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Update 17.7: The Jordas Precept

No Brainer achievement in Warframe

No Brainer

As a squad or solo, complete a Tower IV Exterminate with only headshots

No Brainer-3.5
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How to unlock the No Brainer achievement

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    Ok so the easiest way to do this I found by accident.

    You need 2 players for this method. What you want to do is have the host get a headshot, then player 2 runs through the game killing everyone else any way he or she wishes. You need to leave 1 enemy left, you(player2) then go to the dashboard, close Warframe and restart it. It will ask you once logged back in if you wish to reconnect to your lost party, say yes.
    Once you re-join, headshot the last enemy...ignore Vor if he's there and run to extract. Since you "disconnected"...all enemies you killed no longer appear to count as the stats are whiped. So you and the host should only have 1 kill each and both are headshots.

    Tested this, worked for me and my brother.

    Note. I believe this needs to be done twice...I don't think the Host will get the achievement because to him the kills still count but they wont for the returning player because to him he's starting fresh.

    Added tips and comments.

    -Need 2 people
    -Host doesn't get achievement
    -Use Loki to stay invisible to make this really really easy
    -Energy restores are useful to keep your energy up to stay cloaked or use Loki prime to get energy from death orbs.
    -While you are player 2(not the host) make sure to destroy traps on your way through so the one guy you leave alive doesn't decide to take a stroll and walk into a death orb laser.
    -Staying cloaked helps you keep away from annoying Corrupted Vor.
    -Bring a good/strong headshot weapon and check after your kill to make sure it registered as this game seems to have issues with registering headshots from time to time.

    -Obviously don't leave your 1 target left something like an Ancient, MOA, or Drone. Lancers and Corpus Crewman are the weakest and easier to headshot.

    Goodluck and let me know if this is not working for you.

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    Uplink oo SevenStill works as of dec 26th 2019. Thumbs up thanks for help!
    Posted by Uplink oo Seven on 26 Dec 19 at 21:07
    KILL3R Queen xI managed to get it solo, I used Limbo at the start of the level i managed to headshot an enemy, then I double tapped the LB so he goes into his detention where he can run around without taking damage. While staying in this form I lured enemies to laser plates & just waited it takes a lot of time but it worked completed the mission with only 1 kill.
    Posted by KILL3R Queen x on 24 Apr at 23:10
    VestigialPlace0still works
    Posted by VestigialPlace0 on 01 Jun at 20:38
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  • KnastchefKnastchef360,542
    28 Oct 2015 28 Oct 2015
    44 11 46
    Hi. I "cheat" this achivement with Loki, Amprex and Ballistica. Without Sentinels. You need to kill just 1 enemy with 1 headshot. And lat the rest kill themself. Use Amprex with extrem small radiation damage 16,5, but dont forget this +100% status duration mod for rifles (sorry dont know the name calls "Anhaltendes Elend" in german). Just make 1 headshot, run to the extraction point and lat captain Vor kill the rest. You dont need to kill Vor. I hope that was helpfull and i am sorry for my bad english x3 ;)
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    XerostomiaAny chance anyone can help me. I have some platinum (I think about 100 or so) that I could offer in exchange for your time and help. Also, I am more than happy with helping in any other game that I have.
    Posted by Xerostomia on 06 Feb 16 at 22:18
    DellfisI have two keys and can help. but dont have amprex weapon. Can pm me if want to coop
    Posted by Dellfis on 16 Mar 16 at 14:31
    MomijiIf anyone needs carried through this (provided you have a key) message me
    Posted by Momiji on 02 Jul 16 at 09:51
  • Shadow 00 FoxShadow 00 Fox601,045
    26 Nov 2015 23 Jan 2016 11 Feb 2017
    26 8 43
    **UPDATE--Still works 2-11-2017

    **Solution updated September '16 due to major updates.

    NOTE: The new requirement for this achievement is to "complete a Void Fissure mission with an enemy level of 30 or higher with only headshots." It is confirmed that the same method used previously for T4's works still! However, it does NOT work in Void Fissure missions for some reason.

    Having helped others get this many times now, here's the easiest way to get the achievement:

    1. The host can't get the achievement this way, so take turns.
    2. Guest who needs the achievement joins Host in a lobby.
    3. Host starts up Void node Oxomoco(thanks Morf55!).
    4. Host gets 1 headshot then stops killing(confirm the headshot worked, in the progress menu!) -- If the headshot didn't count, then abort/retry.
    3. Guest kills everything else then dashboards.
    4. Guest rejoins then both players extract.
    *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Guest rejoins and dashboards again before extracting just to make sure the stats are erased!*

    Note: If you are having the rare trouble of getting Host to stay host due to forced host migration to Guest at the start, then have Host start the mission, not kill anything, and wait for Guest(s) to join. (Credit to Humpyrdon)

    This takes advantage of the games auto-rejoin feature which will give you the option to rejoin whichever game you were just in. It's very handy if you get disconnected legitimately, and in this case, VERY handy if you disconnect intentionally! dance

    Guest needs to be powerful enough in order to kill the level 30-35 enemies.

    Hope this helps!

    Host can shoot multiple times, and the same enemy more than once--the only thing that matters is that the number of kills and headshots are exactly the same.
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    Shadow 00 FoxExcellent!!
    Posted by Shadow 00 Fox on 28 Aug 17 at 17:40
    Mazter0fPuppetzAm really looking for some help getting this achievement
    Posted by Mazter0fPuppetz on 05 Sep 17 at 08:37
    Allwayz SinCereLooking to help and get this achievement as well. Hmu anytime
    Posted by Allwayz SinCere on 21 Sep 18 at 01:11
  • HybridchldHybridchld553,544
    11 Feb 2016 15 Aug 2016 18 Sep 2016
    17 1 9
    FIXED as of 13/09/16

    The requirement is now reads'' completing any Void Fissure Exterminate mission with an enemy level of 30 or higher and headshots only."

    However as thatNoseyParker discovered it doesn't actually work in fissure missions, its needs to be Void missions. He's recommends the node Oxomoco.

    The method in Shadow 00 Fox's solution still works for the new requirements.


    As of 16/08/16 this achievement is unobtainable!

    The changes to the void in the "Spectors of The Rail" update means that T4 Exterminate missions no longer exist.

    The dev's are working on a rework to the achievement that will be coming in a later update.

    They have no time frame on how long this will take but they are pretty good at fixing such things so it shouldn't take too long.
  • Xb0ssXb0ss391,377
    23 Mar 2018 23 Mar 2018
    15 4 6
    what a way to complicate yourself with this super easy achievement ... alone and the first time ... you enter you shoot a man in the head ... you flee and you look for lasers ... they go to do the dirty work ... 15 minutes and pop 150 G ... no special mods ... no special warframes ... no weird tactics ... oh yes ... and no need to be with someone ...
  • Mr AToMiiKMr AToMiiK422,254
    02 Sep 2017 02 Sep 2017 02 Sep 2017
    9 1 0
    After getting this to pop about 10 minutes ago I thought I'd write an updated solution as I didn't not feel it was clear on other solutions with out going through the comments and kinda figured it out myself by accident

    void missions had another change and as such this can be achieved MUCH easier now using essentially the same method outlined above with a slight difference and from what I could tell is almost foolproof

    For clarification you still need 2 players and the host still does not pop the achievement so will need to be done at least twice for both if both players need it

    We did this on Oxomoco in the Void on the branch from Neptune which is a level 30-35 mission

    Once in the game you do he following
    - Host gets the first headshot kill
    - 2nd player then kills the rest
    - Once Lotus tells you extraction is available the 2nd player (not host) goes to dashboard and quits the game
    - Load the game back up and it will prompt you to rejoin your previous squad
    - After rejoining the 2nd player gets a headshot kill and you can then extract
    The achievement should pop on the rewards screen

    It no longer matters about be careful to leave the last enemy alive
    Exterminate missions now continue to spawn enemies past the required number of kills for completion until you extract
    This allows the 2nd player unlimited attempts to kill an enemy with a headshot rather than having to do an entirely new run
  • Ex6Ex6269,143
    17 Sep 2017 17 Sep 2017
  • OdinAsteroidOdinAsteroid221,447
    11 Mar 2019 11 Mar 2019 11 Mar 2019
    2 0 0
    Ex6's solution still works as of today!
    Here's the link again: https://www.ex6.eu/2017/09/warframe-how-to-solo-no-brainer.h...

    I just wanted to add a tipp to make it even easier:
    Take Ivara and use her Noise Arrows to lure enemies into the lasers, which Oxomoco has lots of since it's located in the Void. That being said, you'll want the biggest range you can put on, to alert as many enemies as you can at once. Also, a large energy pool helps.
    Laser kills will count towards your level completion, but will not mess up your headshot counter.
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