Ultimate Survivor achievement in Rise of the Tomb Raider

Ultimate Survivor

Finish the game on Survivor difficulty

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How to unlock the Ultimate Survivor achievement

  • I Argonaut II Argonaut I501,562
    26 Nov 2015 26 Nov 2015 11 May 2018
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    ***There is a "work-around" to still use this solution. As of the 10th of Dec 2015, a patch was put in place to correct the glitch that allows this solution to work. If you have downloaded the latest update of the game, you will need to take a few extra steps to get the original solution to work. This is a method to exploit the bug in the original version of the game that let you pop this achievement by beating the game on a lower difficulty and then playing the last level of the game on Survivor. This worked 100% of the time before the patch, but if you follow this solution, please be aware that based off the rating of this solution, the success rate may be 75-90% now. (It could also be that I get some negative votes because some gamers may think it is unethical to pop an achievement without fulfilling all the requirements or can't follow instructions.)

    Lets start with mentioning that you must have a physical copy of the disc to get this to work now. Simply put, once you beat the game on a lower difficulty, you can uninstall your game, go offline, re-install, and follow the original solution.

    It is important that you keep your original save file intact. Making a copy of the save could be helpful. "AHuge RedDragon" helped by laying out the steps to keep your save file on Xbox One which can be more confusing then it was on the 360:
    "Open games & apps --> Highlight Tomb Raider --> Menu button --> Manage game --> Select the main game tile --> Menu --> uninstall. DO NOT press uninstall all like you usually would when finished with a game"

    One last thing to mention, the players that have confirmed that this method can still work have reported that since playing offline, you lose the ability to use cards to make things easier. (To be clear for the "work-around": If Chapter Elite will not work due to an error, any type of Chapter Select will also get you the achievement). Follow the original guide, go back online, download the update, and the achievement may not always pop right away. If it does not pop, it should show as complete. ***

    Original Solution:
    There is currently an easier way of grabbing this achievement, if you have completed the game on any other difficulty mode. This method definitely needs it's own solution.

    -Go to Expeditions in the Main Menu
    -Set Mode to: Chapter Replay Elite (This is like New Game+ where you keep all your skills and upgrades)
    -Set Level to: Chamber of Souls
    -Set Difficulty to: Survivor

    All you need to do is beat the last section of the game, but on Survivor difficulty.

    This mode also gives you the opportunity to use up to 5 unlocked cards to make the level easier. I highly recommend using unlimited poison arrows or unlimited explosion arrows if you have those cards unlocked. Even if you don't, load up all 5 card slots with ones that will make things easier for you like: big head enemies, a chance that an enemy explodes in a poison cloud on death, take less damage, see enemies through walls, etc.

    I can confirm that this works. I used this method, and there are many other reports on this site and others that mention doing this.

    After completion, the achievement will pop at the end of the cinematic. I am not sure if this will get patched at some point, so I would go for it as soon as you complete the story on an easier difficulty.

    *If this solution helped you in some way, please vote positively. If you think it needs improvement, please let me know how in a private message or by leaving a comment.*

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    CraigyB78The "Work Around" is still working as of 29/11/2019

    Had to use the Chapter Replay option and used a guide on Youtube for hints and tips in the last level. Upon killing the final boss I skipped the scenes and on the Level Complete page pressed A then went back online.

    Once the game was ready to start I went into the games main menu then the achievement popped.

    Thanks for the guide.
    Posted by CraigyB78#8653 on 30 Nov 19 at 00:05
    HappyMooglesNot working sadly. Game won’t install offline for me always get stuck at 77%
    Tried everything for it to install offline! Won’t work...
    Posted by HappyMoogles on 24 Jan at 21:36
    I Argonaut IThat sounds like a problem with your Xbox. If you have a disk, it should install offline... sorry you ran into a snag
    Posted by I Argonaut I on 25 Jan at 01:28
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  • Seraphim17Seraphim17805,172
    17 Jan 2016 29 Jan 2016
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    This is a full playlist for a walkthrough of Survivor difficulty with full commentary. It does not implement any life upgrades or healing throughout the campaign and should help players of all skill levels.


    Hope it helps.
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    Electric LymanFollowed these videos and found all aspects of the survivor playthrough to be EASY! Well done. I chose to heal and it was even easier.
    Posted by Electric Lyman on 25 Apr 16 at 03:24
  • cbechtoldcbechtold88,177
    12 Nov 2015 12 Nov 2015 12 Nov 2015
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    So, to be honest, there really isn't a "solution" to get this achievement. Playing on Survivor is honestly something that you'll have to go in a play rather cautiously.

    Best tip I can give at this point is to focus on ammo recover when salvaging from bodies. There are perks in the skill trees that help out quite a bit. Another thing to focus on would be to stealth. I used stealth to my advantage quite often, there are many situations where stealth is put in the game, but even when it's not super obvious, it advantageous to use it when possible.

    RECOVERY! I can not stress enough about recovery. There are many instances where you'll get shot twice and the game will make you essentially "one-shot". There is a perk that makes you recover faster, and I mean FASTER. It has saved my life many times, even when I'm being reckless and charging into battle like I shouldn't. If you have access to the Remnant outfit, use it. It going to be the strongest outfit as far as I know.

    Nothing much else I can tell, but to take it slow and plan out everything. Charging in will get you killed and playing save is really the way to go. If there are any question, do ask and I'll try to get back to you and answer them as best as possible.


    Happy Hunting!
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    Kun Aguero FIN+1 worked for me too.
    Posted by Kun Aguero FIN on 25 Nov 15 at 10:32
    Tupper29Didn't work for me, so most probably been patched now
    Posted by Tupper29 on 01 Sep 16 at 15:29
    ZioBasiDidn't work for me either... has been patched for sure
    Posted by ZioBasi on 25 Jan at 22:06
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