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Sister of Mercy in Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition

Sister of Mercy101 (15)

Teach Madora the value of mercy.

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I wanted to share my experience with how I got this achievement in hopes it will help others.

First off, I didn't really follow a guide for this achievement at all. In fact, I just went with my gut feelings for each of Madora's chat options and ended up getting the achievement without much of a hassle.

I want to point out that the personal quest for Madora (Revenge of the Source Hunter) never popped for me and I STILL got this achievement. This will be explained further down. So if you are one of those people whom the quest never shows up in their logs, don't panic. You may still be able to complete it and get this achievement.

Here is what I did in order to get the achievement.

1. Make sure Madora is in your party the entire time you play up to the Phantom Forest area. It seems you need to have her around even for some other events in order for this to work properly.

2. IMPERATIVE!! Always pick the option that counters Madora and pushes her to the more compassionate and understanding outlook. Don't agree with her at all! I cannot stress this enough. Use your gut instincts and make the choice that is more compassionate. Madora also hates Source with a burning passion. Pick the options that make her see outside the box and force her to be Tolerant to teach her that not all things are instantly evil. Don't agree with her at all.

3. It's important that your characters have the Forgiving and Compassionate trait for this to work. So when you talk to Norok. Speak to him with the one that has both Compassionate and Forgiving. If both your main characters have this, then that's even BETTER lol.

Thanks to II cioflix II, who was able to successfully get the achievement with trait forgiving 7 and compassionate 6. The higher the Forgiving and Compassionate the better for this achievement.


- Be compassionate to the Grieving Orc

- Sparkmaster -> Fortunately for us, no one did ask you, Madora. No magician is perfect, and this little fiasco doesn't justify a wholesale rejection of all wizarding kind.

- Do NOT kill Victoria and instead spare her. Madora will gripe about it but you are showing Compassion. Instead send Eglandear to jail by pick-pocking the bloody amulet from him.

-Spare the charmed ORC. Do not kill it. Just agree with the guy who loves the orc.

- Thelyron -> Given your penchant for spotting Source in Cyseal's every harmless cranny, such an accusation holds little weight.

- Homestead - Agree with Zixzax and make Madora see things a bit out of the box. -> If what Zixzax says is true and we really are affecting the tapestry of time, I certainly want to know more!

- Talk to a guard next to the Ballista Zappers around the City -> 'Doomsday device'? 'Source sapphire'? Why don't we keep along this 'poisonous path' and carry on with our 'insidious investigation.' Meanwhile, Madora, keep the crackpot commentary to yourself.


- Free the ROCK Elemental and spare/forgive him.

- When you kill a snow warden, select -> Just because these elementals are strange to use doesn't make them any less 'real' that you or I.
(I never understood why every guide out there has the opposite option. It just DOESN'T make sense in making Madora Compassionate and Tolerant.)

- Free the Ice Elemental and spare/forgive him.

- Free the Yeti. DO NOT give Haizea the Yeti the information about the portal at the lake. Refuse to give it to him. He's a psycho after all anyways. Just kill him if necessary after the dialogs.

Luculla Forest:

- Get the evidence from Brandon by bribing him or giving him the Tenebrium ore. Then bring it to Lawrence and confront him with it. He will try to bribe you. DO NOT accept it. Then speak to Madora and select, "Your paranoia becomes increasingly tiresome by the day, Madora." Then present this evidence to Nadia to inform her of her husbands death. This will give you compassion. She will run to Lawrence and confront him. Make sure you tell Nadia to tell the people of the town. When Lawrence is confronted by the townsfolk, have them kill him. NOTE: I want to point out that this is one of those options I think will work both ways. You can either have the townsfolk kill him or have them spare him. Either way, I think it's fine as long as you tell Nadia to shout it out to the town. If you want to spare Lawrence then go for it. However, the townsfolk will hate it and Nadia will REALLY hate it. LOL

- Almina at the Hiberheim lake portal. -> 'Our line of work comes with the occasional faithful dive into the unknown: nothing to be done about it.'
(I never understood why every guide out there has the opposite 'foolish' option. It just DOESN'T make sense in making Madora tolerant about Source and the unknown.)

- Make sure you speak to Mikas in the Tenebrium mines with Madora in your party. He is behind a crate at the entrance so you have the move the box. Make sure to say, "Yes this is Madora". Don't completely ignore Madora and pretend she isn't there.

-Free the Slave from the Two Orcs near the Waypoint portal for the Goblin Town. Madora needs to be in your party for this. Answer accordingly here as well.

-Make sure you speak to the Eastern Stranger in the Prison at Sacred Stone. Madora needs to be in your party. Pick the Compassionate and Tolerant answers.

Phantom Forest:

Now supposedly when you enter this zone you should have gotten a quest pop from Madora according to every guide out there. I want to point out that this never happened to me. I never got a quest pop from her at all. This includes speaking to Mikas, saving the Slave and Talking to the Eastern Stranger. None of these events including entering the Phantom Forest ever popped up the quest (Revenge of the Source Hunter) for me. So if you don't have it, don't panic.

Head to Hunter's Edge.

-At the front of the Inn, Grutilda and Jahrl will be having a conversation. Just let them talk it out and finish their conversation. Approach them and speak to them. Eventually Jahrl will tell you he wants to have a word with you. Go to the nearby building and speak to him. He will mention Norok during his conversations and give you a new quest. After you finish talking to him, Madora should have a Dialog Conversation option. If she doesn't, don't panic it's fine. I didn't get it either the first time around and I got the achievement without it. I think this one is glitched. If you DO get the conversation, make sure to select "Be patient; We can't blow our cover over a personal vendetta."

-Finally, go to the second floor of the Inn and speak to Norok. The achievement should pop once you speak to him and finish the dialog. Madora will forgive him. I want to point out that during my entire playthrough, I never once got the personal quest pop for Madora and I still got the achievement. In fact once the achievement popped, I checked my quest log and then (Revenge of the Source Hunter) showed up as completed. So this may be bugged as I believe this should pop sometime during gameplay but it never does.

I hope this guide helps folks whom are still trying to get this achievement. I really do think most of the guides out there are wrong. They pick options which I feel go completely against what the purpose of this achievement is. I picked the options which I felt where compassionate and tolerant and ended up getting the achievement. Which is the way it's supposed to be.
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If you go through a playthrough, and you do not get this you will NOT need to play the entire game again. You can easily get this within about an hour or two with a speed run to Hunter's Edge.

I will explain things here, but all credit goes to Edu and his post which you can find here; http://larian.com/forums/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Num...

You will want to start a new game, and go ahead and put it on easy. It says you want a Scoundrel and Hydrosophist for the skill Walk in Shadows and Rain along with a character with Charm + Politician talent. I couldn't find a class that started with Politician, and maybe by charm they meant a character with Charisma. (I figured out that you can adjust your attributes, abilities, and talents for your class at the start during character creation. Put as many as you can into Charisma with one in Scoundrel, and replace one of the starting talents with Politician.) I just picked a Rogue and a Cleric. If you can get a Rain scroll or two you will not need the skill to be learned, but Walk in Shadows is mandatory. The only time I needed to do the RPS minigame was right at Hunter's Edge.

Play through the game until you reach Cyseal, and then immediately head to the King Crab Inn to get Madora. Once you get her in the party you will go and get these conversations with her;

1. Thelyon and the healing stone-"Given your penchant for spotting Source in Cyseal's every harmless cranny, such an accusation holds little weight."

2. Return from Homestead-"If what Zixzax says is true and we really are affecting the tapestry of time, I certainly want to know more!" (Make sure to get the other pyramid to allow teleportation for the rest of the party.)

3. Charmed Orc-Do NOT kill the orc, and say to Madora, "Does the thought of interbreeding sicken you so? For my part, the union itself is hardly a problem, and I'd claim that anyone opposed to the couple on those grounds is small-minded indeed."

4. Zapper by the East Gate-"'Doomsday device'? 'Source sapphire'? Why don't we keep along this 'poisonous path' and carry on with our 'insidious investigation.' Meanwhile, Madora, keep the crackpot commentary to yourself."

5. Grieving Orc-"What kind of Source Hunter can't show an ounce of compassion to someone so obviously bereft?"

After that is done, head to around where the cemetery is to speak to Eglandaer and get the quest from him. You will need to meet him upstairs at the King Crab Inn to learn that he wants you to kill Victoria. Then you will need to speak to your other character, and pick the dialogue choice that gives you the Forgiving trait. I can't remember it word for word, but it has something about how is Victoria responsible if she was just a babe.

At this point in regards to Madora you are all set, but before you can leave you will need to go around and steal things to sell until you get at least 1350 gold, maybe a little more if you need to buy the Rain skill or scrolls. You'll need 1350 gold so you can pay Archibald's toll in order to cross the bridge to the Phantom Forest. Make use of Walk in Shadows to steal without being seen or have another character talk to an NPC to get them face another direction helps too, but make sure you're sneaking if you do it that way otherwise I think they can still catch you.

Once that is done you're ready to make your way to Hunter's Edge! You'll want your Rogue to be separated from the group the whole time, and make use of Walk in Shadows to slip by enemies. The Rain skill or scroll is only used for the part where there is fire in Cyseal pretty close to the road to Luculla Forest. When you reach the travel point switch to your other character, and use the teleportation pyramid to bring him and everyone else to your Rogue and advance.

Same deal in Luculla Forest, you'll want to go along the path west of Silverglen and you don't need to fight or persuade the Immaculates as long as you use Walk in Shadows. When you pass them and make it to the desert like area, you'll want to start heading east to where the Goblin Village is, and again Walk in Shadows through there past them. Not too far past a couple of orcs you'll find the troll Archibald. Pay him, teleport the rest of the party, and proceed to Phantom Forest.

Once you arrive you can bring the whole party as you travel Southeast to Hunter's Edge. In order to get inside you will need to persuade the guards to let you in since you don't have an Enlightened Amulet, and there's no way you can kill them being such a low level, so I would save here. Once you get inside start heading to the tavern where Norok is. At this point it says you can get the achievement, but I went ahead and talked to Jahrl about Spinebreaker so I could tell Madora to not blow our cover. After that if you decided to do that just head on upstairs of the tavern, speak to Norok and Madora should forgive him right then and there.
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