-A-Punch Ritual during wave 1.

    The Pack-A-Punch Ritual is the 5th and last Ritual. The first 4 Rituals have Sacrificial Items.
    To start with the first Ritual you have to make sure you get the Summoning Key.
    This Summoning Key can be found in the spawn area in a box.
    It doesn't matter in which order you do the first four Rituals.
    The Locations and Sacrificial Items for the 5 Rituals:
    1) Center of the City / Lawyer’s Pen
    2) Waterfront District / Promoter’s Championship Belt
    3) Footlight District / Producer’s Toupee
    4) Canal District / Detective Badge
    5) Subway Area (Entering by going into the Rift), this is the area with the Pack-A-Punch Ritual

    When you complete the first 4 Rituals you will unlock the The Beginning of the End Achievement.
    I recommend you guys to also check the guide for The Beginning of the End Achievement.
    Call of Duty: Black Ops III (Xbox 360)The Beginning of the EndThe The Beginning of the End achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops III (Xbox 360) worth 84 pointsIn Shadows of Evil, complete all Rituals.

    *For the first four Rituals you have to use four Curse/Beast Modes. Every player has one Curse/Beast Mode. With each Curse/Beast Mode you have to make sure you get the Sacrificial Item and open the Ritual Area! If you fail at doing this you have to restart the map, because you won't be able to get the Sacrificial Item or reach the Ritual Area. While in Curse/Beast Mode you can smash Boxes that include Sacrificial Items, and you can break trough barricaded doors to reach the Ritual Areas. There are also barricades which have to be destroyed to gain access to the Rifts, this is only doable in Curse/Beast Mode!

    *IMPORTANT NOTE: When you play on SOLO you will only have three Curse/Beast Modes, this makes it impossible to achieve it on your own

    *The money in this map is also really important, because you won't have that much money in wave 1. You have to be careful in spending money on this one, communication with teammates is essential.

    There are at least four doors you have to open in this map.
    Door to gain access to Center of the City: $ 500
    Door to gain access to Waterfront District: $ 1000
    Door to gain access to Footlight District: $ 1000
    Door to gain access to Canal District: $ 1000

    This map also has a train in it, to call the train you have to spend $ 500.
    The train will be at the Waterfront District, Footlight District or the Canal District.
    You should check the location of the train first before opening a $ 1250 door, because you have to spend that to gain access to the trainstation. You will save $ 500 with that because you don't have to call the train. Using this train will be cheaper then opening all the doors. Using the train is not necessary, while doing the Rituals you will also earn enough to open the three $1250 doors. These three doors will be in the Waterfront District, Footlight District and Canal District. These doors gain easy access to the remaining Ritual Areas.

    When you complete a Ritual you will get $ 500 for it, so it's smart when you start the Ritual at the Ritual Area with all the four players, this will give $ 2000, do it this way at each Ritual Area. After each completed Ritual there will spawn a gate worm on a table, these are needed to activate the 5th and last Ritual. Each player can only hold one. When you complete the second and fourth Ritual there will spawn a Margwa. This is a nice chance to unlock the Margwa Party Achievement.
    You will get points for killing these Margwas. The Margwas are not that strong in wave 1.
    Call of Duty: Black Ops III (Xbox 360)Margwa PartyThe Margwa Party achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops III (Xbox 360) worth 75 pointsIn Shadows of Evil, kill 2 Margwas in a single round.

    When the first four Rituals are completed, you should enter a Rift. This will teleport you to the Subway Area. In this area there will be a wall with weird symbols on it. When you touch it it will open a new path. In this path there will be four goblets scattered around the area. Each player has to place his gate worm on one. When all the four gate worms are placed the Final Ritual can be started, when this Ritual is done the achievement should unlock, and you should be able to Pack-A-Punch your guns.

    There is also a video guide for this achievement (Credits for this video go to RADAUSTIN27).

    If you think I can improve this guide you should send me a message. :]
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    SKIN RIPHow do u get 500 credit through the first window with a grenade?
    Posted by SKIN RIP on 14 Feb 16 at 19:45
    fORSHi@Skin Rip, I don't know what you mean? You always start with $ 500
    Posted by fORSHi on 14 Feb 16 at 19:47
    SKIN RIPHi forshi. Sorry not ur guide. Bubblegums youtube video. After he opens the 1st gate, window on the right he throws a grenade into the window and get 500 credits..
    Posted by SKIN RIP on 15 Feb 16 at 18:35
    Xx ZER0xCOOL xXHello,

    Me and 3 other players tried unlocking this achievement 2 days ago, and we couldn't unlock it. We tried it several times and we got the same result. I'm wandering if anyone else have experienced this as well.
    Posted by Xx ZER0xCOOL xX on 06 Sep 18 at 17:55
    RedeemedRUBYwell, actually, it is possible to do this solo f you're lucky enough to have a margwa spawn a double points, or if you have a gobblegum that spawns a personal bank. However, the chances of having enough money to buy the doors, AND still have enough zombies by the end of the second ritual to be effective of the double points, is highly unlikely, although getting 2x points in the starting Monster his a higher chance, so that might be how to do it. Also, don't pick up the double points right away. wait till you've completed the second ritual, and get 3,000 points from the margwa instead of 1,500. then you can use the railway system to spend only 500 to get into a new district.However, while trying to do the females ritual, you do have to buy the door to get to her ritual item. then you can do everything how you would normally, but using the railway system instead.
    Posted by RedeemedRUBY on 17 May 20 at 17:32
    RedeemedRUBYI am now going to head for Nepal where i intend to live as a donkey.
    Posted by RedeemedRUBY on 17 May 20 at 17:35
    fORSHi@RedeemedRUBY, when this solution was posted we didn't know it could be done solo.
    Howevever I never changed the solution because it's extremely hard to get it done in solo. Much easier and better to do in a 4-player group.
    Posted by fORSHi on 21 May 20 at 06:51
    LAUGHINGOCTOPU5Our achievement wouldn't unlock as a 4 man, we had to play in public and had the host start the final ritual. then it unlocked for everyone.
    Posted by LAUGHINGOCTOPU5 on 23 Jun 20 at 03:13
    SunnshhineAnyone still working on this?
    Posted by Sunnshhine on 19 Oct 20 at 20:15
    BeheldHornet41What you need to do for the $500 grenade thing is, right when you open the first door, there will be a window to your right. Then, there will be a small piece of paper on one of the coats. cook a grenade for 4 ticks, then throw it at the paper. If you did it right then it should be on the box next to you, hold your action button on it and you should get the $500. Or just look it up on youtube.
    Posted by BeheldHornet41 on 25 Oct 20 at 19:47
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