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Top of the Food Chain

Kill a Legendary Boss in Warzone.

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How to unlock the Top of the Food Chain achievement

  • HolyHalfDeadHolyHalfDead529,635
    26 Oct 2015 27 Oct 2015 30 Jul 2016
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    From the main menu select Multiplayer -> Warzone and press cn_A to Open.

    Select Warzone or Warzone Firefight from the Playlist and press cn_A to Select.

    During a Warzone match, 3 Legendary Bosses will appear. Their position will be shown by a yellow marker. You have to be the one to land the killing blow or do a significant amount of the damage. Using heavy weapons or a vehicle will give you a much better chance of doing a significant amount of damage, or your shot doing enough damage to kill the boss. An alternative approach is to use a weapon with a high rate of fire.

    During a Warzone Firefight match there will be a lot more enemies classed as Legendary Bosses, not to mention the new Mythic Bosses. Since there are only 7 other players in Firefight (and they are all on your team) compared to 23 in standard Warzone, you will have a much greater chance of getting this achievement in this playlist.

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    Baked SnickersI just killed a legendary boss and I didn't get the achievement, I don't understand...
    Posted by Baked Snickers on 05 Feb 16 at 03:52
    Solobrus22I got very lucky here. First legendary boss, where i really tried to get the achievement. I ran up, did some damage, died.. and before i respawned/while i was dead, i got awarded for the kill and the achievement… So it isn't always the person that gets the "kill-shot" either that gets this.

    This has happened a few times on legendary and normal bosses since..
    the video here shows that i die, and someone else gets the kill-shot.. still i get awarded for the kill on a normal boss.
    Posted by Solobrus22 on 17 Apr 16 at 13:47
    Draco719I hate to be a broken record here but I killed the legendary boss I saw the in game pop up and no achievement. That's fucking bullshit.
    Posted by Draco719 on 30 Jun 16 at 03:51
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  • I Argonaut II Argonaut I487,616
    17 Apr 2016 17 Apr 2016 23 Apr 2018
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    For "Top of the Food Chain", You must kill a legendary boss in Warzone.
    (Looks like the top solution was edited to include Firefight after I posted this)

    There is a NEW and EASIER way to get this achievement as of April 14th 2016: Firefight!

    In Warzone Firefight, A team of 8 spartans fights through 5 rounds of AI enemies. During the course of the match there will be many legendary bosses.

    A legendary boss in identified with a yellow mark next to the name of the boss (There are some elite Legendary bosses with a red mark).
    The traditional way (normal Warzone) of obtaining this (which is covered well in other solutions) can be very frustrating. You must be the person to get the last hit on the legendary boss to get credit for the kill and the achievement. You would have to compete with teammates for the kill, while being targeted by the boss and other AI enemies, and the entire other team of Spartans. There would only be one legendary boss at a time, so the chances of getting the final kill will always be slim.

    In Warzone Firefight, there will not be another team of Spartans trying to kill you, less teammates of your own, and since there are tons of legendary bosses... you have a much better chance of killing one. In fact, when I got my achievement, I believe that I was just lending support with the machine gun turret. Like other guides have mentioned, saving up your req points for heavy vehicles or big weapons would help take out these bosses.

    *If this solution helped you in some way, please vote positively. If you think it needs improvement, please let me know how in a private message or by leaving a comment.*
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    For information:
    White marker: Normal Boss
    Yellow marker: Legendary Boss
    Red marker: Mythic Boss

    Before Update 8 Warzone Firefight

    Escape from A.R.C:
    - Baron 'Sraom ±6min
    - Knight Strategos ±12min
    - Warden Eternal ±18min

    March on Stormbreak:
    - Commander Lochagos ±1min
    - Captain Wamik ±8min
    - Warden Eternal ±18min

    Raid on Apex 7:
    - Tankmaster Rok ±8min
    - Captain Hestro ±12min
    - Warden Eternal ±18min

    Update 2 Cartographer's Gift
    Battle of Noctus:
    - Pilote 'Dalamen ±6min
    - Warden Eternal (first emergence) ±12min
    - Warden Eternal (second emergence) ±18min

    Update 5 Ghosts of Meridian
    Skirmish at Darkstar:
    - Endurence-of-Will ±6min
    - Lord Viratus ±12min
    - Warden Eternal ±18min

    After Update 8 Warzone Firefight

    Escape from A.R.C:
    - Grunt Jockey ±6min
    - Knight Praetorian ±12min
    - Swarmlord Magtanggol ±18min Mythic
    - Warden Eternal ±18min Mythic

    March on Stormbreak:
    - General ‘Soest ±6min
    - Commander Lochagos ±12min
    - Swarmlord Nakagagalit ±18min Mythic
    - Warden Eternal ±18min Mythic

    Raid on Apex 7:
    - Grunt Jockey ±8min
    - Knight Strategos ±12min
    - Commander Sever ±18min Mythic
    - Deacon Pipap ±18min Mythic

    Update 2 Cartographer's Gift
    Battle of Noctus:
    - Lord Tyrik ±10min
    - Lord Venrex ±10min
    - Knight Sublimis ±18min Mythic
    - Jockey Flibyam ±18min Mythic

    Update 5 Ghosts of Meridian
    Skirmish at Darkstar:
    - Soldier Armsman ±6min
    - Lord Viratus ±12min
    - Endurence-of-Will ±18min Mythic
    - Warden Eternal ±18min Mythic

    Update 8 Warzone Firefight
    Attack on Sanctum:
    - Jul ‘Mdama ±6min
    - Knight Dominarch ±12min
    - Hamyap the Hammer ±18min Mythic
    - Warden Eternal ±18min Mythic
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