Harbinger achievement in Halo 5: Guardians


Complete The Breaking on Legendary difficulty without the entire fireteam dying.

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How to unlock the Harbinger achievement

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    So here are the tricks. (Still works as of July 12 2021)

    First, you can't have a "game over" and have the game reload a checkpoint or revert a checkpoint. You have to quit out and reload from saved checkpoint from main menu. All 3 members can die, at any point. However, just to be safe, at a checkpoint have at least one alive.

    When you get to the Warden fight, do this. I just did it 10 minutes before this solution, and I confirm it works.

    Found this on reddit, and I cannot take credit for it.

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    EarthboundXNah, nothing wrong with your guide. I meant the main walkthrough, it says you can just restart from checkpoints normally. I had just been following the walkthrough and not opening single solutions, so I had to do the level over.

    Could you restart from checkpoints for this achievement at one point? So maybe the main walkthrough was written before that, and was never updated?
    Posted by EarthboundX on 02 Dec 21 at 15:12
    DURDENS WRATHYes, at the beginning you could. As long as you did it yourself and not the game killing you
    Posted by DURDENS WRATH on 03 Dec 21 at 15:16
    Fred 104@Gilbert Prime There is a reason why co-op exists smile
    Posted by Fred 104#4276 on 19 Jan at 07:06
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  • FantasticFranc0FantasticFranc0176,765
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    For anyone trying to get this achievement on July 2016 and onward, please read:

    First, play The Breaking on Legendary (solo is harder and below is how you'll get it).

    DO NOT RELOAD FROM LAST CHECKPOINT. This nullifies the achievement. Here's what you must do.

    1. Every once in a while, manually save your game in one of the three save slots.

    2. Whenever you die, immediately press START (cn_start) and LEAVE GAME. DO NOT LET THE GAME RELOAD FROM LAST CHECKPOINT OR SHOW A "GAME OVER".

    3. Go back to Solo Campaign and click LOAD GAME and select the save file you manually saved. This will place you somewhere near where you saved the game.

    4. Repeat every time you die.

    Edit: Please turn off all skulls just to be sure nothing goes wrong. I know at least one achievement in Halo 5 can be bugged with skulls turned on so please turn them off for this one as well.
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    J ROLLER 1979Whenever you die, immediately press START (cn_start) and LEAVE GAME. DO NOT LET THE GAME RELOAD FROM LAST CHECKPOINT OR SHOW A "GAME OVER". Does this work in co-op? And is it ok to go down then reload from last checkpoint?
    Posted by J ROLLER 1979 on 11 May 17 at 00:16
    TalvalinTo add to this solution (since it's not explicitly recommending the skip), it's entirely possible to beat the three Wardens on solo Legendary.

    Basically, make sure that you make your team pick up the Incendiary Cannons that you come across during the level (there should be three that you can pick up from ammo caches, and one or two more that are dropped by Knights), then get them to focus on one Warden at a time.

    If you all stick to one side, then the third Warden should stay put and then it's a matter of dodging the attacks and reviving at least one teammate (use the man cannons and drop down on to the middle platform by zooming in on it, as if you were trying the skip)
    Posted by Talvalin on 05 Jul 17 at 03:19
    KumekerionPressing reload last checkpoint invalidates the achievement, even if no one dies.

    My friend and I just got it today with the Warden skip trick. We were reloading the checkpoint after missing the jump and that invalidated the achievement. The achievement only popped once we tried with a perfect jump attempt from the Warden checkpoint.
    Posted by Kumekerion on 18 Sep 20 at 22:18
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