Prison Break achievement in Halo 5: Guardians

Prison Break

Simultaneously kill two Wardens in The Breaking on Heroic difficulty.

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How to unlock the Prison Break achievement

  • Maka91Maka911,169,621
    30 Oct 2015 31 Oct 2015
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    Mission 14 - The Breaking
    Difficulty: Heroic (Co-op Highly Recommended)

    After progressing through the mission you'll end up in an area where 3 warden eternals spawns. Before hand make sure your entire team is well suited up with Binary Rifles & Incineration Cannons. If you're attempting this solo, you'll want to command the AI to pick these weapons up off the ground.

    Once inside the area kill 1 of the wardens without damaging the other. Now run circles around the outside to trigger a checkpoint. Now coordinate the other 2 wardens to die at the same time by communicating the amount of damage being done with incineration cannons by seeing how many times you "stagger" the wardens. Try to have both wardens at the same stages of damage at all times. If on solo, command the AI to kill one of the wardens, and immediately kill yours as theirs goes down. If in co-op (recommended) just communicate and coordinate your shots to make sure they both go down at the same time. If yours dies first, quickly switch the the Binary Rifle and try to damage the other as quickly as possible. Both wardens must be in their death animation at the same time for the achievement to unlock. Quickly reload the checkpoint if you fail, and don't forget that you can save the checkpoint just in case you trigger the next one!

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    OverChunk143877I think good but maybe too complicated guides... I took the straight approach: I ordered the AI to pickup incineration cannons in the previous room. Ordered them to attack 1 and I took one of the others. 2 wardens were down in about 20 - 30 seconds after the fight started. It took several tries but I didn't hassle with counting the hits or trying to get a checkpoint...
    Posted by OverChunk143877 on 16 Jul 16 at 07:51
    steven2furiousThe warden takes five charged shots from incineraton cannon to kill i done it today on solo just me using the cannons hit each one four times then just fired shots from the cannon and threw two red grenades ( sorry i dont know what there called) i had them both standing together i did notice when hes nears death he screams curse this damed body if that helps anyone.
    Posted by steven2furious on 12 Nov 16 at 22:04
    xMassacr3 27xNeed help with this achievement

    GT: xMassacr3 27x
    Posted by xMassacr3 27x on 29 Mar at 21:07
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  • FnattYFnattY74,523
    04 Jan 2016 07 Mar 2016
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    I found this way, the easiest, to acquire the achievement solo.

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    PiCkLE SQU1DWorked out perfectly. Took a few tries, but easier than one might think. +1
    Posted by PiCkLE SQU1D on 13 Jul 17 at 03:18
    CrocsxI followed this, but I found way more easier to just bomb 2 Warden with the rocket at the same time, (or short delay) and it worked easy.
    Posted by Crocsx on 28 Dec 19 at 13:58
    GV LocI made this on legendary solo. It was tough, but achievable after a lot of retries and a lucky cheekpoint. My AI took down a warden and ive managed the other one. :) Good luck
    Posted by GV Loc on 07 Aug at 01:39
  • count023count023592,751
    31 Oct 2015 01 Nov 2015 01 Nov 2015
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    Not going to give you a video, but here's my guide for it.

    Two player co op, you want to make sure both parties have the incinerator cannons dropped in the rooms previous (with as close to full ammo as possible) before entering the warden chamber.

    Once the wardens spawn, head to one side and have both players annihilate the nearest warden with charged IC blasts. This will require 6-7 blasts of the ICs to kill him.

    Afterwards, have each player split off and take 1 incinerator cannon each from the sides of the room. Use this cannon with 4 charged IC shots on a warden each then go grab the two more from the centre. Fire one more charged IC blast at each warden (5 hits total at this point), 19/20 times, neither warden will die but they will be at "one-hit kill" level.

    Time it with your partner, fire the shots in pairs. At this time both wardens should die at the same time (although RNGesus occasionally intervenes). in the case of seeing one warden start to die, have both finish the 2nd warden off quickly with the uncharged IC blasts. You have a 5 second (I timed it) window between the first dead warden and the 2nd for the achievement to pop.

    Don't worry about your AIs, they don't do jack against the wardens (but don't give them power weapons before you enter the room!).

    Also don't worry about hitting the warden from behind with the ICs, the charged blasts will stagger/damage the warden even if they're just aimed at his front (aim for the face just to be safe).
  • tonyxtonyx264,266
    23 Jan 2016 23 Jan 2016
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    Easier once I used this strategy. For the mission, you can stay at the back and send your guys forward, use the auto Promethean gun on knights as it tracks their weak points.

    When you get there, have a turret, sniper and rocket launcher (obtainable after the second elevator). Save the first checkpoint that you get once you arrive.

    You'll want to expend the turret on the middle guy as soon as they spawn in. Also mark him so your teammates shoot at him. You'll get bonus splash damage on the other two guys. Once the turret is gone, use your rocket launcher on the middle guy to finish him off. Once you kill one guy, it becomes a lot easier and if you run around the area it is possible to get a checkpoint, however some people have said the checkpoint is kind of buggy.

    There are rocket launchers under where you need to go and one against the wall on either side for when you need more ammo. I didn't find ammo to be an issue at all, except save at least 2 sniper bullets.

    Next step is to get 1 or 2 charged rocket launcher shots on both enemies. Then use the missions glitch which is to use the thruster on the left side and once in the air ground pound the top of the pillar. Run off the pillar towards where you need to go in the mission, jump off the pillar, thrust forward, aim in, and then ground pound the walkway.

    From there, go down the ramp, through the first doorway, way down the hall, and stop in front of the second doorway. Save the checkpoint.

    Go back to where you jumped onto the walkway, and shoot one guy with a launcher until he dies, so you can get an idea of how long it takes him to die. Press start, reload checkpoint.

    Evenly shoot both enemies until they are one shot. When you run out of ammo, you can jump down to get more and use the glitch to get back up.

    Now, rocket the closest guy with a charged shot, and quickly switch to your sniper and put two bullets into the other guy. If you shot them evenly, they should both die, and you get the achievement after a second or two. If not, reload last checkpoint.

    Last step, kill your teammates by shooting them with rockets and then rage quit because this is your last achievement you need, and you need to get some REQ points in Warzone.
  • MankeyMankey63,552
    23 Jan 2016 25 Jan 2016
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    This video guide will explain to you how to do it solo on heroic, and maybe a bit better than i can here but, basically you're going to want to get your whole fire team Incineration Cannons before you enter the Warden battle because otherwise you wont do anything other than be b8. You can find two Incineration Cannons after your first encounter with the knights in Mission 14: The Breaking which will be pretty early on, before you ride any lift pads. After you kill the knights tell your team to pick up their weapons and you got two out of four.
    The next two you can find are after riding the first lift, you'll enter a room where you have to fight a bunch of Crawlers and two Splinter Turret Soldier Captain's, at either sides of the room there will be ramps, and at the top of the ramps there will be two more Incineration Cannons at the top of the ramps. Give them to your allies in the case that they died, or just give one and take the other if you wish.
    You can find the last three Incineration Cannons after the second lift pad, about half way between the last pad and the boss fight, there will be a giant glass window in the middle of the room with an incineration cannon in front of it, take it for yourself but don't use it until the boss fight. If you need any more IC's because of your teammates dying you can pick up two more after killing the Knights in the area with the snipers.

    When you get to the actual fight you want to target one of the Wardens and try to kill him a quickly as possible using charged IC shots (to the back if possible). Once you kill one of them, run around the outside of the arena to get a checkpoint. Then alternate between the two wardens activating their recovery animation by telling your allies to damage the one you need to activate next. After you've activated each maybe like 4-5 times make sure you have a full ammo IC, you'll find one on either side of the arena and two under the bridge the warden breaks when he spawns. If you feel like your close to killing them tell your teammates to target one, (assuming at least one is still alive) while hurting the one, you didn't target, the same amount your teammates are doing. When one dies you have maybe 1-2 seconds to kill the other one for the achievement to pop, if one dies and you don't think you can kill the second one in time, restart the last checkpoint immediately. Don't even try to kill the next one, unless you know you can kill him in time, otherwise you will pop a checkpoint that you cant come back from, and you'll have to restart the level. If you think you were close enough but not 100% sure, don't wait for the achievement to pop try again, because 99 times out of 100 it wont pop that delayed. Even if it does, then you'll get it as your trying it again, so better safe then sorry. Check the video out for a visual representation of what i'm talking about.
  • MePixxelMePixxel154,533
    29 Oct 2015 29 Oct 2015
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    Quite a difficult achievement, hope this video helps clear a few things up!

  • CandidFever3CandidFever3323,740
    02 Apr 2019 02 Apr 2019
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    Seriously try on Heroic if you haven't. It's very common for people to just use their Legendary Harbinger run save so they don't have to run through the whole level and its Crawlers and other enemies again, especially when they're tired due to a wisdom tooth removal, a college semester with a hard, demanding computer class or something like that. That was me 2 years ago. On Legendary, the Wardens' outer shields keep reestablishing themselves into the attack status of the player. To clarify, the Wardens have a light outer shielding similar to what the Guardians have. This can refill slightly faster on Legendary, making it harder to see exactly how many shots or even animations you need to take them down. It took a huge mind crush to work this out after my interesting Vehicle Crash Reconstruction class today, in which we talked about the use of road marks to derive accident paths; but, it's true. It will be worth it running through this level Heroic again. Heroic is actually quite a bit easier than Legendary. The enemies don't bomb you like it's Pearl Harbor or something. It's like having a little extra shield. Also, the Wardens won't perform as many huge hits and assaults on you with their swords or beams. However, they will still maintain a strong attack. Overall, though, you'll have more time to move around and gauge their health levels and attack phases. It will be easier to get both of the Wardens close to where their final death animation must play and then just send your team to attack one while you attack the other.
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