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You Go Boom! achievement in SMITE

You Go Boom!

As Ymir, kill three or more enemy gods using your ultimate.

You Go Boom!0
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How to unlock the You Go Boom! achievement

  • Immortal x DeadImmortal x Dead459,583
    28 Oct 2015 29 Oct 2015 17 Aug 2019
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    NOTE: This achievement is still highly bugged.

    This sounds harder than it is because the wording is a little off. This is not a triple kill achievement. This is 3 kills using the ult in a match. I never obtained a double kill with the ult but still obtained the achievement.

    EDIT: The achievement may have been patched and does require a triple kill. However, i still get message stating that people don't get a triple and just get 3 kills and it still unlocks. This leads me to believe that the only thing that is confirmed is that it is still bugged.

    I played a round of arena, go for combat blink active. I was able to jump in and ult almost every time. Make sure you target low health low defense gods who don't have a real escape. You can end the ult early by pressing RB if you need to so secure a kill.

    Other players will attempt to steal kills on low health gods so be patient.

    I used the recommended items with the exception of combat blink active.

    If you downvote leave a reason why. I will make edits / add tips if provided.

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    John AceyYou wrote "I will make edits", but yet you do nothing when informed your solution is wrong.
    Posted by John Acey on 14 Aug 19 at 20:54
    Immortal x DeadThe problem is, For every 1 person i have telling me its wrong, i have another person who says they got theirs off 3 single kills or 3 double kills or just 8 kills in a match. I've also got people reporting that they damaged 3 people with the ult who then later died from a team mate (counting as an assist) and they got it that way. And of course, the people who are boosting who get the penta kill with the ult and the ult still doesn't unlock. The wording of the achievement itself was changed a while ago and is still misleading and the achievement itself is still bugged.
    Posted by Immortal x Dead on 17 Aug 19 at 10:53
    John AceyWell, at least you did edit that info into the solution now so.. I'll change the negative.
    Posted by John Acey on 17 Aug 19 at 14:51
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  • ManicMetalheadManicMetalhead552,981
    22 Sep 2018 04 Sep 2018
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    As this achievement description has changed, and the solution by Immortal x Dead is no longer correct, I thought I'd add a new solution.

    This award now states;
    "As Ymir, kill three enemy gods at once with your ultimate."

    Ymir's ultimate is Shards of Ice. When activated, a large circle will appear around you and ice will slowly spread from when you're standing to the outside of the circle. It takes 3 seconds to reach the outside ring. It applies a 30% slow to all enemies who are trapped on the ice before the explosion.

    This ability can inflict massive damage on unfortunate enemies, however only if you allow the ice to reach the outside edge. You can choose to detonate the ability early, although it does reduced damage depending on how soon you detonate it.

    Enemies with movement abilities can jump out of the area, as can those that have beads or an ability that makes them crowd control (CC) immune, as the slow is removed. This achievement is awkward to get, however will come with time. I've played Ymir a little and have twice got close to getting this achievement.

    The blink relic is basically essential, allowing you to jump into a group of enemies. Your other abilities are also key here. Use blink to jump towards grouped up enemies, then either use your Ice Wall to block enemies in, or your frost breath to freeze enemies in place for a second or two, or both. Once they're caught in place, immediately use you ultimate to start freezing up the area, as long at least 3 gods are caught in it. Remember, the longer you're charging the ult, the stronger it is, up to 3 seconds. Explode it when you think the time is right and you should pick up a triple kill.

    While Ymir is a guardian, and building standard items still allows you to unlock it (my two closest attempts at this were while built as a guardian), you can also build hybrid or outright damage, making it easier for you to secure kills, but sacrificing your survivability.
    Items such as Gem of Isolation (which increases the slow on your ult) and Soul Reaver would help.

    You'll also have to watch out for allies taking your kills and enemies collapsing on you (as you're rooted in one spot when using your ult).
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