Warlord achievement in Halo 5: Guardians


Win a match on all three original Warzone maps.

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How to unlock the Warlord achievement

  • FaceTheCarnageFaceTheCarnage377,644
    16 Apr 2017 16 Apr 2017 11 Apr 2019
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    STUCK AT 66%? - Updated: 04-11-19

    IMPORTANT: May require several attempts.

    Game version: Digital Copy*
    *Works with game pass confirmed.

    Solution credit: jetCrownDPrince

    WILL NOT require reinstalling the game.

    1. Go to Halo 5 Hub (NOT your service record). To do this, hit the guide button on controller. Scroll down to "Halo 5" then hit the three line button on your controller. Select "Official Club".

    2. From the Hub, select "Progress" tab at the top. Go to "Stats". Note your matchmaking victories. Now your service record, check to see that you have won at least once on all three maps (storm, arc, spec 7) for both firefight and regular warzone.

    3. Delete profile from console. Do not recover it, you will do that later.

    4. Clear blu ray persistent storage 5 times. (Located in Xbox settings)

    5. Hard reset Xbox (hold down console power button for 10 seconds til it turns off). Don't turn back on.

    6. Unplug power cord. Make sure the power brick light is completely off.

    7. Wait ten minutes. Have a snack, I did. Recommended.

    8. Hook it all up, power on via controller.

    9. Start up halo 5. Remember your profile? It will ask you which profile. Click "add" and recover your profile. Sign in while on the halo 5 main menu.

    10. Wait to be fully sync up. Super important. Without being fully synced, your efforts will not count. A way to tell if this failed, start searching matchmaking but you get booted back to the main menu. If this happens you are not synced. Start over.

    11. Now start heroic fire fight. Win! Yep, try to win the first or second one. Doesn't matter the map.

    12. After win, check halo 5 Hub and make sure the victories I pointed out earlier increased. If NOT, you are not synced. Revert back to step 3.

    13. If it went up, you're good to go! Jump into regular warzone and do not leave queue. Play every match and do not quit. Me, I would run around in the back of the map and watch YouTube til I found one of the three maps since I didn't know which ones I needed.

    Important note: I pick regular over firefight because of better map rotation. This achievement can be unlocked in either.

    14. When you find the maps needed, win/lose keep track on paper. Wait to watch your character leave on a pelican. Stay in queue, load up next match and give it a few minutes before checking the hub again so that data has time to upload and be accuate if counted. If you win and victories doesn't change. Restart back to step 3. If they do change but no achievement then continue onward til it pops.

    15. Achievement has popped. Freedom!

    I popped mine losing on Escape from ARC. It's rough but it's better than doing 60 hours + guessing when it will pop. Total time spent trying to figure this out/ warzone games/ all other sultions and reinstalling digital copy which I did not need to do: 44 hours. Hope this solution saves you time. Good luck!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: I helped people pop this for over a year, however, as of 7-01-18, I will not take anymore requests due to how busy I have become. I do wish you all luck.

    Important: post updated 04-11-19

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    Lord Nazulethis just popped thought someone hacked my xbox lol
    Posted by Lord Nazule on 14 Feb at 21:09
    cobalosSame here. Haven't played the game in five years. Popped while I was playing Hitman 2.
    Posted by cobalos on 17 Feb at 07:43
    Fluzi GoliathI was really worried for a minute when it popped even though I haven't played it for a long time. Glad every thing seems to be fine!
    Posted by Fluzi Goliath on 25 Feb at 19:47
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    16 Nov 2015 16 Nov 2015
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    You will need to win a match of Warzone one the original 3 maps, March on Stormbreak, Raid on Apex 7, and Escape from A.R.C.

    If you are reading this before extra Warzone maps are added, unlock this achievement before any more are added, it doesn't NEED to be unlocked before than, but it will make your life a lot easier and you'll regret not getting it because later on when theres more maps, you'll need to keep searching for the original 3 and it will be harder to find them, and it will be frustrating if you're only playing Warzone for the achievement.

    If you're reading this after maps are added just keep playing Warzone casually until you get it, it'll happen eventually.
  • Teh Halo GuyTeh Halo Guy49,161
    23 Dec 2017 16 Dec 2017
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    ***Note: This is a last ditch solution for those of you stuck dealing with shoddy servers. If this achievement is ever patched (which seems increasingly unlikely at this point), then this will not be necessary***

    As others have said, the three maps you need to complete are Escape from A.R.C, Raid on Apex 7, and March on Stormbreak. From what I've seen reported elsewhere, you need to win these maps on either the regular warzone playlist or any of the warzone firefight playlists. Warzone assault uses variants of the maps, and does not count.

    It sounds straight forward, but many of you may notice your progress doesn't track... After spending an hour to find the map you need and then having it not save your progress is demoralizing to say the least.

    To avoid banging your head against a wall, I would suggest you use the mythic warzone firefight playlist whenever it is available.

    A few properties of this playlist:
    - Only available on weekends -- Friday to Sunday
    - It is on ONE map each weekend. At the time of writing this, it is on Raid on Apex 7. It was on Escape from A.R.C last weekend. I believe that it is on a set rotation between all maps.
    - Matches frequently end in the first round or two, making them short.
    - It seems to track better more reliably than the vanilla warzone playlists -- this may be because a server needs to be reset to support the new playlist, or it may just be in my head
    - As long as you have won on the map before (in mythic, or any of the other warzone playlists), your progress can update upon completion regardless of if you win or lose. This is in the buttered-up hands of the game hub servers...

    Again, this is NOT a workaround to the server issues. It allows you to quickly try the same map without having to reboot between every match. It may recognize your progress on the first match, it may take 15. Just to be safe, I would recommend a hard reset prior to starting up halo 5 whenever you are going for this one.
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    MargieIaaMadmanThis playlist still work?
    Posted by MargieIaaMadman on 19 Apr 18 at 05:22
    o iTz HummelHey, just so people know, I was looking through my achievements on the Xbox app on my computer, and it randomly gave me this? Probably 2-3 years since I last played Halo 5.
    Posted by o iTz Hummel on 24 Sep 20 at 13:48
    SlurmeyThis just randomly popped for me whilst I was watching something on my Xbox.
    Posted by Slurmey on 08 Feb at 18:35
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