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Complete all Challenge Tombs in one playthrough

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How to unlock the Tomb Raider achievement

  • AmniosAmnios255,646
    20 Nov 2015 20 Nov 2015
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    Just to confirm its one save, not one single play through (before you finish the game).

    I just finished it, thinking that the last tomb would be the final area, but it wasn't, and came right back into the game after the credits and got the achievement after finishing the one I'd missed.

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    nirvana8193Yup. As of today, Aug, 19th, 2018. It is still glitched 88% for me. 😢
    Posted by nirvana8193 on 18 Aug 18 at 23:30
    Cpt Ch4osHurray.... At first it was stuck at 88% then I just waited a bit and it finally unlock.
    Posted by Cpt Ch4os on 10 Sep 18 at 06:28
    Lu Xun 280This one seems to have bugged the other way for me. I have it unlocked since 2016 when I did my first playthrough. Last month I started this game again and discovered a tomb on the map and completed it so I clearly hadn't finished all the tombs the first time i played the game.
    Posted by Lu Xun 280 on 13 May at 15:18
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  • Zasta 360GameTVZasta 360GameTV150,788
    18 Nov 2015 18 Nov 2015 06 Jan 2016
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    The description says "Complete all Challenge Tombs in one playthrough"

    After some days and reports from the users, I think we have the riddle solved :)

    One playthrough means dont start a new game, thats all. You can get this achievement after the story, on multiple savegames, all is fine when you play and solve the 9 tombs in your game without starting a new game. (thanks Tecstar70 in the comments)

    Want to go totally safe but it is not necessary, then solve all 9 tombs in the game before you finish the story. At the last base camp in the Lost City area you get a warning from the Game "Point of no Return...." Dont go forward here and solve as first the 9 tombs.

    Here are my 9 walkthrough videos for all tombs. The videos are including all collectibles in the tombs and are straight to point. (There is no testing or trying, real walkthroughs)

    The first tomb vid is incl. the entire area collectibles in Glacial Cavern.

    Ice Ship Tomb (Glacial Cavern)

    Ancient Cistern (Soviet Installation)

    Voice of God (Soviet Installation)

    The Red Mine (Soviet Installation)

    Baths of Kitezh (Geothermal Valley)

    House of the Afflicted (Geothermal Valley)

    The Pit of Judgment (Geothermal Valley)

    Catacomb of Sacred Waters (Geothermal Valley)

    Chamber of Exorcism (The Lost City)
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    TTDog666Where is the "Chamber of Exorcism" on the map?

    It could be that I just haven't reached that part yet... have just had the secret path opened up below the Observatory.
    Posted by TTDog666 on 06 Jan 16 at 20:34
    SavingFerrisI've have 3 glitched achievements for this game. Really disappointed after all the hours i put into the game. This will be the last time i buy a Crystal Dynamics game.
    Posted by SavingFerris on 26 Dec 16 at 22:54
    Runner eGirljust a quick note to say thank you so much for your excellent guides, well organized and clearly showing every location of every collectible, I can't imagine the time & dedication you've put into them! I'm in awe!!
    Posted by Runner eGirl on 19 Apr 17 at 05:00
  • KGK LunchboxKGK Lunchbox310,429
    17 Nov 2015 17 Nov 2015 17 Dec 2015
    15 4 5
    Here we have the solutions all 9 Challenge tombs. As long as you do it on the same save you can go ahead and finish the game

    Included in every video there are map location, name of closest base camp. And what gear you need to successfully complete the tomb. No messing around with other stuff!

    Hope you find the guides helpful









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    LeiChatAwesome. Thank you.
    Posted by LeiChat on 17 Dec 15 at 20:14
    tskxsniper1If you finish all the tombs before you finish the story does the achievement pop when you finish the game?
    Posted by tskxsniper1 on 06 Jan 16 at 13:42
    KGK LunchboxWhen you finish al the Tomb it should pop for you. I finished them all and got the Achievement before i went into the point of no return
    Posted by KGK Lunchbox on 06 Jan 16 at 17:27
  • MiZ Dove OGMiZ Dove OG275,661
    10 Feb 2018 10 Feb 2018 10 Feb 2018
    6 1 0

    This isn’t a solution or walkthrough as much as it is directions to the final tomb. I wanted to do it as soon as it was available for the achievement, but in all the solutions, i couldn’t find exactly how to get there or where i had to be in the story for it to be available. Once i learned it was in the Lost City, i wondered if I could get back before the point of no return if i went there.

    In order to reach the Chamber of Exorcism, you’ll need to play the story thru the Flooded Aquifer, you will come out at the new Ridgeline campsite, which is in the far north of the Geothermal Valley. At that point in the story, you’ll be able to enter in the secret passageway to begin the quest Path of the Deathless.

    Follow that questline along, going thru The Orrery area, where you will need to solve the little puzzle/agility course in order to unlock and enter Kitezh, and to begin the Path of the Deadless questline.

    Once you get thru the Path of the Deadless area, you’ll slide down an ice slide into the Lost City, where your Chamber of Exorcism awaits. Dont miss your new campsite down a bit to the right after you slide, Threshold of Kitezh, so you can get back to this area when you’re ready for it, without going thru all you just did again. You’ll open several campsites along the way to clean up what you missed later.

    This first large area is where the tomb you’re looking for is, you dont need to do any further in the story right now if all you are looking for is the tomb.

    In the upper right part of The Lost City map, you will see a cave icon. That’s where you need to go, where you will break a wall to enter into the tomb. Be careful, there’s a nasty bear in that cave.

    Once you get past that wall and in there a bit, you’ll open up that new Geothermal Cavern campsite that the original poster mentioned.

    So Yes, You will be able to do this tomb before you pass the point of no return in the game which is quite a bit further on in the quest line.

    Hope it helps anyone else who wasnt sure where to find this last tomb.
  • Goodspell712Goodspell712283,728
    20 Dec 2015 31 Dec 2015
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    Hi, after my natural Language is German and i bet more Germans are on this Site i will add my solution in german :)

    Dazu hab ich dieses kleine Video inkl. Erklärung gemacht ich hoffe es hilft euch

    Alle 9 Tombs viel Spaß dabei :)

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