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Looking for Trouble

Complete 5 Challenges

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How to unlock the Looking for Trouble achievement

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    Before starting, a note on the mode I used during this solution. This is based I. The endurance mode was used because it also opens avenues for several less time intensively and/or difficult achievements (this is as opposed to story replay, which needs you to complete levels deathless, etc.). As most of the story replay challenges are related to simply finishing the level or doing something that is required by the level anyway, such as killing a certain amount of enemies, those would be the absolute easiest way to unlock this. If that’s your plan because of lack of interest or lack of the dlc, then I wish you the best of luck!

    You’ll start this endeavor by choosing 5 challenges before you spawn into the endurance mode level, there are many to pick from, so there’s options if you have a unique play style for the set of 5 you’ll hopefully be getting in one try ;)

    As a preface, this is assuming you have access to 0 helpful cards, if you do have some, there are some achievements that become infinitely easier, we’ll ignore that, as the type of people with a bunch of cards have usually played a lot and therefore don’t need as much help here.

    Also, for all of these you can play on the lowest difficulty, which is also recommended.

    Example Set-up 1: “I want to stand around doing nothing for a long time”
    Happy Camper - Survive for 5 days
    Nature Retreat - Survive for 7 days
    Vacation - Escape after 7 days
    Survivalist - Survive for 5 days, no freezing or starving
    Great Outdoors - Survive for 10 days

    For this, you’ll be doing very little other than basic maintenance. You’ll spawn into the endurance world, grab your chests supplies, and head straight in a direction until you come across some fire source, usually something like a flaming barrel. Next step is standing next to it for 10 days. The only thing you’ll need to do is kill any animals that appear around you and collecting them for food. If you get worried about ammo, just run around to collect some wood every so often, feathers and such you can get from the birds. When you’ve procced the last challenge, get to a pyre and leave posthaste (be careful of people spawning in to stop you).

    Example Set-up 2: “I would like to run in a straight line”
    Who needs a Map - Find 5 crypts (doesn’t require you enter them)
    Nomad - Light 5 base camps
    Small Game - Kill 5 squirrels
    Hare-Brained - Kill 10 rabbits
    Sharpshooter - Kill 10 Birds

    Spawn, get chest supplies, starting running in any straight line. Collect any materials you see in your way, wood is required to light those base camps! You’ll eventually stumble across 5 crypts. If you kept watching for any small game and shooting and eating it immediately to keep food at a healthy level, you are almost guaranteed to have satisfied the other challenges by then.

    PS - Don’t forget, if you’re struggling on any one challenge, there’s always the gimme one, Nope! Spawn in, find a pyre and some wood, and immediately leave, easy as pie!
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