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Fire Lord

Capture all fire runemals

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How to unlock the Fire Lord achievement

  • InjuryProne19InjuryProne19This gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    26 Oct 2015 21 Nov 2015
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    In this turn-based, Candy Crush meets Pokémon, mobile game there are 5 simple element creature categories. The five types of Runemals are Nature, Water, Fire, Light, and Darkness.

    "How do I catch these Pokémon Runemals?"
    These creatures show up randomly after you win a battle/quest. All 5 of the games' Fire Runemals can be found in the Volcano area of the map where the red flag is. In order to catch these wild creatures you need a pokéball rune. A regular rune (square shape) gives you a 35% chance of success and costs 5,000 coins, and a special rune (circle shape) gives you an 85% chance of success and costs 10,000 coins. In order to get more coins you need to win battles/quests, exchange crystals for coins, or purchase crystals to exchange for coins. You can also donate 15 crystals to the "foundation" (purple icon on the bottom right) to acquire a Runemal, however this is ill-advised as you have no choice in the outcome.

    Credit to Johnny Sinister for contacting the developers at JanduSoft and acquiring the in-game coding for all "zones". The following image is a simple chart I made to organize the data to show which Runemals can be found/captured in the Volcano area and the probability of their occurrence. The percentages are taken directly from the code used in the game.

    Below are the 5 Fire Runemals which you need to capture in order to unlock the Fire Lord achievement along with an image of each, which regions they can be found and the probability of their occurrence.

    Azazel - (Demon)
    Volcano - 18%
    Swamp - 5%

    Ember - (Phoenix)
    Volcano - 9%

    Fireleon - (Fire Lion)
    Volcano - 15%
    Mountain - 3%

    Krull - (Scorpion)
    Volcano - 23%
    Beach - 7%

    Shally - (Salamander)
    Volcano - 10%
    Beach - 2%

    Hope this was helpful! dance InjuryProne19
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  • Itzz Sh0wt1m3Itzz Sh0wt1m31,490,590
    25 Oct 2015 25 Oct 2015
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    There's 5 elements/colours. Each element has 5 different runemals. For this quest you need to capture all Fire(red) runemals. You can either trade 15 diamonds and hope you get a runemal you don't have or you can try to find a runemal (after a battle) and capture him with one of the two runes (35% chance of capture and costs 5000 coins or 85% chance of capture and costs 10000 coins). Runemals appear at any location, but chances are highest if you try to find it in it's corresponding area. I Highly suggest using the 85% runemals, as I've only used these to capture runemals. Never managed to capture one using the 35% one.

    The list of runemals is:
    Purple (darkness)
    -(don't know the name but it's a rat)
    -(don't know the name but it's like a salamander with a large tail)

    - Krull
    - Shally
    - Fireleon
    - Ember

    Blue (water)
    - Starky
    - Yas
    - Crabby
    - Glob
    - Heuppi

    Green (nature)
    - Dik
    - Fenderall
    - Dinobear
    - Ahoon
    - Gator

    - Nam
    - Zembe
    - Asfar
    - Mat
    - Falk

    Capturing all 5 of one elements rewards you with one achievement (so a total of 5 achievements.
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    JeffMommThe purple salamander is named Iguane.
    Posted by JeffMomm on 27 Oct 15 at 17:33
    InjuryProne19The purple rat is named: Rattoc.
    Posted by InjuryProne19 on 27 Oct 15 at 17:35
    Itzz Sh0wt1m3Thanks guys, though I already knew. Only updated the solution for the dark runemals, did not do these yet.
    Posted by Itzz Sh0wt1m3 on 27 Oct 15 at 20:04
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