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Dungeon Pack: Seeker of the Deep!

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Dungeon Pack: Seeker of the Deep!

Defeated Killalon achievement in ロストオデッセイ

Defeated Killalon

Defeated Killalon in Professor K's Dungeon.

Defeated Killalon+0.1
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How to unlock the Defeated Killalon achievement

  • Fal1phorFal1phor62,172
    14 Jan 2009 03 Jan 2013
    125 11 42
    This guide will tell you how to beat the hardest boss in the game in 4 turns or less.

    The Boss may not follow the order given, but I find that this is what he does the majority of the time.*

    First off, you need to have all 4 immortals in your party and have them at least lv 70 or higher. Then pick a mortal(preferably Sed) to be the 5th member.

    Have your immortals have a skill set with these skills in it:
    Reduce Casting Time 1
    Reduce Casting Time 2
    Spirit Magic Lv 8
    White Magic Lv 8
    Crisis Concentration
    Turn Tail
    HP Boost 1,2,3,&4
    MP Conservation(not needed, but useful)
    Ailment Resistance

    Xebu said:
    When you equip the skills recommended remember to remove any auto healing and element or damage absorption skills. I was left with a pretty much untouchable Seth and constantly regenerating health which really screwed up the Reversas.

    Ultimate Analysis is also useful just to keep track of his health.
    [Head Into Dungeon]

    Go down to the 24th floor, there you need to walk around and get into a fight with the mini boss "Supreme K". Defend every attack until he uses the spell Divide. He should then bring everyone's health down to one(with the help of Persistence), except for Sed, who should be dead. You then should flee with Turn-Tail(have it on everyone so there's a higher chance you will make it out without a casualty)

    If it did not bring everyone's health down to 1, then flee the battle, and use a minor healing spell or potion on them. You then should go back into battle with "Supreme K" and let him cast Divide once more, and that should have your whole party evenly at 1 health, except for Sed.

    [Preparations for Professor K]

    Use a minor healing potion, or the weakest healing spell to heal your immortals once. That way they should be at a health anywhere between 100 and 111, maybe a little higher. Then heal Sed completely.

    The reason we want the immortals to have such low health is so that they can cast Reversa to do some major damage. Also the reason we give them the potions is so that Persistence would let them live through an attack.

    Change your formation so that the immortals are in the back, and your mortal is in the front. This is so the mortal can take the physical attack/s.

    [The Battle Begins]

    The battle should only take a maximum of 4 turns.

    Note: He will do counter attacks

    Note 2: In round 3, replace Ming with Sarah if Sarah has more maximum health(not current health).

    [Round 1]

    Have all the immortals cast Reversa twice with Double-Cast. You should do around 60,000 damage depending on your level. All Professor K should do at this point is cast a powerful Regenerate spell.

    [Round 2]

    Professor K will regenerate 20,000 HP, but don't worry, it wont be a problem. He will also cast Reflect, which wont be a problem either if you follow directions.

    Now this will be the tricky part, but if you follow my directions, it shouldn't be hard to do. Have Seth, Ming, and Sarah do double cast with this order of spells. Cast Reflect on themselves, except for Ming, who will cast Reflect on Kaim. Then when you cast the second spell for your Double-Cast, have them do Virus on Professor K. It will get reflected back at you(which you have Ailment Resistance so it wont matter), and it will deplete his reflect(which can only take 3 spells before being warn off). DO THEM IN THIS EXACT ORDER OR HE WILL REFLECT YOUR VIRUS AND YOU WONT BE ABLE TO USE REFLECT. Then have Kaim Double-Cast Reversa, to do 20,000 damage, effectively negating his next regenerate at the beginning of the next turn.

    [Round 3]

    Professor K will heal. He will then do Annihilation at the beginning or end of this turn(reflect will reflect it, keeping you safe from damage). If you did the last turn correctly, then only Ming will die, unless Sed is still alive, then he will die as well.

    Then proceed to Double-Cast Reversa, dealing a hefty amount of damage. If he does not die this turn, then continue to Round 4.


    This round is simple really. Professor K will heal again, and you will Double-Cast Reversa on him, sending him to his grave. If he didn't die this turn, then you did something wrong, or you have really bad luck.

    Credits: Turonel, the guy who pretty much made up this tactic. Then there's me of course. I added in that Reflect would reflect his Annihilation spell. Xebu added in the tip to take off regenerate items/skills.

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    Trikke den 1eI didn't vote thumbs up nor down. But can you please explain why you tell us how to defeat this boss but having the achievement "not yet won" status?
    Posted by Trikke den 1e on 06 Dec 16 at 02:21
    EarthboundXYeah...he didn't do a single thing in the order this guide says, I could have killed him in round two, but I was expecting Reflect. In round three he did Kelo-Ultimate attack and killed my party.

    Alright, worked the second time, very useful strategy, even with the randomness.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 21 Nov 17 at 08:24
    PJTierneyFirst try at Level 80 and it worked perfectly. All 5 characters survived the whole thing.
    Posted by PJTierney on 18 Jul 18 at 23:16
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  • Love01082008Love01082008134,741
    13 Apr 2013 13 Apr 2013
    7 0 2
    I cannot take credit for this method, as it goes to NoKtoLive youtube titled "Killalon - Lost Odyssey DLC Boss - Safest Method"

    I was level 86 for immortals and 78 Sed
    Sed Front row, equipped with Gigantes Brooch, Enchanted Necklace, Accelerator
    Kaim, Seth, Ming, Sarah back row.

    Sed 7000HP
    Kaim and Seth 9999HP
    Sarah & Ming 7620HP

    Immortals skills at a minimum
    Absorb all Elements
    Ailment Resistence
    Double cast
    MP Conservation
    Auto MP Recovery
    Lv 8 Spirit
    Lv 8 White/Black combo
    HP Max Up (as many as needed)

    Kaim and Seth add skills Reduce Casting 2 & 3
    Ming and Sarah get Reduce Casting 1,2, & 3. (More in a second)

    Continue to add other skills like counter if you wish, you will have time to set this up outside Professor K's door on the 26th floor. I added Mental stability 1 & 2 as well.

    Round 1
    Killalon starts first and cast Generatus
    Your entire party cast Divide, double cast for immortals and one for sed = 9 times. Killalon may either cast forceus or 1600 regenerate on himself, in my instance it was forceus that hit Sed 3 times (left him with 400)

    Round 2.
    Killalon will cast reflect.
    Sed cast Flarus
    Sarah Cast Flarus, double cast Divide
    Ming Cast Flarus, double cast Divide (Ming and Sarah Divide won't hit, but it delays how quickly Flarus is cast, the goal is to delay so Killalon can cast Reflect first, so these three Flarus will hit Killalon before Kaim and Seth go)
    Kaim and Seth double cast Divide.

    Round 3
    Killalon may either charge for Annihilation or He may use the Kelo Cannon physical attack. If he cast Annihilation you will have time to Double cast Divide. If he uses his Kelo Cannon then he will go before you can cast Divide. Since you can't predict which one you have to play it safe, in the video he was charging for annihilation. For me he cast the Kelo Cannon. Regardless of what you will do your action is the same.

    Sed Equip him with Spirit Magic lv 7 or above (so long as it has reversa) Have him cast reversa, he will cast this before Kelo Cannon. In my game Sed was at 400 out of 7000 HP, so it did a decent amount.

    Kaim, Seth, Ming, Sarah will cast divide, and double cast reversa. This means you are protecting the inverse of any action Killalon may perform. If it is Annihilation he will be dead before you cycle through the spells. In my case, after Sed cast his Reversa Killalon cast kelo cannon. two of my part went down to 1 HP, (saved by Persistence) and two were at full health. Once my team went through the spells he was finished, having the reversa helped those who were hit down to 1 life.

    If for some reason he lives after this round my guess is he would cast annihilation, in which case I was prepared to double cast spells based on each immortals HP.

    I personally like this method because I don't have to fight any boss and reduce my health per the above method, and I don't have to cast reflect in round 2 and further delay killing him. This a 3 round Safe method. Its simple mathematics, you can even break down the point total and see if you will succeed.

    Video (
    Showing both comments.
    BobWingsI ran this with lvl 99 immortals and a lvl 85 sed. I had kaim and seth in the front rows with sed sarah and ming in the back rows and it worked fine. You need to approach this dungeon different then everything else in the game. If you get to the boss and think "it would suck grinding everything all over again" then exit and save and speed run back to him. Do not try to puch your luck and it will be fine. Great guide, worked like a white charm bracelet :)
    Posted by BobWings on 12 Dec 16 at 19:35
    erod550First time I tried this he charged Annihilation so splitting Divide/Reversa meant I didn't kill him in round 3 and his Annihilation killed me (even though I had Persistence). So second time I just gambled and did double Divides on everyone and he charged Annihiliation again and I killed him before he could get it off. Still an upvote from me though.
    Posted by erod550 on 20 Nov 17 at 05:28
    07 Mar 2011 15 Mar 2011
    6 0 0
    3rd round Death

    Good guide by steath david, it shows the uses of the 1 magic casting you might want to add this but alot easier this way than the others. But to get this and the reduced casting 3 you have to have luck as they are rare drops from the steam k and supreme k on floor 19 and 24. The reduced casting 3 took 5 hrs to get.

    The way I did this was the same set up of Sed front, Imortals behind, make sure you have full health and set up as the other above, but this is the differance keep full health then...

    1st Round all double cast Divide
    2nd round 2nd lvl Flare and reflect from imortals, sed change to asbord element from reduce casting 3 and have him cast divide. This will help with reflecting any nasty surpise if 3rd round goes wrong which it never has for me
    3rd round all double cast divide

    And its over......

    The main thing you need with this is reduced casting 3, get that and the above will have the git dead in 3 rounds. I did it on lvl 90 with Ming an Sarah on 8000hp and with reduce casting 3 and didnt bother with the 1 turn cast
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