Tank Still Beats Everything achievement in Halo 5: Guardians

Tank Still Beats Everything

Finish the 13th mission without losing the Scorpion on Legendary difficulty.

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How to unlock the Tank Still Beats Everything achievement

  • NynjahhNynjahh162,859
    28 Oct 2015 28 Oct 2015 02 Nov 2015
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    Ok, so this is pretty easy really despite it being on Legendary

    To claim this achievement you'll need to load up Mission 13: Genesis on 'Legendary'

    **Spoiler Free**

    Starting The Mission: Scaling the "object"
    Before you can get the Scorpion, you'll have to scale down 'something'

    For this I tried to completely avoid all enemies but it proved to be a task at times.
    So below are 2 solutions for scaling down the object at the start of the mission.

    Method 1: Rushing/Hopping
    I chose to rush and hop down as you only really need to worry about the larger enemies, luckily they die in 2 shots so it's not to hard but trying to get past them is a bit unlikely, other than that just keep rushing down using the 'hop' method below

    ** How To - Rushing/Hopping Method**
    To rush down as quickly as I could, I would sprint and continuously 'hop' (press 'A' to jump each time you land) down to the bottom.

    Method 2: Slow 'n Steady - Pointed out by "Notarzt" in the comments below
    Instead of using the hopping technique above you can simply take your time and scale the object slowly taking out each and every enemy as you descend.

    Eventually you will make it to the bottom and a little scene will be played, shortly after you land and go forward you'll be greeted by another 'thing' (this spoiler free stuff is kinda hard lol)

    After the cut scene is when you'll be given said Scorpion you'll need to complete the cheevo.

    Now, from here on out you only really need to take it slow, hang back and take the enemies out from a distance, if you take it slow you shouldn't have any issues ;)

    There are *about* (note 'about' don't quote me) 3 wraiths throughout the level
    About 2 Phaetons and i think 6 turrets (the same kind from Halo 4)

    ^ I'll update later on actual figures ;)

    To finish with you'll come to an inaccessible bridge, 'something' will make the bridge accessible.
    After the bridge is accessible you'll be greeted by an enemy and 2 Turrets (the same ones introduced in Halo 4)

    **Defeating The Enemy**
    I tagged my team mates to focus on the 'Main Enemy' while i focused on the turrets, this is purely because the turrets fire travels faster than the enemy ;)
    After the turrets were destroyed i joined in my team in taking out the main enemy (stay at the back of the map), wont take long to do at all.

    Once the enemy is defeated cross the bridge and some game chatter will play and shortly after the cheevo will pop ;)

    NOTE: Thanks to 'UNDEADRH1N0' in the comments below, you MUST take the scorpion all the way to the end, you can't get in it and then get out and then complete the mission

    Hope this helps a few people

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    NynjahhI’de love to review this but unfortunately i no longer have the game :(

    Aslong as the steps above are followed it ‘SHOULD’ pop for you. If not i’m not sure how i can help anymore :(
    Posted by Nynjahh on 31 Jul 18 at 18:31
    AWC GOTTICan this be done on co-op?
    Posted by AWC GOTTI on 12 Oct 18 at 05:18
    captaincurseI got it on co-op
    Posted by captaincurse on 03 Apr at 18:58
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  • WemmettWemmett176,425
    05 Nov 2015 06 Nov 2015
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    Here is a video guide for this achievement, I hope it helps. If you need to get any other Halo 5 achievements be sure to check out my channel as I've guides for most achievements there!

  • WiIIiamTheGamerWiIIiamTheGamer136,836
    29 Oct 2015 30 Oct 2015
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    Minor Spoilers, but of course I hope you expect that going for these achievements.
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