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Meat for the Grinder achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops III (Xbox 360)

Meat for the Grinder

In Multiplayer, complete all Boot Camp Challenges.

Meat for the Grinder+1.0
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How to unlock the Meat for the Grinder achievement

  • YoDzYoDz
    13 Dec 2015 13 Dec 2015 13 Jan 2016
    Like the description states this achievement is unlocked after completing all 12 of the Bootcamp Challenges. 6 of the 12 challenges have 3 tiers to complete, the first tier is 10, second tier is 25 and third is 50. while the other 6 are only 1 tier. Below is the list of requirements for each challenge.

    Wallcrawler III: Kill 50 enemy's while wall running.

    After 10 you will unlock:
    Call of Duty: Black Ops III (Xbox 360)WallcrawlerThe Wallcrawler achievement in Call of Duty: Black Ops III (Xbox 360) worth 75 pointsIn Multiplayer, kill an enemy while wallrunning 10 times.

    Airborne Killer III: Kill 50 enemy's while in the air.

    Slipshot III: Earn 50 low blow medal.(kill a enemy while sliding)

    Commando Killer III: Earn 50 multi-tasker medals(kill a enemy while climbing something)

    Wallscraper III: Kill a wall running enemy 50 times.

    Back to Earth III: Earn 50 Grounded Medals(kill a enemy that is in the air)

    FrogMan: Get 10 underwater kills.

    From the Depths: While underwater jet thrust out of the water and kill a enemy within 2 seconds.

    Combinatorial: Enter a slide from the air after a double jump and kill a enemy.

    Guerilla Warfare: Get 10 kills from enemy weapon pick ups.

    Fit: Wall run on 2 or more walls by jumping from a wall to a opposite wall and get a kill.

    Gunfighter: Equip the gunfighter wild card and get 20 kills with weapons that have a optic and 3 attachments.(Does not include pick ups)

    From my personal experience going for this achievement i feel the Hardcore Game modes give you a better shot at getting the wall running kills and the other challenges. In hardcore it only takes a bullet or two to kill a enemy as opposed to Core where it can take up to half a clip to kill someone. The downside is you also die easily. Also here's a big tip if you are have trouble with aiming while jumping sliding or wallrunning try switching your controls to either "Bumper Jumper" or "Bumper Jumper Tactical". This control set-up switches the Jump Button from cn_A to cn_LB. Now cn_Athrows tactical while cn_LB allows you to jump,giving you better aim now because you dont have to take your thumb off thecn_RS while jumping. So play what you are comfortable with an try to only focus on 2 challenges at a time. Otherwise it can feel like your making slow progress. The achievement will unlock mid-game once you complete your final challenge. Feel free to leave any useful tips for other players in the comment section.
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    JENDORFAny tips on how to get the "Commando Killer" medal?
    Posted by JENDORF on 16 May 16 at 01:49
    YoDzNo real quick and easy way to get it, I just sat by ledges and waited for people to run by, then mantle an kill them
    Posted by YoDz on 26 May 16 at 23:49
    YoDzThe medal is earned by killing someone as you mantle/climb a ledge
    Posted by YoDz on 26 May 16 at 23:50
    VRETENAR 906Fuck the commando one. I might just boost it or play core with a shotgun or something.
    Posted by VRETENAR 906 on 16 Feb 18 at 23:49
    JENDORFI ended up playing hardcore TDM and using an SMG or Assault Rifle.
    Posted by JENDORF on 16 Feb 18 at 23:58
    VRETENAR 906Yeah, that's what I'm doing now. I'm at 35/50 so far so it's working well. SMG would be better but I'm working on AR kills so figured I'd just use that.
    Posted by VRETENAR 906 on 17 Feb 18 at 01:56
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