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Win a match on all three original Warzone maps.

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How to unlock the Warlord achievement

  • HolyHalfDeadHolyHalfDead530,499
    28 Oct 2015 28 Oct 2015 15 Sep 2019
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    Edit: 14th September 2019 - an update has been released to fix the problem with the achievement not unlocking when it should. Thanks to snickerdoodle for letting us know.

    This achievement is Buggy -. Some people have managed to get it to unlock by getting all 3 wins in the same session. Vash 1he Stmpde recommends that if this doesn't unlock for you that you complete one match on each map from the Warzone Firefight playlist.

    AceMcCloud posted this useful information in the comments:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    From the main menu select Multiplayer -> Warzone and press cn_A to Open.

    Select Warzone from the Playlist and press cn_A to Select.

    You need to win a match that you have been in since the very start on each of these three original maps:
    - Escape from A.R.C.
    - March on Stormbreak
    - Raid on Apex 7

    Warzone is for 18 - 24 players, with a Fireteam limit of 12. The winner is the first team to 1000 points, or to destroy the enemies Power Core. Each game can last half an hour, so this is going to take a while. If playing by yourself you will just have to hope you are on a good team and that you get the map you need.

    There are 3 bases (East Armory, West Armory and a central base whose name changes on each map) to capture and control, and you will earn points for each one that is held. Only when you control all 3 bases can you attack the Power Core at the enemies home base. You gain points for killing members of the enemy team and for killing AI enemies. However the biggest rewards (150 points) are for your team landing the killing blow on a Legendary Boss (indicated by a yellow marker), so this is your top priority. You can snatch a game back from the brink of defeat by killing one of these bosses, or lose a match just as quickly.

    You will get another achievement at the same time, or beforehand:
    Halo 5: GuardiansCry HavocThe Cry Havoc achievement in Halo 5: Guardians worth 14 pointsComplete 3 matchmade games of Warzone.
    You can also attempt to get this achievement:
    Halo 5: GuardiansTop of the Food ChainThe Top of the Food Chain achievement in Halo 5: Guardians worth 44 pointsKill a Legendary Boss in Warzone.

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    Bodhi JonesJust popped for me while playing the Modern Warfare 2 remastered campaign.
    Posted by Bodhi Jones on 01 May at 02:11
    SaraSassypantsLogged onto Waypoint app on my phone. Achievement popped.
    Posted by SaraSassypants on 04 May at 01:36
    LAUGHINGOCTOPU5trying to earn the achievement from scratch (never played H5 on this account) and it gave me progress despite joining late and despite losing on Stormbreak.
    Posted by LAUGHINGOCTOPU5 on 06 May at 05:20
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  • FaceTheCarnageFaceTheCarnage229,782
    16 Apr 2017 16 Apr 2017 11 Apr 2019
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    STUCK AT 66%? - Updated: 04-11-19

    IMPORTANT: May require several attempts.

    Game version: Digital Copy*
    *Works with game pass confirmed.

    Solution credit: jetCrownDPrince

    WILL NOT require reinstalling the game.

    1. Go to Halo 5 Hub (NOT your service record). To do this, hit the guide button on controller. Scroll down to "Halo 5" then hit the three line button on your controller. Select "Official Club".

    2. From the Hub, select "Progress" tab at the top. Go to "Stats". Note your matchmaking victories. Now your service record, check to see that you have won at least once on all three maps (storm, arc, spec 7) for both firefight and regular warzone.

    3. Delete profile from console. Do not recover it, you will do that later.

    4. Clear blu ray persistent storage 5 times. (Located in Xbox settings)

    5. Hard reset Xbox (hold down console power button for 10 seconds til it turns off). Don't turn back on.

    6. Unplug power cord. Make sure the power brick light is completely off.

    7. Wait ten minutes. Have a snack, I did. Recommended.

    8. Hook it all up, power on via controller.

    9. Start up halo 5. Remember your profile? It will ask you which profile. Click "add" and recover your profile. Sign in while on the halo 5 main menu.

    10. Wait to be fully sync up. Super important. Without being fully synced, your efforts will not count. A way to tell if this failed, start searching matchmaking but you get booted back to the main menu. If this happens you are not synced. Start over.

    11. Now start heroic fire fight. Win! Yep, try to win the first or second one. Doesn't matter the map.

    12. After win, check halo 5 Hub and make sure the victories I pointed out earlier increased. If NOT, you are not synced. Revert back to step 3.

    13. If it went up, you're good to go! Jump into regular warzone and do not leave queue. Play every match and do not quit. Me, I would run around in the back of the map and watch YouTube til I found one of the three maps since I didn't know which ones I needed.

    Important note: I pick regular over firefight because of better map rotation. This achievement can be unlocked in either.

    14. When you find the maps needed, win/lose keep track on paper. Wait to watch your character leave on a pelican. Stay in queue, load up next match and give it a few minutes before checking the hub again so that data has time to upload and be accuate if counted. If you win and victories doesn't change. Restart back to step 3. If they do change but no achievement then continue onward til it pops.

    15. Achievement has popped. Freedom!

    I popped mine losing on Escape from ARC. It's rough but it's better than doing 60 hours + guessing when it will pop. Total time spent trying to figure this out/ warzone games/ all other sultions and reinstalling digital copy which I did not need to do: 44 hours. Hope this solution saves you time. Good luck!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: I helped people pop this for over a year, however, as of 7-01-18, I will not take anymore requests due to how busy I have become. I do wish you all luck.

    Important: post updated 04-11-19
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    Hero Of CourageI finally managed to get this. I did everything this solution suggested, and I would recommend anybody going for this try it as well, if only to clear your Xbox.

    After doing a bit more reading, someone on Waypoint suggested mixing games up between Warzone and Warzone firefight. Now obviously, it was luck based, but I played a game of Warzone and lost. I looked at my tracker for matchmaking games in the hub, and it went up! I am certain this happened a few days ago as well, because when I first started going for this, my matchmaking victories was on 37. As I started it yesterday they were on 38 (I remember checking my matchmaking victories after a quick game and it going up after losing on a normal Warzone map).

    After seeing the victories had gone up, I thought that this has got to be the opportunity I have been waiting for. I had played countless games over the past few days and none of them made my matchmaking victories go up. I loaded up Warzone firefight on Legendary. First map was ARC and we won - I checked my matchmaking victories and they went up to 39! Second map was Darkstar and again, we won. Third map was Stormbreak and we lost and it popped?! I checked my matchmaking victories and they were now on 42.

    As you can see, I played four games, won 2, lost 2 and they all counted as victories in the game hub tracker.

    Personally, I think this has affected people who had the game before the Warzone update. If you look at most of the recent winners, they have only clocked up 30 - 50 hours play time or not finished the story.

    So, out of the 50+ times of loading up the game over a one week period, my game managed to sync twice.

    Good luck to whoever reads this and whoever goes for this achievement. It's bugged, won't get fixed and is hugely dependent on luck.
    Posted by Hero Of Courage on 29 Aug 19 at 11:12
    ConfideValkyrieAfter having 1 win on each of the three maps and only being at 33% complete progress i completed step 1 got me my achievement unlocked. Thank you so much @FaceTheCarnage!
    Posted by ConfideValkyrie on 12 Sep 19 at 06:31
    FaceTheCarnageGlad to see people are getting creative with solutions and finally unlocking this. I haven't updated my solution for a long while. Sadly, it's a time issue for me. When some frees up I will update it and credit those who have helped here with their added comments on unlocking this awful achievement.
    Posted by FaceTheCarnage on 30 Oct 19 at 22:49
    16 Nov 2015 16 Nov 2015
    24 10 0
    You will need to win a match of Warzone one the original 3 maps, March on Stormbreak, Raid on Apex 7, and Escape from A.R.C.

    If you are reading this before extra Warzone maps are added, unlock this achievement before any more are added, it doesn't NEED to be unlocked before than, but it will make your life a lot easier and you'll regret not getting it because later on when theres more maps, you'll need to keep searching for the original 3 and it will be harder to find them, and it will be frustrating if you're only playing Warzone for the achievement.

    If you're reading this after maps are added just keep playing Warzone casually until you get it, it'll happen eventually.
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