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A Minimum of Panic

Rescue Arthur with minimal fuss.

A Minimum of Panic0
23 May 2020 - 3 guides

How to unlock the A Minimum of Panic achievement

  • SpilnerSpilner786,945
    16 Oct 2015 21 Oct 2015 29 Nov 2015
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    This achievement occurs during Episode 2 - Get Tannen

    Once inside the bar do the following:
    • Interact with Numbers on the right side of the bar. (Combo 7-23-30)
    • Interact with Chloroform
    cn_X Use Item "Bottle of Chloroform" to equip
    • Interact with Ink Bottle (With Bottle of Chloroform equipped)
    • Interact with Sign Switch. (Be quick with the next steps else Cueball will come back down downstairs and you will need to load your autosave from the pause menu)
    • Interact with Panic Button. (Wait briefly until Matches flips the switch himself)
    • Interact with bottle
    • Interact with Panic Button
    cn_X Use Item "Bottle" to equip
    • Interact with Matches (With Bottle equipped)
    Credit to T_l_M_B_0 of PST

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    MustKillMoWheeYou can interact with the Panic Button the first time (and then pick up the bottle) before interacting with the Sign Switch (in other words, before Cueball goes upstairs). This way you don't have to worry about timing/being fast the 2nd time you use the Panic Button.

    Also, (I ended up having to do this part twice because I didn't know about the 6 jumps achievement on my first playthrough), you don't have to reload your autosave if Cueball comes back downstairs. Simply interacting with the Sign Switch a 2nd time will send him back upstairs.
    Posted by MustKillMoWhee on 04 Nov 15 at 16:46
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    15 Oct 2015 15 Oct 2015
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    Fairly simple.Once you sneak into the Bar via the crate,you will find yourself behind the counter.
    Firstly grab the bottle of Chloroform from the bar,equip it in your inventory and then pour it into the ink well,which then proceeds to knock out Zane.
    Next, activate the sign switch on bottom left,which will send Cue-ball away to fix the fuse
    Lastly press the panic button on underside of bar,which reveals the false ice cream facade of the bar.Matches will then come over to the bar,looking for the panic switch to revert back to the bar again.As he does this a bottle will drop.Pick this up,equip the bottle and activate the panic switch once more.As matches leans over to flick it again,smack him over the head with the bottle
    After a small cutscene the achievement will pop

    while you are behind the counter,look to yor far right wher you will see 3 numbers,,7,23,30 which will help you get the Escape Artist achievement later in episode 2.

    Also there is a piece of paper on top of bar.DO NOT look at this if you want to get the Door prize acievement
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    dKp1977Are you sure the paper matters for the Door prize achievement? Because I picked up the paper and looked at it, still I unlocked the achievement later on.
    Posted by dKp1977 on 29 Oct 15 at 07:54
    xCEL7IC ZOMBIExI was bein over-cautious i think laugh
    Posted by xCEL7IC ZOMBIEx on 30 Oct 15 at 20:14
  • BipedFungus484BipedFungus484289,238
    21 Oct 2015 21 Oct 2015
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    This took me a few tries. After getting into the speakeasy using the crate, you will be behind the counter. ***Go all the way to the right and look at the numbers to use for the 'Escape Artist' achievement. Create a save game at this point. ****Don't look at the paper on the bar to get the 'Door Prize' achievement later.
    First, get the bottle of Chloroform from the bar, equip it and then pour it into the ink well, knocking out Zane.
    Next, activate the El Kid sign switch on the bottom left. Cue-ball will go upstairs to fix the fuse. The rest must be done fairly quickly, if Cue-ball returns before you save Artie, load your previous save and try again.
    Now, press the panic button under the bar, revealing the ice cream parlor. Matches will then come over to look for the panic switch. YOU MUST LET HIM HIT THE SWITCH ON HIS OWN. When the bar drops back down, a bottle of Whiskey will fall. Pick the whiskey up then flip the switch again. Matches will lean over again, now equip the whiskey and smash it over his head.
    If you have done it fast enough for Cue-ball to still be upstairs, while you are untying Artie, you will hear him banging on the pipe to come back down.
    Thanks for reading. Give a thumbs up if this helped you.
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